a world united

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  1. Do you think we'll ever become one nation? If so how, when, and why?

    I do think that'd it'd be plausible...however not in my lifetime. One if the major restrictions that we have as a human race is the language barrier. Honestly it's fucking hard to master a language, so why not everyone learn a secondary to their massive tongue....such as sign language perhaps.

    It'd be the easiest form of translation in my mind. There is no need for practice of pronunciation, and all the different forms of conjugations wouldn't necessarily be as difficult.

    That's just my opinion. As for why.... Idk maybe we have a real revolution by the people,when not in my lifetime.
  2. that's the plan
  3. No, it'll never happen.
  4. Language , religion, resources, greed
    a unified Earth will only happen after complete destruction in my opinion..
    kind of a rebirth as a species
  5. I really hope not.
  6. word, eventually yeah i think itll happen.

    we're supposed to have like 12 billion people on earth in about 40 years and like 24 billion at the start of the next century.

    do you know how crazy that is? theres gonna be war
  7. Sounds like what happened to the dinosaurs. A superior race that blew itself the fuck up!
  8. I sure hope not.
  9. Haha the language barrier? How about the white mans burden? Need to learn to live as a whole on this planet oppose from controlling it.

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