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A-Z weed strains. and what make them :]

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by heyitsmeallen, Jan 16, 2010.

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    here is a list i picked up over the years.

    i would love for anyone to post links to other lists. thus making this an offical thread to find out what makes up a strain.
    or even a thread for the knowledge of strains.

    __________________________________________________ _____
    A-K (BC Seed Co.) Afghani #1 X Hindu Kush
    Acapulco Gold (Dr. Greenthumb) Landraces; Mexico, Acapulco
    Afghan Delight (Soma) Afghani Skunk X Afghani Hawaiian
    Afghani Orange (Capricorn) California Orange X Afghani
    Afghani Special (KC Brains) Afghani X Double Afghani
    Afghani Wonder (Blue Hemp) Afghani X Pakistani
    Afghanica (Flying Dutchmen) Afghani #1 X Original Skunk
    AK-47 (Serious) Colombian X Mexican X Thai X Afghani
    All Green (Celebrity) Hindu Kush X Haze
    Alp King (Valchanvre) Afghani X Skunk
    Alpha 13 (Dr Chronic)
    Amarelo (Brazilian Seed) Landraces; Brazilian Sativa
    Amazonia (White Widow Web) White Widow X Green Thai
    Ambrosia (Jordan of the Island) God Bud X Burmese
    Americano (Entreprise) Skunk X Northern Light
    Amethyst Bud (Soma) Lavender Bud X Afghani Hawaiian
    Amnesia 99 (JLP) Soma Amnesia Haze X Cinderella 99
    Amnesia Haze (Soma) Afghani Hawaiian X SouthEast Asia
    AMS (Greenhouse) Swiss Sativa X Swiss Indica
    Amstel Gold = Passion #1 (Dutch Passion)
    Amsterdam Bubblegum (THC Seeds) Afghani X Blueberry
    Apocalypse = Blue Kiev x Apollo 11
    Apollo 11 (Brothers Grimm) Genius X Cinderella 99
    Apollo 13 (Brothers Grimm) Genius X Princess 88
    Apollo GF4 (Canadian Seed Co.) Apollo 11 X Genius
    Apollo Mist (Reservoir) Apollo 11 G4 X 1998 Pre-Sensi Kali Mist Mother
    Apollo Orange (Spice Brothers) California Orange X Apollo 11 Genius pheno
    Apollo Thunder (Spice Brothers) Apollo 11 X Matanuska Thunderfuck
    Apollo's Trip (Reservoir) Apollo 11 X Apollo 13
    Apple Pie (Reeferman) Acapulco Gold X Highland Nepalese
    Arjan's Haze #2 (Green House) Neville's Haze X Super Silver Haze X Laosian
    Arjan's Strawberry Haze (Greenhouse) Swiss Sativa X [Northern Light #5 X Haze]
    Asia Girl (Reeferman) [Thai X Nepalese] X Northern Lights #5
    Astroboy (Subcool) Apollo13 X Ortega X Cinderella 99
    Aurora (Chimera) Blue Domino X Northern Light
    Aurora B (Flying Dutchmen) Northern Lights X Skunk #1
    Aurora Indica (Nirvana) Afghani X Northern Lights
    Australian Blue (Homegrown Fantaseeds) Duck X Blue Haze
    Avalon (Next Generation) Afghani X Blueberry

    B-52 (Nirvana) Big Bud X Skunk
    B- 52 Bomber (Almighty) White Widow X Lionheart
    Bahia Black Head (KC Brains) Thai X Brazil X KC 606
    Baked Alaska (Juan Moore) Peak 19 X Tangerine
    Baldy (BC Seed Co.) Big Bud X Northern Light #5
    Bangi “aka Congo” (A.C.E.) [Congolese x Congolese] X [Chitral X Chitral X Chitral]
    Basic #5 (SSSC) a Northern Light
    Basic Diesel (Reservoir) SSSC M-39 X Sour Diesel
    BC Albino Rhino (BC Bud Depot) Also known as White Rhino
    BC Big Bang (Next Generation) BC Big Bud X Dynamite
    BC Biker Bud (THC Seeds) Afghani X Northern Light X White Widow
    BC Blue #1 (THC Seeds) Blueberry X Blueberry X BC Biker Bud
    BC God Bud (BC Bud Depot) God X Hawaiian X Purple Indica
    BC Purple Star (BC Bud Depot) Purple Star X BC Purple Indica
    BC Sweet God (BC Bud Depot) BC God Bud X BC Sweet Tooth
    BC Sweet Tooth (BC Bud Depot) An advancement of Sweet Tooth #3
    BC Timewarp Chemo (Woodhorse) Timewarp X Citrus X BC Chemo
    Beatrix Choice (SSSC) [Afghani x South African] X Acapulco Gold
    Beauty and the Beast (BCGA) Chemo X Cinderella 99
    Bella Ciao (Tiki) Northern Lights X ??
    Belizean Sativa (Reeferman) Landraces, Belize
    Belladonna (Paradise) Superskunk X F1 Hybrid (?)
    Belizean Sativa (Reeferman) Landraces; Belize
    Betazoid (Entreprise) Grapefruit X Northern Light X African Sativa
    Berry Blaster (Motarebel) Blueberry Afghani X Cherry Bomb II
    Berry Bolt (Motarebel) G-Bolt X Bubbleberry
    Berry Bud (Motarebel) Afghani X Firecracker
    Berry Kush (Motarebel) Bubbleberry X [Bubba Kush X Yumbolt]
    Biddy Early (Magus) Early Skunk F2 X Warlock
    Big Bang (Greenhouse) Skunk X Northern Light X El Nino
    Big Blue (BC Seed Co.) Northern Light #5 X Blueberry
    Big Bud (SSSC) [Big Bud cutting X Northern Lights #1] X Big Bud cutting
    Big Bud (Nirvana) Afghani X Skunk #1
    Big Buddha Blue Cheese (Big Buddha) Big Buddha Cheese X Blueberry
    Big Buddha Cheese (Big Buddha) (Afghani X Cheese) X Original UK Cheese
    Big Funk (Legends) [Skunk X Big Bud] X ??
    Big Gun (Capricorn) AK-47 X Matanuska Tundra
    Big Mac (Federation) BC Big Bud X Mikado
    Big Thunder (Reeferman) a Humbolt strain X Kodiak Gold
    Big Treat (Breeder Steve) Dutch Treat X Big Skunk
    Bitchin Blue (Motarebel) BlueMoonshine X Killa Queen
    Black Bubble = Black Domina x Bubblegum x ???
    Black Cherry (Subcool) Cherry DannyBoy X Black Russian
    Black Cherry (Subcool) ?? [Airborne G-13 X Cinderella 99 X Ortega] X [Cinderella 99 X Blackberry X Cherry

