A WTF? Moment

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  1. The most wtf moment happened to me today at a ranch 99 market. I was around the frozen food area and was just standing there looking and deciding on what to get when out of nowhere I see from the corner of my eye a women wearing a black jacket, pushing one of those market carts toward me. I was seriously standing there with barely anyone around me and I just see her from the corner of my eye that she kept pushing the cart toward me. I had to put my hand out to stop her from hitting me with her cart and when I looked at her face she was just staring at me and didn't say sorry or anything. She just moved her cart so I wasn't in front of it anymore and just kept walking. I was like wtf? this girl almost hit me with her shopping cart while knowing she almost hit me and doesn't say shit to me and just walks away like nothing happened. This was the biggest wtf moment I ever had lol thanks for reading. :smoking:
  2. i wouldve made a smartass remark
  3. That's weird you post this

    Today I was waiting at the train sitting down on a heater inside the terminal and some Asian girl, probably early 20s just walks up to me a couple feet away and stares right at me in the eyes. I was waiting for her to ask a question or say something and nothing was said. I didn't say anything and started to feel awkward so I just walked away and she remains standing there just looking were I was sitting.

    It was weird as hell, maybe there's some sort of zombie virus going around
  4. If it was really that close and there was force driven into my hand.... i would have held onto the cart

    and it would have became mine....
  5. Goddamn, woman can't even drive in the supermarket. What is the world coming too?!?!?
  6. Maybe she was blind as well as a mute...
  7. Probably
  8. There's only one explanation...your a ghost.
  9. In October I went to a haunted house amusement park and this girl just stood there and stared at me while I ate poutine. For a good 10 minutes. I stared right back and we were in a full on staring match. Eventually I ended up getting a little creeped out and I waved and said hello... Hoping shed snap out of it, but she just waved back and continued to stare. I started tripping and had to leave the area. Wtf!!??

  10. I would have also but at the time I was just thinking wtf happened?

    Damn that is some creepy shit lol maybe there is something going on. We gotta prepare for it.

    She was seriously about to crash into me just looking right at me and I had to stop her cart to keep it from hitting me.

    Not only that it's worse because that super market was filled with old ASIAN women, now I'm not racist cause I'm asian myself, but I swear they push those carts how the drive, not looking where they are going and just cuts right in front of you to get to what they need.

    She could be a mute but she defenitly wasn't blind cause after I stopped her cart, she moved it away from me and kept on walking.

    Now that is even weirder cause it was a girl kid and she was just staring at you? Haha I should have had an eye contest with the women who almost hit me but I probably would have gotten run over by her cart. You had a big wtf moment also though weird.

  11. she probably just won a bet.

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