A zip of schwag or 9 grams of dank?

Discussion in 'General' started by FatJayz, Nov 28, 2013.

  1. My buddy said he can give me a zip of some really shitty regs for 100. takes a full blunt to get high. or 9 grams of medical grade strawberry cough for the same price. I can easily smoke a quarter of that schwag a day. and still not enough lol im a heavy smoker but im broke, not sure which is most economical. what ifi buy the oz and make cannabutter with It? is that more economical?

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  2. Dank a million times over.

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  3. Definitely the dank. Always quality over quantity. I'd only use the lower grade for edibles, qwiso, etc.

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  4. in that situation i would grab the 9g's of dank, that's a pretty decent deal for a hundo if it's really some good stuff....
    i rarely smoke mids/regs, havent even seen schwag (brick) in a year or more...... (not that i dont like it or appreciate it's value, i do, i'm an avid potsmoker)
    but.......for me..... 100 bucks better get me some fire regs/mids...... 100-120.......   and....9g's of some fire dank is still a better deal.
  5. I used to smoke reggs and then I moved and stared buying dank   I would say dank over regs all day
  6. take the zip and slang it to an idiot gram for gram.
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    Well, if you got a buddy I would try this.....half gram of dank or 3/4 gram and the rest in schwag, then roll with most schwag and top it with your dank, get volume and a good buzz.
    Maybe you'll even get lucky and it enhances the effect, doesn't happen often, but when it does, B) :smoking:
  8. Always dank.  I will never go back to reggie.
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  9. Dank for sure. It has more value than the zip of reggie.

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  10. what the flying fuck kind of question is this? 9g of dank for 100? um yeah this is a stupid question bruh that 9g of dank will last you twice as long
  11. yeah for real. thats $80 profit depending on where you sling. 
  12. i would get the 9 grams of strawberry cough
  13. i mean really why would anyone get really shitty anything over some dank like for real
  14. Go with the dank. That's a decent deal, too.

    Fuck paying 100 for regs
  15. medical grade without a question...only 1/3 of what you could get so i guess thats pretty lame. fuck schwag doe
  16. im gonna say go with the schwag, just cos i like to be different.
    even though its wrong
  17. If it were me, both would last about the same length of time, bout a week, maybe week and a half, so the question I would ask myself, is, would I rather be smoking something more of something that tastes like poopy, or a little of something that tastes like heaven?
    For me, there's no question really, good tasting smoke over quantity of not so pleasant tasting smoke.
  18. This is gonna seem unpopular, but I'd take the regs
  19. I wouldn't even consider the regs if he called them shitty lol... either way I would choose the dank.

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