    AK47] ??
    Black Domina (Sensi) Ortega X ??
    Black Gold (Dman) Columbian Gold X [G13 x Black Widow]
    Black Goo = Blue Bubble Juice [male] x Black Bubble
    Black Ice (Motarebel) Black Domina X Ice
    Black Kat (Motarebel) [G13 X Black Widow] X FireCracker
    Black Mamba (Blue Grass) Black Domina X Blue Bubblejuice
    Black Russian = Cherry Ak47 x SomAblaze Blackberry
    Black Spice (Dman) Silver Spice X G13 X Black Widow
    Black Widow (Mr. Nice) Brazilian Sativa X South Indian Hybrid
    Blockhead = SWT#3 x ???
    Blonde Widow (Motarebel) Strawberry Blonde X Aloha 98 White Widow
    Blue Alaskan fem. (Reeferman) Matanuska Thunderfuck X Blueberry Sativa
    Blue Apollo (Joey Weed) Blueberry X Apollo 11
    Blue Bubblejuice (Blue Grass) Bubblejuice X Blueberry
    Blue Candy (Mr. Blue) Blue Skunk X Cotton Candy
    Blue Cheese (Bid Buddha) Orig. UK Cheese X Blueberry
    Blue Crystal (World Wide Seeds) White Heaven X Blueberry
    Blue Dynamite (Next Generation) ??Blueberry X Dynamite??
    Blue God (Jordan of the Island) Blueberry X Godbud
    Blue Goo (Blue Grass) Blue BubbleJuice X Double G
    Blue Grape #1 (Electric Seed) Grapefruit X Blueberry
    Blue Haze (Homegrown Fantaseeds) Haze X Blueberry
    Blue Hen (Blue Grass) Blueberry X Super Silver Haze
    Blue Hun (Blue Grass) Blue Hen X Blue Russian
    Blue Jack (Reeferman) Blueberry X Jack Herer X Northern Lights #5
    Blue Jamaican (Blue Grass) Marley's Collie X Blue Russian
    Blue Kiev (Blue Grass) Blue Russian X AK-47
    Blue Kronic (Motarebel) [BlueMoonshine X Killa Queen] X Black Kat
    Blue Moon Rocks (BOG) Blue Moon X BogBubble
    Blue Mystic (Nirvana) Blueberry X Skunk
    Blue Nepalese (Reeferman) Nepalese Sativa X Blueberry Sativa
    Blue Pearl (Homegrown Fantaseeds) Silver Pearl X Blue Haze
    Blue Rocket (Blue Grass) Blue Rocker X Blue Bubblejuice
    Blue Russian (Blue Grass) Blue Hen X Juicy Russian
    Blue Satellite = Blueberry Sativa x Swt#2 male
    Blue Skunk X (Mr. Blue) Blueberry X Skunk
    Blue Thunder (Sagarmatha) Blueberry X Matanuska Tundra
    Blue Thunder (Reeferman) Blueberry Sativa X Kodiak Lavender
    Blue Thunder 13 = Blue Hen {female} x MrNice G13HP {male}
    Blue Velvet = Purple Thai[Oaxaca Gold x Chocolate Thai] x Afghani male
    Blue Widow (NCGA) Blueberry X Aloha White Widow
    Blueberry (DJ Short) [Oaxacan Gold X Chocolate Thai] X Highland Thai X Afghani
    Blueberry Blast (Reeferman) Northern Lights #5 X Blueberry Indica
    Blueberry Haze (DNA) Dj Short Blueberry X Secret Haze
    Blueberry Magic (Reeferman) Magic Carpet Ride X Blueberry Sativa
    Blueberry NL (Dr. Atomic) Blueberry X Northern Lights
    Blueberry Punch (Next Generation) Blueberry X Romulan
    Bluebottle (?Xbx?) (SuperSkunk X BubbleGum Indica) X Blueberry Sativa
    Bluez Cluez (Juan Moore) Blue Widow X Tangerine
    Bogglegum (BOG) Northern Lights #5 X Bubblegum
    BOG Lifesaver = [Jacks cleaner x DJ Short's Blueberry] x Bogbubble x Bogbubble
    BOG BogBubble = WL Bubblegum X WL Bubblegum
    BOG L.S.D = [(WL Bubblegum X WL Bubblegum) X Subcools JCB] X NYCD
    BOG BoggleGum = [whitelabel BG x BC Seed Co NL#5] x BG x BG x BG
    BOG Grape Punch = [(WL Bubblegum X WL Bubblegum) X NL5] X [(WL Bubblegum X WL Bubblegum) X

    Subcools JCB]
    BOG Sour Bubble = [WL Bubblegum X WL Bubblegum] X [WL Bubblegum X WL Bubblegum]
    BOG Sweet Cindy99 = SWT#3 X C99 f2
    BOG Blue Moon Rocks = (WL Bubblegum X WL Bubblegum) X BlueMoon [not bluemoonshine]
    Bomber's Widow (Motarebel) [G-13 X Black Widow] X Cherry Bomb II
    Bottle Rocket (Reservoir) Killer Queen X DTC 99
    Brains Choice (KC Brains) Jamaica Lambsbread 94 X ?Leda Uno 96? X White Widow
    Brains Damage (KC Brains) Mexico, Acapulco X [Hawaii 93 X Mango 2001 X KC 36 606]
    Brains Escape (KC Brains) Edelwuiss X [Brazil, Salvador X KC 606]
    Brainwreck (HighGrade) Trainwreck X White Widow
    Brazil KC (KC Brains) Mango Vermelho, Paranaiba X K.C. 606
    Brazilian Gold (Brazilian Seed) Landraces; Brazil
    Brazilian Haze (Brazilian Seed Company) Haze X Brazilian Khola
    Brazilian Lemon (Brazilian Seed Company) Mango Rosa X “a Secret Strain”
    Brazilian Skunk (Brazilian Seed Company) Original Green X Early Chemo
    Bronze Whaler (MJOZ) Bronze Whaler X Skunk #1
    Bubba Brother (Karma) Katsu Bubba Kush x [Happy Brother x Chemdog D IX1 #3]
    Bubba Kush
    Bubbleberry (Dman) Blueberry X Bubblegum
    Bubbleberry (Sagarmatha) Bubblegum X Blueberry
    Bubblefunk (BC Seed Co.) Bubbleberry X Northern Light #5
    Bubblejuice (Blue Grass) Juicy Fruit X Bubblegum
    Bud Bunnie (White Widow Web) White Widow X Super Skunk
    Buddha (Dutch Passion) [Oasis X Shiva X Haze] X [Oasis X Shiva X Skunk]
    Buddha's Sister (Soma) Reclining Buddha X Afghani Hawaiian
    Burmaberry (Reeferman) Shishkaberry #3 X Burmese
    Burmese Pure (Reeferman) Landraces; Highland Burma
    BushDoctor (??) Airborne G13 X [Malawi X Jamaican]
    Bushmans (Herbaria) South African Sativa, Ciskei
    Butterscotch Hawaiian (Reeferman) a Hawaiian X Butterscotch Afghan

    C-Plus (Chimera & DJ Short) California Orange X Dj's Blueberry
    C4 (Chimera) Frost Bite X Shishkaberry
    Cali Miss (BC Seed Co.) Haze X Five-O
    California Grapefruit (DNA) [Northern Light #1 X Californian Skunk #1 90s] X Californian Afghani 80s
    California Orange = Thai x [Afghani x Acapulco Gold]
    California Special (KC Brains) American California X Skunk
    Calizhar (Chimera) Cali-O X Shiskaberry
    Calvin (BlueHemp) California Orange X Landraces, Lebanese X Swiss Sativa
    Calyxxx (Almighty) Grapefruit X Friesland X a old school humbolt
    Canadian Classic (Reeferman) Grapefruit X Burmese
    Candy Cane Brain (Shadow Seed) Silver Shadow X Grapefruit
    Canela (A.C.E) Indian Malana X Jamaican Blue Mountain 1984
    Canna Sutra (Delta 9) Reclining Buddha X Sensi Star
    Cannalope Haze (DNA) Haze X Landraces; Mexico, Michoacan
    Capricho (Canna Biogen) Manali X Colombian
    Casey Jones (Head) [Trainwreck x Thai] x East Coast Sour Diesel v3
    Caribe (Canna Biogen) Jamaica X [Jamaica X [Northern Light #5 X Haze]]
    Celestial Temple Sativa (Federation) Landraces; Ecuador, Andes Mountains
    Champagne (Reeferman) [Hashplant X Hindu Kush] X Burmese
    Cheese (Big Buddha's) Orig. UK Cheese X Afghani
    Chemo Grizzly (Kootenay Mountain) 2 differents Chemo
    Chemota Dragon (Motarebel) UBC Chemo X Killa Queen
    Cherry Berry (Reeferman) Cherry Bomb X Blueberry Indica
    Cherry Bomb (Almighty) Lionheart X Sage
    Cherry Bomb #2 (Prairiefire) M-80 Cherry Bomb from Northern California X Cherry Bomb from Southern

    Cherry Melon = Cherry Ak47 x Jack Candy
    Cherry Thai (Reeferman) Cherry Bomb X Oregon Purple Thai
    Chewing (BlueHemp) Double Gum X Swiss Sativa
    Chilla (BlueHemp) Kush X Nepali
    China White (Reeferman) Chinese Indica X Nepalese Indica
    Chinese Indica (Reeferman) Landraces; SouthWest China, Yunnan
    Chitral (Dutch Passion) Chitral-Hasj X Skunk
    Chocolate Chunk (ThSeeds) Afghan X S.A.G.E.
    Chronic (Serious) Northern Light X [Skunk X Northern Light] X AK47
    Chronicle (BlueHemp) Chronic X Lebanese X Swiss Sativa
    Chrystal (Nirvana) [White Widow X Northern Lights] X Northern Lights
    Church, the (Greenhouse) Swiss Sativa X SuperSkunk X Skunk X Northern Light
    Cinderella 99 (Mr. Soul) Princess X Princess 88
    Cinderella Blues (Spice Brothers) Blueberry Sativa X Cinderella 99
    Cindy Princess (Spice Brothers) Cinderella 99 X Ice Princess
    Cinnamon (Female Seeds) Jack Herer X ??
    Citral (Nirvana) Hindu Kush X ??
    Citralah (Soma) Landraces; Pakistan, Chittral X Afghani Hawaiian
    Citrus Skunk (Jordan of the Island) Skunk #1 X California Orange
    City Slicker (Motarebel) Pacific G13 X NYC Diesel
    Cloud #7 (Herbaria) Afghan X South African
    Colombian Gold (Brazilian Seed) Landraces; Brazil
    Colombian Haze (Brazilian Seed) Colombian Gold X Haze Special
    Colombian Jack (Brazilian Seed Company) Colombian Gold X Jack Herer
    Congo “aka Bangi” (A.C.E.) [Congolese X Congolese] X [Chitral X Chitral X Chitral]
    Conquistador (Subcool) Hashplant X Ortega X Cinderella 99
    Continental (A.C.E) Caribbean X Congolese X Pakistani
    Cotton Candy (Federation) Afghani X Blueberry
    Couchlock (BC Seed Co.) Northern Lights #5 X Afghani #1
    Crazy Daze (Dman) Red Haze X [G13 x Black Widow]
    Cripple Creek (Tom Hill) Pine Tar Kush X Deep Chunk
    Critical Hash 47 (Spice Brothers) [Hashplant x Critical Mass] X AK-47
    Critical Mass (Mr. Nice) Afghani X Skunk #1
    Crown Royal (Federation) Hawaiian Sativa X Mikado
    Crystal (Nirvana) White Widow X Northern Lights
    Crystal Lightning (White Widow Web) White Widow X Super Thai
    Crystal Limit (KC Brains) Crystal X KC 606
    Crystal Paradise (KC Brains) Californian BigBud Skunk X Brazil (Mango Vermelho from Brazil, Paranaiba)
    Crystal Ship, the (Reeferman) Kali Mist X Kodiak Gold
    Crystalberry (Cannabis Pros) Blueberry X Northern Light #5
    Cujo (Motarebel) Dogbite X Killa Queen

