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Discussion in 'General' started by the rainman!, Nov 10, 2001.

  1. do they have a forum for fucking up! i am going to need one !they planked the odl tazz11 out of the reg but it wont let me rereg because i am allready reg as the rainman!what the fuck?check me in! i am fucking confused now!do i got to by stock in the company or what!tazz11
  2. i cant help ya out one bit tazzy but i sure could use the $$$ if your fixed on sending some out :)
  3. i dont handle my own money my wife& and laywers do! ,now you know how to be married for 20 years!what dose a good looking lady like you need money for?i know your garden! right.
  4. an like somtimes im surprised when others pay attention.
    :) yer right tazz, i do know who handles the dinero in a marrage...an for you guys sitting right now thinking..."yea no freakin way"...your wives just let you think you controll things.
    an yer right too, i dont need any $$$.....although christmas is comming up
  5. I handle all the money in this family! Someone has to give it to the wife. hahahaha

    Tazz e-mail Superjoint about your name change!

    Peace to ya all---------
  6. you better get back to the other post and sweet talk that woman before she spanks you ,or is that the idea!

  7. If that makes her happy then so be it!
  8. if you aint feeling use when your done ,start over!she thinks your tractors sexy!

  9. *LOL*
  10. show her you can grow a field of weed and shine the tracktor with turtle wax., thatll get her!
  11. I can get lost in my field of weed with my green John Deere tractor.
  12. your lucky i happen to know a great navagator and he smokes as well!
  13. tazz you need to regesture witn another email address. you cant use the one you used for rain man.
  14. i am signing tazz11 and i am back wards that fine with me i fuck up alot so i dont care!thank man !tazz11
  15. I handle all the money in my house. I sign the back of my paycheck and "handle" right over to the wife. She does let me have sex whenever I want it though. I guess that's and honest trade.
  16. the real trick is allways wanting it!waleing them up in the night is a good way to sleep on the couch!tazz11
  17. I meant I can have all the sex I want as long as I don't want it more than 4 times a week.
  18. i am lucky i see my wife 4 times a week!lol

  19. a very smart man :)
  20. lol...sounds familiar.........


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