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AAA Marley's Collie and Lemon Skunk dank pickup

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by ApexTheGod, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. #1 ApexTheGod, Jan 14, 2012
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    Bought 4 ounces of Marley's Collie for 640$ got a bud of 14gram full of kief really potent (60sativa 40indica) hybrid here it is btw its the strain made for bob marley :)




    btw im from quebec city :)

    here is the 14g nug you can see the lots of crystal on it with the glass but not that much still loll



    here is some Lemon Skunk... really Citrus tasting :hello: more than the super lemon haze ive got a month ago really potent and crystally bought 1 ounce for 160


  2. Post the fat nug if possible. Looks nice!

  3. Yeah ill do it soon ill try to take pics with a magnifying glass to see if that helps with picture quality because I take them with my iphone 3gs so it isnt the best for macro / good quality pics..
  4. iPhones don't get good macros lmao :p

  5. well those pics were taken with a iphone... you can still see the thc and all but well not all of it lol its really not the best camera to take macro pics :smoke:
  6. Just posted the big nug in the first pic.. check the magnifying glass to see the real deal too loll but you still dont see everything..
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    just got 1 ounce of lemon skunk too for 160 posted some pics
  8. So what do you think guys?
  9. #9 ApexTheGod, Jan 15, 2012
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    check this out guys.... a rap group music from my city vs wu tang clan protect ya neck lol.... same rhythms these guys are sooo smart
    k6a and ghostface killah [ame=]K6A x GHOSTFACE KILLAH - YouTube[/ame]

    k6a protege ta nuque(in french) vs wu-tang protect ya neck [ame=]K6A - Protège Ta Nuque VS Wu-Tang - Proteck Ya Neck - YouTube[/ame] :) what do you think lol?
  10. some more pics of the dank Marley's Collie.. it tastes realllyyy really 'jamaicain'... really nice flavor and ultra potent high :smoke:



  11. Marley's collie is the best buds ive ever had its some crazyy dank it gets you motivated to do anything (good for work)
  12. Lol?? Bummp ..
  13. Why cant i see the pictures?
  14. hmm good question I dont know why there is no pictures anymore..
  15. I really dont know why is that
  16. Attached Files:

  17. bump im still getting that dank marley and I just got some grapefruit haze will post pics later

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