    Da Bomb (Dman) [G13 X Black Widow] X Cinderella 99
    Dagga (Cannbis Pros) Landraces; South Africa, East Coast
    Dankee Doodle (KC Brains) [Viking 90 X Big Buds 93] X KC 636
    Dannyboy (Subcool) Killer Queen X Taco
    Dark Kush (BlueHemp) Landraces, Hindu Kush Mountains
    Dark Vader (BlueHemp) Kush X [Kush X Afghani]
    Dawg (??) Aesop's Fables Fox X Grapes
    Daywrecker - See Headband Diesel
    Delta 9 (Dutch Passion) Isis X Flo
    Deep Chunk (Tom Hills) Afghanistan IBL
    Desert Queen (No Mercy) Sudden Death # Master Ice X Everest Queen # WK
    Destroyer (Canna Biogen) Meao Thai X [Mexican X Colombian]
    Devil (Mr. Nice) Afghan X [Afghan X Skunk]
    Diablo (Next Generation) Blueberry X Grapefruit X South African Sativa
    Diamond Head (Sagarmatha) Flow X Atypical Flow
    Diesel (??) Mass Super Skunk X Chem Dawg
    Diesel 39 (Reservoir) M-39 X Sour Diesel
    Delta 9 = Isis [female] x Flo [male]
    Dirty Harry (Motarebel) Grapefruit Bx1 X Herijuana
    Diva G (Tuktuk) G13 X Cali Sat
    Dixie Chicken (Juan Moore) Jacks Cleaner X Airbornes G13
    Dixie Crystals (Juan Moore) Aloha 98 White Widow X Cinderella 99
    DNL = RFK X Hawaiian
    Doc Chronic (Reeferman) Fraser Valley Sativa Hashplant X California Indica
    Doctor, the (Greenhouse) Great White Shark X South Indian X SuperSkunk
    Dolce Vita (Dutch Passion) Isis X Power Plant
    Dope, the (AAA Seeds) Northern Lights #5 X Haze
    Double Bubble = Black Bubble x Double G
    Double G = Gum13 x G13HP
    Double Dutch (Magus) pre-2000 Chronic X Warlock
    Double Dutch Haze Skunk (Fleur du Mal) Dutch Haze SkunkX [Haze #19 X Skunk #1]
    Double Purple Doja (Subcool) Sputnik 1.0 X Black Russian
    DTC 99 (Spice Brothers) Durban Thai Highflyer X Cinderella 99
    Ducksfoot (WallyDuck) Ducksfoot X Sativa backcrossed to 97% ducksfoot
    Durban / Durban Poison (Sensi / Dutch Passion) Landraces; South Africa, Durban
    Durban Poison (Nirvana) South African Sativa X Skunk
    Durban Red (Effettoserra) Landraces; Durban X Purple Widow
    Durban Thai Highflier (SSSC) Thai X Durban Poison
    Durga Mata (Paradise) Shiva X Shiva
    Dutch Dragon (Paradise) [Durban X Skunk] X California Indica


    Early Brambleberry (Patch Works) Early Bramble X Purple Pineberry
    Early Chemo (Brazilian Seed Company) Early Girl X UBC Chemo
    Early Green (Brazilian Seed Company) Early Green X Original Green
    Early Misty (Nirvana) Misty X Skunk
    Early Pearl = Early Girl x Polly {polyanna}
    Early Queen (Mr. Nice) early Californian blends X Mexican Sativa
    Early Skunk (Sensi) Skunk #1 X Early Pearl
    Early White (Effettoserra) Northern Lights “early genotype” X White Special “early genotype”
    Eclipse (Homegrown Fantaseeds) BubbleGum 95 X Hindu Kush #12
    El Nino (Green House) [Haze X Super Skunk] X [Brazilian X South Indian]
    El Peru (Blue Grass) El Nino X Peruvian Skunk
    Electric Haze (BC Seed Co.) Northern Light #5 X Haze
    Elvis aka Elvis PressedMe (Celebrity) Chitral X Skunk
    Endless Sky = Iranian Indica x Grenadine
    Ethiopian Highland (African) Landraces; Ethiopian Highland
    Euforia (Dutch Passion) a selected Skunk X a selected Skunk
    Everest Queen (No Mercy) K-2 X Shiva Special
    Exile (Magus) Warlock (50%) X Northern Lights (25%) X White Widow

    F'N'Blue (Vancouver Seeds) Blueberry X Fuckin' Incredible
    Far Out (World Wide Seeds) Northern Lights X Haze
    Fast Blast (Afropis) Landraces; Iranian X Blueberry
    Fast Manitoba (Great White North) Early Girl X ?Early Girl?
    Fig Widow Queen (Dutch Flowers) Fig Skunk X Aloha 98 Widow X Cinderella 99
    Fighting Buddah (Chimera & DJ Short) Burmese X Blueberry
    Fijian Sativa (Homegrown Fantaseeds) Landraces; Fiji's Island
    Firecracker = A Willem's Wonder-dominate Willie D male pollinated two Willem's-dom pheno Willie D girls
    Five-O (BC Seed Co.) Hawaiian Indica X Northern Lights #5
    Flo (Dj Short) Purple Thai X Afghani
    FourWay (Head Seeds) [Cinderella 99 X Apollo 11] X [New York City Diesel X G-13]
    Free Tibet (Soma) Nepalese Hash Plant X Afghani Hawaiian
    Fruit Bowl (Sunshine) Purple Maui X Sweet Tooth #3
    Fruity Juice (Sensi) Thai X ??
    Fruity Thai (Ceres) Thai Sativa X Dutch Indica
    Fuma Con Diablos (Flying Dutchmen) Skunk #1 X Original Haze
    Fumar Con Dios (Flying Dutchmen) Original Haze X Skunk #1

    G-Berry (?Memy?) G13 X Blackberry X Doublegum
    G-Bolt (Motarebel) Pacific G-13 X Yumbolt
    G-Star (Motarebel) Star Gazer X [AK-47 X White Widow X G13]
    G-SUS (Reeferman) G13 X Godbud
    G13 Blue Widow (NCGA) [Blaze x G13 x Northern Lights] X Blue Widow or G13 X Blue Widow
    G13 Diesel (Head Seeds) G13bx X Rezdog's East Coast Sour Diesel v3
    G33 (Head) G13 x New York City Diesel
    Gainesville Green [Micanopy Moonbeam]
    Generals Daughter (Fleur du Mal) [G13 X Northern Lights] X Cinderella 99
    Ghandi (High Quality) South Indian X Skunk
    Ghaze Bx1 (Dutch Flowers) [G13 X Uber Candy Haze] X G13
    Ghost (Reeferman) Burmese X Kali Mist
    Giant Cindy (Spice Brothers) Green Giant X Cinderella 99
    Giant Princess (Spice Brothers) Green Giant X Ice Princess
    God's Treat (Jordan of the Island) Dutch Treat X God Bud
    Golden Haze (Dr. Greenthumb) Acapulco Gold X Haze
    Golden Skush (GN03) Skunk X Hindu Kush
    GoldenMoon (GoldenSeed) GoldenSkunk X Mazar
    Gonzo #1 (Reservoir) M-39 X Williams Wonder
    Gordy's Spice #18 (Motarebel) Pacific G-13 X Northern Lights #5
    Gourdbuster (Motarebel) City Slicker X Killa Queen
    Granflora (Owls Production) Afghan X Purpurea Ticinensis
    Grape Mayhem (Motarebel) Mayhem X Grapefruit Bx1
    Grape Punch (BOG) Lifesaver X Bogglegum
    Grapefruit = This is a 75% C'99 x 25% strong fruity sativa??? /steve says it was a clone only...
    Grapefruit Fly (Mosca) Grapefruit x Cinderella 99
    Grapefruit Haze (Next Generation) Grapefruit X Haze
    Grapeskunk (Next Generation) Super Skunk X Grapefruit X Blueberry
    Great Garberville Pure (Reeferman) Thai X Afghani Hawaiian
    Great White Shark (Green House) Super Skunk X White Widow
    Green Devil (Tiki) Bambata X Shulam
    Green Giant (Spice Brothers) Big Bud X Shiva Skunk
    Green Goddess (GN03) Citral X Afghani Hawaiian X G13 Haze
    Green Medicine (Brazilian Seed Company) Early Green X White Rhino
    Green Spirit (Dutch Passion) Big Bud X Skunk #1
    Grenadella (Afropips) Grenadine X Cinderella 99
    Grenadine (Dr. Greenthumb) [Niagara X Shiva] X G13
    Grimm White Shark (Brothers Grimm) Big Bud X Super Skunk
    Guerrilla (A.C.E.) South African; Leshoto X Nepalese; Kathmandù Valley
    Gypsy's Kiss (Reeferman) White Widow X Petrolia Headstash

