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~a ZIP of some funky PURPLE KUSH~

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by hempstar, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. #1 hempstar, Apr 11, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 11, 2009
    NEW GRAB...nice zip of PURPLE KUSH
    Not the BEST purp Ive gotten but it's very nice and it's the first batch in a long time. Most of it is a nice dark green with slight hints of purple. A few buds had DARK PURPLE leaves and it looks retartedly gorgeous. It smokes wonderful, like purple crush, very sedating. Very thick smoke. 18.5/20 on my scale

  2. beautiful nugs!
  3. Wow dude that looks awesome! I would love to put some of that in a green game or through one of my bubblers! :smoking:

    Happy toking enjoy that stuff
  4. Wow man awesome. Simply awesome. How much did it cost you?

  5. 330 for the bag... extremely pricey for the bag in TORONTO but I needed my purps...
  6. damn that is some dark purple looks good though
  7. tonight was the first time I smoked purple kush, about a half g of it, and i have to say it is my favorite strain of marijuana :)

    looks great man
  8. Frosty hahaha those look delicious, love that strain. Love purples period for that matter. :hello:
  9. Sheesh those beauties look sticky. Sweet pickup brah, +rep fa sha.
  10. sweet kush man. The high as good as the weed looks?
  11. Looks dankalicious like always

  12. Hard to say... it's amazing stuff.... The High is definitely amazing...

    But I expected more strength... if the high hit me just a bit harder Id give it a 20/20... not 18.5
  13. Damn, 330 for a half-zip sounds like a lot, especially in Canada man.

  14. It was zip.. not half.. still pricey, I knew.. I bit the bullet to get what I craved. It's all good.. Im nut hurtin
  15. hempstar is easily bringing some of the flamest nugs to GC, period. :smoking:

    + rep friend, & enjoy it!!

    EDIT: sorry brotha, won't let me add rep
  16. Looks great dude. Purple kush is niiice.
  17. damn tons of dank buds. nice man
  18. Even for 330, I would jump all over that deal.

    Really nice pickup.
  19. looks dank man

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