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AAA and addictions

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Apr 21, 2002.

  1. You are only an addict if you can admit it!

    I for one will never admit to being addicted. Just very satisfied with a good buzz!~
  2. And go to the meetings!! High, I'm cowboy, and I get High!! :wave:

    " I might as well admit it, I'm addicted to love!" :smoking:
  3. We need to start an weed addiction meeting here at grasscity. It would be a great forum.

    I'll start this meeting!
    My name is Bud Head and i'm addicted to the pleasures of pot. When the pain gets me down Mrs MayJane takes care of me. Some times when life has been rough, She helps with that as well.

    Marijuanna is the one i can depend on when the doctors and all the others let me down.

    God knows what i need. He suppies the earth, sun, rain, and weather for great growing. He must want me to have it don't ya think???
  4. Applause for Bud Head, and his "Brave Admittance Intro"!! Lol

    High, my name is cowboysaxman, and I too am addicted to deciding what is best for me!!!!! :hello:

    Herb is GOOD!! Nature Renews it, so USE it!!! :smoke:
  5. High, I'm ganjaphish and I use marijuana as a "crutch." When I get my migraines, I smoke bowls instead of taking aspirin or other painkillers prescribed. To deal with my stress & negative emotions, I smoke bowls instead of eating Prozac or Zoloft.
    When my allergies start bugging me, I toke and I don't sneeze/itch/react as much ~ instead of taking Benadryl or Claritin.

    I'm addicted to a plant that came from the earth that does no bodily harm, instead of some man-made concoction of chemicals that I'm not so sure of, that will do some fun beating the hell out of my stomach and kidneys.

    take care and toke on~
    p.s. At first I thought this was a thread about how Triple A causes addictions LOL
  6. No, i am not an addict i use it as a tool. For medicinal purposes its great and it is a medicine. I know i can stop at any time and be straight and I have stopped just to prove it to myself. If anything there may be a mild psychological addiction. But we all know its not physically addicting like cigarettes.

  7. I went to AAA and asked for help....they handed me a road map, i thanked them and left [​IMG]
  8. ICK if you look up addict it means ( you can't do with out).

    If you use as recreational or medicinal (by legal law ) yopu are addicted. The same as for any other drug or pharmacutical drug. You need it there for your addicted.

    My post was not to do with addictions, just the AAA says you can't get help till you admit being addicted.

    Any one who takes this post serious, Please leave now!!!
  9. you can be addicted to eating, watching tv, or beating off.
  10. hi my name is jay and im a weed aholic (hi jay)lol
  11. High I am Greg, and are those doughnuts for us?
  12. Addictions

    more sex
    Did i mention sex?
    Large expensive toys
    And a lot of sex!!

  13. I don't think he's having all that sex, just thinking about it because he's not getting any. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and it seems his heart couldn't take the stress of not having it in so long he finally blew a gasket.

    You always want, what you don't have. Right Bud?


  14. Stop interupting my dreams damnit BPP!
    Now the whole city nows I haven't gotten any In a long time!

    No stress releif causes heart attacks. I need help over here! Any volunteers??? Besides BPP
  15. Grow your hair out long (what little you got left) and smoke a plenty bowls. It helps me!
  16. Spoken like some one who knows!!!
  17. Its tough, sometimes trying to go 24 even 48 hours without sex!!!!!!. I understand and feel you pain!
  18. yeah dudes grow out your hair, so many girls are into that. I just got a date to a dance the other day, and she wrote me a letter sayin how much she was into long hair n shit.

    icp is the mad shit

  19. It's no fucking wonder your having a baby *lol*

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