    Hash Balls 2 (Goodhouse) Hash Plant X KGB
    Hash Heaven (Soma) G13 Hashplant X G13 Haze X Lavender
    Hash Khan (Effettoserra) Maroc X Dutch Skunk
    Hash Plant (Seedsman) Hash Plant X Northern Lights #1
    Hash Plant (Sensi) [Hashplant X Northern Lights #1] X Hashplant
    Hashberry (Mandala) Landraces, N. India, Kashmir X ??
    Haley's Comet (Flying Dutchmen) Early Californian X Skunk #1
    Hardcore (Secret Valley) primary Big Bud X Dj's Blueberry
    Hawaiian Goddess #3 (Motarebel) Hawaiian Pheno BC God Bud X Sweet Tooth #3
    Hawaiian Indica (Sensi) Landraces: Hawaii X Northern Lights
    Hawaiian Skunk (Seedsman) Hawaiian Indica X Skunk #1
    Hawaiian Sativa (Federation) Landraces: Hawaii, Mauna Kea
    Hawaiian Snow (Green House) [Hawaiian Haze X Pure Haze] X Neville's Haze
    Haze = Thai x Columbian x mexican x vietnamese?
    Haze (BlueHemp) Haze19 X unknown Haze
    Haze Mist (Flying Dutchmen) South Indian, Kerala X Original Haze
    Haze Special (KC Brains) Neville's Haze X K.C.606
    Headband Diesel = [Super Skunk X Sensi Northern Lights] X Chem /dawg
    Headstash (??) ?Indica Pheno from Herijuana?
    Heavy Duty Fruity (THSeeds) Big Bud X Afghani Skunk
    Hempstar (Dutch Passion) Skunk X Oasis X Haze
    Herijuana (Woodhorse) Kentucky Outdoor X Headstash
    Herijuana (Motarebel) Killer New Haven Strain X Petrolia Headstash
    High Land (Goodhouse) [Jack Herer X White Widow] X KGB
    Highend (Legends) Rene X Dj's Blueberry
    Highland Afghani (Reeferman) F1 Hybrid of 2 highland Afghani
    Himalayan Gold (Green House) Landraces; Himalayan X South Indian
    Hindu Kush (Sensi) Landraces; India, Hindu Kush Mountains
    HOG, the (THSeeds) Afghani X Kush
    Hollands Hope = Afghani x Skunk
    Homegrown Fantasy (Homegrown Fantaseeds) Afghani X White Widow
    Hoosier Hoot'n'Hollar (SSSC) Nacked Lady X Early Mexican Gold
    Hubba Bubba (Capricorn) Blueberry X Cinderella 99
    Humboldt Berry (Motarebel) Trainwreck X Blueberry
    Huron (Dr. Greenthumb) Niagara X White Widow

    Ice (Nirvana) Afghani X Skunk X Northern Lights X Shiva
    Ice Princess (Brothers Grimm) Cinderella 88 X White Widow
    Ice Queen (No Mercy) Master Ice X Valley Queen
    Indian Haze (Seedsman) South Indian Kerala X Haze
    Indian Skunk (Seedsman) South Indian Kerala X Skunk #1
    Indigo (Vancouver Seeds) North African X Afghani Indica
    Ingemars Punch (White Widow Web) Master Widow X Sweet Skunk
    Island Bud (Great White North) Early Sativa X ?Early Sativa?
    Island Lady (Amsterdam Marijuana) Purple Power X Master Kush
    Island Sweet Skunk (Jordan of the Island) Sweet Pink Grapefruit X Big Skunk #1

    J.J.'s Gold (Dr. Greenthumb) Millenium Bud X Acapulco Gold
    Jack Flash (Sensi) Jack Herer X Super Skunk
    Jack Frost (GoldenSeed) Jack Herer X White Widow X Northern Light #5
    Jack Herer (Sensi) Skunk #1 X Northern Lights #5 X Haze
    Jack The Ripper (Subcool) Jacks Cleaner P1 X Space Queen
    JackHammer (Motarebel) SuperJack X BlockHead
    Jackie O = Jack Candy (@ 87.5% line-bred) x Cali-Orange (also @ 87.5% line-bred)
    Jacks Cleaner = Jack Herer x Lemon Thai
    Jamaica (Hemcy) Lambsbread X [Skunk X Ruderalis]
    Jamaican (Federation) Landraces; Jamaica X ??
    Jamaican Jam (Hill Temple Collective) Jamaican Spear x Afghan
    Jamaican Pearl (Sensi) ?Marley's Collie X Early Pearl?
    Janis Special (Fleur du Mal) Silver Pearl X Blue Widow
    Jillybean (Subcool) Orange Velvet X Space Queen
    Jim Dandy (Motarebel) Jim Wakeford X Killa Queen
    Johnny Blaze (Chimera) Neville's Haze X Blueberry
    Juicy Fruit = Golden Triangle Thai x Afghani [or] Kush
    Juicy Russian = Juicy Fruit X AK47

    K2 Special (No Mercy) [K2 X Mexican Haze] X Victory
    K.C.33 (KC Brains) Afghani X Haze X Ukrainian strain
    K.C.36 (KC Brains) Indica from Spain X K.C.606
    K.C.42 (KC Brains) New Zealand Best X K.C.639
    K-Train (Woodhorse) K2 X Arcata Trainwreck
    Kahuna (Soma) Super Skunk X Big Skunk Korean X Jack Herer X Afghani
    Kali's Bliss (Reeferman) Reeferman's Cambodian X Cinderella 99
    Kali Mist = Haze x Skunk hybrid / cambodian sativa x silver haze
    Kali Spice (Dman) Kali Mist X Silver Spice
    Kalichakra (Mandala) Crystal Queen X White Satin
    Kanasuta (Canadian Seed Co.) Aurora Beaurealis X Cinderella 99
    Kariba Surprise (African Seeds) Landraces; Zambezi River
    Karma's Jack (Karma) Jack Herer#12 x Jack Herer#22
    Karpov (Blue Grass) Blue Hen X Blueberry
    Kasparov (Blue Grass) Blue Kiev X Blueberry
    Kerala Krush (Flying Dutchmen) South Indian, Kerala X Skunk #1
    Kerala Skunk (Dutch Passion) South Indian, Kerala X Skunk #1
    KGB (Vancouver Seeds) Afghani X Burmese
    Khola (Dutch Passion) [Thailand X Brazil] X ?an early dutch strain
    Kill Bill (Reservoir) Killer Queen X William's Wonder
    Killa Kush (Motarebel) Bubba Kush X Killa Queen
    Killer Apollo (Reservoir) Killer Queen X Apollo 11
    Killer Kristalls (Motarebel) Jim Dandy X Black Kat
    Killer Newhaven (??) Sativa Pheno from Herijuana
    Killer Queen (Reservoir) Airborne's G13 X Cinderella 99
    Killer Queen 2 (Canadian Seed Co.) G13 X Cinderella 99
    Killian (Motarebel) Killa Queen X NYC Diesel
    Killin Garberville (BC Seed Co.) Hawaiian Sativa X Afghani Indica
    King's Kross (Reeferman) [King X Charles Kush] X King
    Kiwi (Homegrown Fantaseeds) Landraces; New Zealand
    Klingonberry (Dutch Flowers) Bubblegum X Sagarmatha's Blueberry X Aloha 98
    Klitschkov = Blue Kiev x Sudden Impact
    Kolinahr (Enterprise) Vulcan X White Widow
    Kong (Laughing Moon) Kong X [White Russian X BubbleGum]
    Kranial Kush (Motarebel) Bubba Kush X [Bubba Kush X Yumbolt]
    Kush Berry (Motarebel) Bubbleberry X [Bubba Kush X Yumbolt]
    Kushage (THSeeds) O.G. Kush X S.A.G.E.
    Kwik Kali (Sagarmatha) Western Winds X Stuporsonic

    L.A. Confidential (DNA Genetics) O.G. L.A. Affie X Afghani
    L.S.D. (BOG) Lifesaver X NYC Diesel
    La Nina (Mr. Nice) Haze X White Widow
    Lambada (Reeferman) Brazilian X Highland Nepalese
    Lambsbread Skunk (Dutch Passion) Jamaican Lambsbread X Skunk #1
    Lasqueti Haze (BC Bud Depot) ?? X Skunk
    Lavender (Soma) Super Skunk X Big Skunk Korean X Afghani Hawaiian
    Lebanese (BlueHemp) Landraces, Lebanese
    Leda Uno (KC Brains) [secret Brazilian strain X K.C.33] X [Leda X K.C.606]
    Legends Ultimate Indica (Legends) Ortega X Sweet Tooth
    Lemon Bud (Canadian Gen.) Monster Bud X Lemon Joy
    Lemon Chemo (Woodhorse) BC Chemo X Ontario Chemo
    Lemon Freeze (Subcool) Jacks Cleaner X [Jacks Cleaner X Blueberry]
    Lemon Kush = Master Kush x Lemon Joy
    Lemon Skunk (Jordan of the Island) Citrus Skunk X Skunk #1
    Leshaze (Canna Biogen) Landraces; Lesotho X [Skunk X Haze]
    Lieu Hanh (Spice Brothers) Vietnamese X Neville's Haze
    Lieu Hanh 99 (Spice Brothers) Lieu Hanh X Cinderella 99
    Life Star (BOG) Lifesaver X Sensi Star
    Lifesaver (BOG) Jack Cleaner X Dj's Blueberry X BogBubble
    Lime Chemo (Woodhorse) Ontario Chemo X BC Chemo X Timewarp X Citrus
    Lionheart (Almighty) African Sativa X North American Genetics
    Lone Ranger (SSSC) Nepali Sativa X Michiocan Mexican Sativa
    Love Potion #1 (Reeferman) [G13 x Santa Marta Columbian Gold] X Santa Marta Columbian Gold
    Love Potion 9 (Joker) Love Potion 5 X Northern Lights
    Low P.T. (Reeferman) Oregon Purple Thai X LowRyder
    Lowland Afghani (Reeferman) 2 Lowland Afghani strains
    Lowrider (Joint Doctors) Northern Light #2 X William Wonder X unknown hybrid

    M-39 (SSSC) Skunk #1 X Basic #5
    M3 (Sunshine) [AK47 X Haze] X Hashplant
    Mach Fly (Mosca) Warlock x Cinderella 99
    Mako Shark (Motarebel) Black Widow X Great White Shark
    Mal'Sp (Afropips) Malawi Gold X Silver Pearl
    Malaki (Afropips) Malawi Gold X White Russian
    Malawi 99(Afropips) Malawi Gold X Cinderella 99
    Malawi Gold (African Seeds) Landraces; Malawi, Lake Malawi
    Malberino (Afropips) Malberry X Grenadine
    Malberry (Afropips) Malawi Gold X Blueberry
    Malibu (Chimera) Cali-O X Blue Domino
    Magic Carpet Ride (Reeferman) Headstash X Cambodian
    Magic Crystal (White Widow Web) White Widow X California Orange
    Mandarin Punch (Juan Moore) Killer Queen X Tangerine
    Manga Rosa (Brazilian Seed Company) Landraces from the 70s; Brazil
    Mango (KC Brains) Afghani X KC33
    Mangolian Indica (Sagarmatha) = Afghani Skunk X Afghani X Northern Lights
    Manolito 1 (Goodhouse) White Rhino X KGB
    Marley's Collie (Sensi) 2 Jamaicains différents
    Martian Mean Green (DNA Genetics) Sharks Breath X G13 Haze
    Master Ice (No Mercy) Mind Bender X Northern Lights
    Master Kush (Black Label) Hindu Kush X Skunk
    Masterkush (Dutch Passion) Hindu Kush X Hindu Kush
    Matanuska Mist (Sagarmatha) Matanuska Tundra X Grey Mist
    Maui Mist (BC Seed Co.) Hawaiian Indica X Haze
    Mayhem (Motarebel) Russian Indica Clone X Blockhead
    Mazar (Dutch Passion) Afghanistan, Mazar-I-Shariff X Skunk #1
    MCW (NCGA) Mighty Mite X Chemo X White Widow
    Medicine Man (Mr. Nice) [Brazilian Sativa X South Indian] X Afghani
    MedMaster (Reeferman) UBC Chemo X Reeferman's G
    Mendocino Madness (THSeeds) Northern Cali Madness X “a parent of Kwiksilver”
    Merlins Dream (White Widow Web) Master Widow X Afghani
    Merville Blueberry (BC Bud Depot) Blueberry X Grapefruit
    Mexican Sativa (Sensi) Mexican, Oaxacan X Pakistani Hashplant X Durban
    Mighty Haze Candy (Dutch Flower) Mighty Chemo Widow X Uber Candy Haze
    Mikush (Federation) Mikado X Kush
    Mind Bender (KC Brains) KC2 X KC33 X Afghani
    Mindfuck (Reservoir) New York City Diesel X DTC 99
    Mirre (Karma) SAGE x Jack Herer#22
    Mississippi Sweet Bud (JOTI) Kush X Burmese
    Mississippi Queen (Juan Moore) Princess 75 X Airborne G13
    Misty (Positronics) Sister of White Widow
    MK Ultra (THSeeds) G13 X O.G. Kush
    Moon Shadow (Joey Weed) [Chemo x White Rhino] X Cinderella 99
    Moonflower (Canadian Seed Co.) Cinderella 99 X Apollo 11
    Morning Dew (Dman) Endless Sky X Cinderella 99
    Mountain Jam (Chimera & Dj Short) Soulshine X Blueberry
    Mountain Lion (Almighty) Rock Bud X Lionheart
    MP5K (Dr. Chronic) AK X Afghani
    Mr. Bubble (THSeeds) Kali Mist X Bubblegum
    Mr. Majestyx (Afropips) Malberry X Cinderella 99
    Mr. Nice (Sensi) G13 X Hash Plant

    Neon Super Skunk (Subcool) Super Skunk X Black Russian
    Nepal Baba (Dr. Atomic) [Landraces; Nepal X Northern Lights] X Northern Lights
    Nepalese Grizzly (Kootenay Mountain) [Dutch Treat x Nepali] X Chemo
    Nepalese Jam (Ace) Nepalese Kathmandu Sativa X Jamaican Blue Mountain1984
    Nepali (BlueHemp) Landraces; Nepal, Baglung
    Neville's Haze (Green House) Pure Haze X Northern Lights
    Neville's Haze (Greenhouse) Michoacán Haze x ?????
    Neville's Haze (Mr. Nice) Northern Lights#5/Haze A x Haze C
    Neville's Haze Hybrid (Female Seeds) Neville's Haze X Jack Herer
    New Killer Queen (Juan Moore) Airborne G13 X Cinderella 99
    New Purple Cross (Mr. Blue) Afghani X Jamaican
    New Purple Power (Nirvana) Holland's Hope X Skunk #1
    New York City Diesel (Soma) Mexican Sativa X Afghani
    Nigerian (Afropips) Landraces, Nigeria
    Nirvana Special (Nirvana) Jock Horror X Landraces; Mexico, Oaxaca
    No Mercy Special (No Mercy) [Santa Maria X Maxican Haze] X Victory
    North #1 (Hill Temple) Cinderella 99 X Blue Kiev
    Northern Berry (Peak Seeds & Hygro) Northern Lights #5 X Blueberry
    Northern Bright (Nirvana) Northern Lights X Haze
    Northern Dream (Reeferman) [Kodiak Gold Thunderfuck x Northern Lights #5] X Nothern Light #5
    Northern Lights (BC Bud Depot) Atomic Northern Light X Northern Lights #6
    Northern Lights #1 (SSSC) Afghani IBL
    Northern Lights #2 (SSSC) Hindu Kush X Thai
    Northern Lights #9 (Sagarmatha) Northern Lights X White Widow X Durban
    Northern Skunk (Peak Seeds) Northern Light #5 X Skunk
    Nutcruncher (Reeferman) Airborne G13 X Petrolia Headstash
    NYC Diesel (Soma) Sour Diesel X Afghani Hawaiian

    Oasis (Dutch Passion) an advancement of Northern Lights #2
    Odin's Hammer (Reeferman) Kodiak Gold X Acapulco Gold
    Oké 47 (Sensi) Afghani X ??
    Optimus Prime (BC Bud Depot) BC Sweet Tooth X Mayne Island Indica
    Orange Apollo (Reservoir) [1977 Aeric Cali-O X Apollo 11] X Apollo 11
    Orange Chemo (Woodhorse) BC Chemo X Ontario Chemo X Timewarp X California Orange
    Orange Crush = AE77 CaliO X DJ Shorts Blueberry
    Orange Peako Cambodian (Reeferman) Nepalese Indica X Cambodian Sativa
    Orange Spice (Dman) Double G X White Widow
    Orangina (Blue Grass) California Orange X Blue Bubblejuice
    Orient Express (A.C.E.) Vietnam Black X Chinese; Yunnan
    Original Diesel = (SensiNL X MassSuperSkunk) X Dawg/Chem
    Original Gangsta Kush = White Lable Bubble Gum X Sensi Seed Hindu Kush
    Original Green (Brazilian Seed Company) Landraces from the 80s; Brazil, Sao Paulo
    Original Haze (Seedsman) [Mexican x Columbian] X Thai X South Indian Kerala
    Original Highway Delight ( High Quality) Northern Light X Skunk
    Original Strawberry Diesel (Reservoir) Strawberry Couch X Sour Diesel
    Ortega Indica #1 = Ortega Indica x Kush Hybrid 1.2

    Pakalolo (Sativa Seed Bank) Landraces; Hawaii, Maui X Skunk #1
    Pakistani (BlueHemp) Landraces, Pakistan
    Panama (A.C.E.) [Panama 1974 X Panama] X Panama; Canary Island
    Panama Powerhouse (Dman) Panama Red X AK-47
    Panama Punch (Cannabis Pros) Panama Green X Neville's Haze
    Papaya (Nirvana) Citral #13 X Ice #2
    Passion Queen (??) Grapefruit X BC Grapefruit
    Passion #1 (Dutch Passion) = Amstel Gold
    Peak 19 (Sagarmatha) Stonehedge X Matanuska Tundra
    Phnom Phen (Reeferman) Thai X Haze X Cambodian
    Pine Tar Kush (Tom Hill) Pakistani IBL
    Pineapples Punch (Flying Dutchmen) Real McCoy X Skunk #1
    Pink Candy (Mr. Blue) Stinky Pinky X Cotton Candy
    Pink Widow (Effettoserra) [Afghani X South Indian] X Purple Widow
    Platinum (Afropips) Amstel Gold X Silver Pearl
    Pollypak (SSSC) Pollyanna X Pakistani Sativa
    Potent Purple (Reeferman) Oregon Purple Thai X ?California Indica?
    Power House (Hill Temple) Deep Chunk X Cinderella 99
    Power Plant (Dutch Passion) Landraces; South Africa
    Princess 50 (Mr. Soul) Princess X [Shiva Skunk X Jack Herer]
    Princess 75 (Mr. Soul) Princess X Princess 50
    Princess 88 aka Cinderella 88 (Mr. Soul) Princess X Princess 75
    Princess Diesel (Reservoir) Ice Princess X Sour Diesel
    Puna Budder (THSeeds) some Hawaiian & some Afghani
    Purple Czar (Motarebel) Black Russian X The Black “aka Burmese”
    Purple Lightning (BC Seed Co.) Purple Indica X Northern Lights #5
    Purple Power (Amsterdam Marijuana) Holland's Hope X Skunk #1
    Purple Skunk (Dutch Passion) Purple #1 X Early Skunk
    Purple Thai (??) Oaxaca Gold X Chocolate Thai
    Pyramid (White Widow Web) White Widow X [Haze X Skunk]

    Quick Mist Diesel (Reservoir) Kali Mist X Mighty Mite X Double Sour Diesel v2

    Raccoon / Rocky (Canadian Seed Co.) Afghani X Columbian Gold
    Real McCoy, the (Flying Dutchmen) Skunk #1 X South Indian Sativa
    Reclining Buddha (Soma) Super Skunk X Big Skunk Korean X Holland's Hope
    ReCON (DNA Genetics) Mutant L.A. Confidential X Cannadential
    Red Congolese (Reeferman) Congolese Sativa X [Mexican X Afghani]
    Red Devil (Greenhouse) Afghani X Afghani Skunk
    Red Haze (??) Neville's Haze X Panama Red
    Red Horse (Goodhouse) [Jack Herer X Top 44] X KGB
    Red Sativa (Brazilian Seeds) Landraces; Brazil
    Red Widow 13 (Dman) [G13 X Black Widow] X Panama Red
    Redhaired Sonja (BlueHemp) [Afghani X Thai] X [Thai X Brazil]
    Reefer Madness (Reeferman) Mexican a.k.a Blackseed X G13
    Reeferman's G (Reeferman) Airborne G13 X [Airborne G13 x Santa Marta Columbian Gold]
    Reeferman's Herijuana (Reeferman) SSSC's Herijuana Sativa pheno X SSSC's Herijuana Indica pheno
    Reeferman's Northern Light (Reeferman) Northern Lights #1 X Reeferman's Northern Lights #5
    Reeferman's Sour Diesel (Reeferman) Sour Diesel X Kush
    Reeferman's Space Queen (Reeferman) Romulan X Cinderella 99
    Remus (Federation) Island Sweet Skunk X Romulan
    Renatta (A.C.E.) North East Brazilian Sativa X Cambodia Haze
    RFK = NL X Shiva
    Rheingold (Nova) Sensistar X Black Domina
    Rock Bud “aka Soma A+”(Soma) Super Skunk X Big Skunk Korean X Afghani Hawaiian
    Rock Star (Bong Guru) Sensi Star X Rock Bud
    Rocklock (DNA Genetics) Warlock X RockStar
    Romberry (Homegrown Fantaseeds) Romulan X Blueberry
    Romberry (BCGA) Romulan X Blueberry
    Rombolt (Motarebel) Romulan X Yumbolt
    Romulan = OG Kush x Afghani
    Romulan (Federation) California X [White Whino X White Rhino]
    Romulan Haze (Next Generation) Super Silver Haze X Romulan
    Royal Hawaiian (Reeferman) Hawaiian Indica X Hawaiian Sativa
    Royal Orange (Flying Dutchmen) Skunk #1 X California Orange
    Ru-Pa (HD Canadian) Cotton Candy X Heavy Duty Fruity
    Ruderalis = Landraces, Russia
    Ruderalis Sativa (SSSC) Ruderalis X [Thai x Mexican]

    S.A.G.E. (THSeeds) Big Sour Holy X Afghani
    SabreTooth (Motarebel) Sweet Tooth #3 X Northern Light
    Sacra Frasca (Dutch Passion) Powerplant X Skunk Passion
    Sadhu (Mandala) [?? X ??] X Landraces, N. India
    Sage & Sour (THSeeds) S.A.G.E. X Sour Diesel
    SandStorm (Canna Biogen) Landraces; Pakistan, Chitral X Landraces; Morocco, Arabene
    Sangoma (Afropips) [Malawi X Silver Pearl] X Blueberry
    Sanug (Canadian Seed Co.) Thai X Cambodian
    Sapphire Star (Jordan of the Island) Blue Hawaiian X God Bud
    Satori (Mandala) Landraces; Nepalese X ??
    Schnazzleberry (Chimera) Blue Domino X Shishkaberry
    Senor Garcia (Reeferman) Oregon Purple Thai X Panama Red
    Sensitron (Almighty) Jack Herer X Sensi Star
    Shagadellic (GN03) Indian Sativa X Skunk
    Shaman (Dutch Passion) Purple #1 X Skunk
    Shanti Devi (Tiki) Afghani X ??
    Sharks Breath (DNA Genetics) Great White Shark X Jamaican Lambsbread
    Sheherazade (Paradise) Afghan X ?Mostly Sativa?
    Shenzhou (Canadian Seed Co.) Sugar Klingon X Cinderella 99
    Shiesel (Bong Guru) Shiva X NYC Diesel
    Shiskeberry = [Red & Yellow Afghani's] x Dj Short Blueberry [male]
    Shirin Gol (Herbaria) Landraces; Tadjikistan
    Shirin Mango (Herbaria) Shirin Gol X Afghan
    Shit (Mr. Nice) the Original “Afghani X Skunk” (SSSC's?)
    Shiva (Dr. Atomic) Afghani X Atomic Northern Lights X Super Crystal
    Shiva Shanti II (Sensi) Garlic Bud X Skunk X Afghani
    Shiva Skunk (Sensi) Skunk #1 X Northern Lights #5
    Shock (Mr. Nice) White Widow X Skunk #1
    Silver Blue (Homegrown Fantaseeds) Silver Pearl X Blueberry
    Silver Dream (BlueHemp) Purple Dream X Swiss Sativa X Monstera
    Silver Haze{sensi} = Silver Pearl x Haze
    Silver Pearl (Sensi) Early Pearl X Skunk #1 X Northern Lights
    Silver Spice (Dman) Endless Sky X Orange Spice
    Silverado (BlueHemp) Silver Dream X Northern Lights #2
    Skunk = Columbian Gold x [Afghani x Acapulco Gold]
    Skunk{sacred seeds co.} = afghani x columbian x thai
    Skunk #1 (Dutch Passion) Afghani X Thai X Colombian Gold
    Skunk #5 (Effettoserra) [Afghani X Acapulco Gold x Colombian Gold] X Dutch Skunk
    Skunk Berry (Peak Seeds) Skunk X Blueberry
    Skunk Haze (Seedsman) Skunk #1 X Original Haze
    Skunk Kush (Sensi) Hindu Kush X Skunk #1
    Skunk Power (Effettoserra) “Big yielding phenotype” X White Afghani
    Skunkaberry (Reeferman) Newberry X Chinese Indica
    Skunkberry (Cannabis Pros) Blueberry X Skunk #1
    Sky Dog (Willy Jack) Jack Herer X Williams Wonder X Haze
    Skywalker (Dutch Passion) Mazar X Blueberry
    Slyder (Sagarmatha) Landraces: Afghanistan X Northern Lights
    Smoka Cola (Dman) Star Gazer X [G13 X Black Widow]
    Smokey Bear (Dutch Passion) Masterkush X KC 33
    Snow Slyder (Joker) Afghani X Northern Lights
    Snow White (Cannabis Pros) Northern Light #5 X Cinderella 99
    Somango (Soma) Super Skunk X Big Skunk Korean X Jack Herer
    Somanna (Soma) Super Skunk X Big Skunk Korean X C. Chinensis X Afghani Hawaiian
    Somativa (Soma) Super Skunk X Big Skunk Korean X Jack Herer
    Somaui (Soma) Hawaiian Sativa X G-13 Haze
    Sour Diesel (Reservoir) Mexican Sativa X Chemo
    Sour Diesel (??) ?DNL X Daywrecker?
    Sour Diesal = Mass.Super Skunk x Chem {dawg}
    Sour Diesel = [(SensiNL X MassSuperSkunk) X Dawg/Chem] X DNL
    Sour Mist (Reservoir) Kali Mist X Double Sour Diesel
    Sour Queen (Reservoir) Killer Queen X Double Sour Diesel
    Sour Saver = [Sour Diesel 1.5 x Lifesaver] x [Sour Saver v1 x Lifesaver] x Sour Saver v1 x Sour Saver v1
    Sour Turbo (Motarebel) Double Sour Diesel v2 X Sour Diesel v2.5
    Sour Wonder (Reservoir) Williams Wonder X Sour Diesel
    Southern Lights (Delta 9) N.Y.C Diesel X Sensi Star
    Space Queen (Reeferman) Romulan X Cinderella 99
    Space Queen F2 (Subcool) Romulan X Cinderella 99
    Spacetooth #3 (Subcool) Sweet Tooth #3 X Space Queen
    Special AK (Goodhouse) AK-47 X KGB
    Speed Queen (Mandala) Landraces, N. India, Himachal Pradesh X ??
    Speedball (Reservoir) Sensi Star X DTC 99
    Spellbound (Dman) William's Wonder X Sour Diesel
    Spice (Mr. Nice) Hawaiian Indica X Hawaiian Sativa
    Spontanica (KC Brains) Secret Project #1 X KC33
    Sputnik 1.0 (Subcool) Apollo 13 X Black Russian
    Sputnik 2.0 (Subcool) Sputnik 1.0 X Apollo 13
    SSSC M39 = [Basic #5] northern light #5 X skunk #1
    Star Chief (White Widow Web) Master Widow X Himalaya Haze
    Star Gazer (Delta 9) [Warlock X AK-47] X Sensi Star
    Star Gazer (Dman) Endless Sky X Bubbleberry
    Starlight (White Widow Web) Master Widow X Northern Lights
    Starwalker (Canadian Seed Co.) [Romulan x Cinderella 99] X Cinderella 99
    Sticky Sista (Herbaria) Afghanistan, Hindu Kush X South African, Ciskei
    Stonehedge (Sagarmatha) Cambodian Sativa X Western Winds
    Stoney Baloney (Juan Moore) [Cinderella 99 X Kali Mist] X Tangerine
    Stoney High (White Widow Web) Master Widow X Super Skunk
    Strawberry Cough = Strawberry Fields x Haze
    Strawberry Spice = Strawberry Cough x Jabberwocky
    Sudden Impact (Blue Grass) [Mr. Nice G13 X Hashplant] X AK-47
    Sugar Babe (Paradise) Afghani X Swiss White Strain
    Sugar Baby (NCGA) Vic High's Orange Crush X G13 Blue Widow
    Sugar Blossoms = white widow [lemon pheno] x ???
    Sugar Daddy (Capricorn) California Indica X Sugar Blossom
    Sugar Klingon (Dutch Flowers) Klingonberry X Fig Widow Queen
    Sugar Klingon II (Canadian Seed Co.) Klingonberry X Fig Widow Queen
    Sugar Loaf (Canna Biogen) Landraces; Pakistan X Capricho
    Sugarwarp (Reeferman) Texada Timewarp X Burmese
    Summer Queen (No Mercy) Everest Queen X Northern Light
    Sunshine #2 (Hill Temple) Sunshine X Deep Chunk
    Sunshine Daydream (Dman) Silver Spice X AK-47
    Super Afghani (World Wide Seeds) Afghani #1 X Super Skunk
    Super Dawg = Dawg X 86'Sensi Super Skunk (sources: cannabible)
    Super Green (Brazilian Seed Company) Early Green X Jack Herer
    Super Haze (Dutch Passion) Original Haze X Skunk #1
    Super Impact (Blue Grass) Sudden Impact X Super Silver Haze
    Super Kimo (Brazilian Seed Company) UBC Chemo X Jack Herer X Haze Special
    Super Kush (BC Seed Co.) Hindu Kush X Northern Lights #5
    Super Sativa Plus (THC Seeds) Hawaiian Sativa X BC Biker Bud
    Super Silver Haze (Mr. Nice) [Northern Lights #5 x N. Haze] X [Skunk #1 x N. Haze]
    Super Silver Haze{greenhouse} = Super Skunk x Silver Pearl x Haze
    Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze (Reservoir) Super Silver Haze X Sour Diesel
    Super Silver Spice (Dman) Endless Sky X Silver Spice
    Super Skunk (Sensi) Skunk #1 X Afghani
    Super Star (Delta 9) Sensi Star X Sensi Star
    Super Sweet Cindy 05 (BOG) [Sweet Tooth #3 X Cinderella 99] X BogBubble
    Swazi Redbeard “a.k.a Swazi Rooibaard” (Afropips) Landraces; Swaziland, Nkomati
    Swazi Skunk (SeedsMan) Swazi X Skunk #1
    Sweet Apollo (Reservoir) SweetTooth #3 X Apollo 11
    Sweet Cindy (BOG) Sweet Tooth #3 X Cinderella 99
    Sweet Dreams (Almighty) Lionheart X ??
    Sweet Dreams (KC Brains) Californian Big Bud Skunk X K.C.606
    Sweet Tooth 1.1 (DJ Short & Spice of Life) [Sweet Pink Grapefruit X Dj's Blueberry] X Grapefruit
    Sweet Treat (Reeferman) Dutch Treat X Californian IBL
    Swiss Miss (Nirvana) Afghani X ?Ruderalis?
    SwissXT (KC Brains) Mr. Swiss X Double K.C. private project

    T.N.R. (KC Brains) Thai X Double K.C.2
    Taco (??) Ortega X Cinderella 99
    Tanzanian Magic (African Seeds) Landraces; Southern Tanzania
    Taskenti (Canna Biogen) Landraces; Uzbekistan
    Thai Lights (Dr. Atomic) Landraces; Thailand, Nakan Pranom X Northern Lights
    Thai-Tanic (Flying Dutchmen) Thai X Skunk
    The Crystal Ship (Reeferman) Kali Mist X Kodiak Gold
    The Dope (AAA Seeds) Northern Lights #5 X Haze
    The Other Crystal Ship (Reeferman) Kali Mist X Northern Light #5
    The Pure = This is the original Skunk#1
    The Real McCoy = Haze x Skunk [60/40]
    Thumper (Juan Moore) Trix X G13
    Thunder Fuckin Wonder (Reservoir) Matanuska Thundra X William's Wonder
    Thunder Pearl (Reeferman) Early Pearl X Kodiak Gold
    Thunderfuck Diesel (Reservoir) Matanuska Tundra X Sour Diesel
    Timanfaya Devil (Afropips) [[Cape Verde X Congolese] X Nepalese] X Congolese
    Time Bomb (Legends) Texada Timewarp X Blueberry
    Titan (Federation) Romulan X BC Big Bud
    Titan's Haze (Flying Dutchmen) Skunk #1 X Original Haze
    T.N.T = [Northern Lights x Skunk] x [Afghani #1] x [Afghani x Skunk]
    Top 44 (Homegrown Fantaseeds) Skunk X ?Vicking?
    Top Lady (HD Canadian) First Lady X Top 44
    Toxic Blue (Motarebel) Blue Kronic X Killian
    Trainwreck (Woodhorse) Mexican X Colombian X Afghani
    Trainwreck = Afghani x [Lowland Thai x Mexican/columbian]
    Trance (Dutch Passion) Skunk Indica X ??
    Transkei Green (African Seeds) Landraces; South Africa, Transkei
    Tribal Vision (Afropips) Malberry X [Sweet Tooth #3 X Grapefruit X Congo Nepalese]
    Triple Afghan Slam (Reeferman) Combine 3 Afghani strains
    Trix (Juan Moore) [Blueberry X Northern Light] X Northern Light
    TRC Devestator = Garlic Bud x Skunk
    TRC Devestation = [Shiva {garlic bud} x Afghani] x Skunk
    TRC Tarantula = ???
    TRC Texas Mystic = Alaskan Trainwreck x Sweet Tooth #4
    Tropical Timewarp (Reeferman) Punta Roja Colombian Red X African Timewarp
    Tropical Treat Special (Brazilian Seed) Colombian Gold X Colombian Jack X Haze Special X Skunk #1
    Tropicana#1 = Tropical Treat mother (mostly Colombian) X Sweet Tooth BX2 P1
    Tsi Fly (Mosca) C4 x Cinderella 99
    Turtle Power (Amsterdam Marijuana) Purple Power X Early Girl
    Twisted Fruit (Motarebel) Grapefruit X [Killer Queen X NYC Diesel]

    Uber Candy Haze = Vietnamese Black x White Widow Thai and the Hawaiian x Neville's Haze
    Ultimate Indoor (Capricorn) Northern Lights X Matanuska Thunder
    Ultimate Moonshine = LUI x Blue Moonshine
    Ultimate Peak (Capricorn) Peak 19 X Bubbleberry
    Ultra Skunk (Dutch Passion) Swiss Skunk X Skunk


    Valley Queen (No Mercy) Everest Queen X Silver Pearl
    Very White (Celebrity) White Widow X Haze
    Viet Combo (Spice Brothers) Vietnamese X Vietnamese Black
    Viper (Reeferman) Blackseed X Burmese
    Voodoo (Dutch Passion) Thai X ??
    Vortex (Subcool) Apollo 13 X Space Queen


    Wakeford (Reeferman) [Skunk #1 X Airborne G-13] X UBC Chemo
    Waldo (Apothecary) Pez X Purple Cherry
    Warlock (Magus) [Skunk X Skunk] X Afghani
    Warpberry (Patch Works) Texada Timewarp X Purple Pineberry
    Western Winds (Sagamartha) Kali Mist x Haze
    White Cinderella (Canadian Seed Co.) BRG White Widow X Cinderella 99
    White Crystal (THC Seeds) White Lightning X Super Crystal
    White Flow (Capricorn) White Widow X Flow
    White Grizzly (Kootenay Mountain) Dutch Treat X Nepali X Chemo
    White Haze = ??Juicy Widow x Blue Hen??
    White Himalayan Haze (GN03) White Widow X Himalayan Haze
    White KC (KC Brains) White Widow X Afghani X KC33
    White Light (Soma) Bubblegum X White Widow
    White Light (Willy Jack) Northern Lights X White Widow
    White Lightning (BC Seed Co.) Northern Lights #5 X White Widow
    White Mr. Nice (Blue Grass) White Haze X [Mr. Nice G-13 X Hashplant]
    White Rhino (Green House) Afghan X Brazilian X South Indian, Kerala
    White Rose (High Quality) Skunk X White Widow
    White Russian (Serious) AK-47 X White Widow
    White Satin (Mandala) Landraces; N. India, Punjab X ??
    White Star (Capricorn) Sensi Star X White Widow
    White Star (Delta 9) New York City Diesel X Sensi Star
    White Tusk (Goodhouse) [Hawaii X Big Bud] X KGB
    White Widow (Green House) Brazilian X South Indian
    White Widow = Brazilian x Indian
    White Widow = First Lady{mullimbimby madness} x Shiva Skunk
    White Willow (Soma) White Widow X Afghain Hawaiian
    Widow Warrior (White Widow Web) Master Widow X Durban
    Widowrella (Canadian Pros) Cinderella 99 X White Widow
    Willie D (Reservoir) William's Wonder X New York City Diesel
    Willijuana (Reeferman) Vietnamese X Burmese
    Willy Jack (Willy Jack) Williams Wonder X Jack Herer
    Willy Nelson (Reeferman) Vietnamese X Highland Nepalese
    Wonder 99 (Reservoir) Cinderella 99 X William's Wonder
    Wonder Diesel (Reservoir) William's Wonder X Sour Diesel
    Wonder Haze (Reservoir) Super Silver Haze X William's Wonder
    Wonderberry (Sagarmatha) Bubbleberry X William's Wonder


    X18 (Tom Hill) Pakistani IBL

    Yarkoum (Tiki) Landraces; Pakistan, Chitral Valley X “secret F1”
    Yellow Brick Wall (Juan Moore) Afghani X Columbian Gold
    Yumbolt (Sagarmatha) Landraces: Afghanistan X Landraces: Himalaya

    Zagorsk (Canadian Seed Co.) Killer Queen X Sugar Klingon
    Zamal (GN03) Landrace; La Reunion

    More Lists

  2. This is brilliant

  3. awesome list man, a little imposing but super super comprehensive! :hello:

    +rep man
  4. ha thanks.
    its no way all the strains though.
    it would be so amazing to have a complete list :devious:
  5. There's some slight inaccuracies but overall pretty accurate!:hello:
  6. Thanks for sharing this! You seem to know your strains! :)
  7. haha thanks everyone. just here to share the wealth.

    i didnt make this whole list on my own.
    its just info i have gathered from various things throughout the years
  8. im interested in what inaccuracies were seen:confused:
  9. thanks for your addition!
    i am gonna put the links in the first post.
    as its great to update things like this. and spread the knowledge of our lovely flower to the world.
  10. Bubba Brother (Karma) Katsu Bubba Kush x [Happy Brother x Chemdog D IX1 #3]
    Casey Jones (Head) [Trainwreck x Thai] x East Coast Sour Diesel v3
    G33 (Head) G13 x New York City Diesel
    Grapefruit Fly (Mosca) Grapefruit x Cinderella 99
    Karma's Jack (Karma) Jack Herer#12 x Jack Herer#22
    Jamaican Jam (Hill Temple Collective) Jamaican Spear x Afghan
    Mach Fly (Mosca) Warlock x Cinderella 99
    Mirre (Karma) SAGE x Jack Herer#22
    Neville's Haze (Mr. Nice) Northern Lights#5/Haze A x Haze C
    Neville's Haze (Greenhouse) Michoacán Haze x ?????
    Tsi Fly (Mosca) C4 x Cinderella 99
    Western Winds (Sagamartha) Kali Mist x Haze
    X18 (Tom Hill) Pakistani IBL
  11. thanks you!
    i will be adding these now
  12. i forgot i made this thread completely.

    Bump for knowledge :smoke:
  13. From about the last 2 years.

    Juliet (NYC Diesel x Cindarella 99)
    Blue Dream (Blueberry x Super Silver Haze) i think dont hate me!!
    Durban Poison (south african sativa x Dutch Skunk) i think.
    White Widow (F1 Hybrid)
    Trainwreck (forgot)
    Bruce Banner (Strawberry Diesel x OG kush)
    Headband (Master Kush x OG Kush x Sour Diesel)
    Blueberry (Dutch hybrid)
    Bubba Kush (Bubblegum x Kush) i think.
    Blueberry Cof (Blueberry x Strawberry Cof)
    Blueberry x northern lights
    Ak-47 hydro and soil
    Island Sweet Skunk (sativa) pretty sure its a skunk crossed with a sweet BC strain but it is SUPER FIRE! and super super exoticly dank tasting
    Purple Kush
    OG kush
    King Kush
    Pineapple Kush
    Master Kush
    Strawberry Cof
    Sour diesel
    Chiesel (Cheese x NYC diesel) super tasty
    NYC Diesel
    Skunk #9
    lemon Diesel
    Green Crack
    Toothace (Sweet tooth x Romulan)
    MK ultra (G-13 x Master Kush)
    Sweet tooth
    Super silver haze
    Super silver haze x northern lights
    Jack Herer
    Jack the Ripper
    Lambs Breath
    Grandaddy Purps
    Black Berry kush
    Grape Fruit
    Juicy Fruit
    Jedi Diesel
    chocolate tie
    Sage and Sour really dank (the s.a.g.e x NYC Diesel)
    alot of others and some really good ones to that i cant really remember right now but yea i did the best i could on the origins but im not going to go research all this for just one post lol.
  14. thank you. i would add some of them but i cant edit the first post anymore :[
  15. moby dick??

  16. do you know exactly whats in it?

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