A World Controled By Cranes

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  1. Okay so I was walking along this dirt road out here in Idaho (stoned off my ass on this blue dream which really gets me thinking) and I'm surrounded by thousands of acres of grazing cattle and mountains and forests. I spotted two sandhill cranes. They were next to an irrigation ditch where they had made they're nest. I was walking very close to the field they were in so they naturally got a bit protective and made a few squawking noises. I left them alone of course and just admired they're beauty. I got to thinking... Look how fucking peaceful these creatures are!!! They never purposely inflict pain to others. They only use what is needed for themselves. So what if instead of humans being the dominant creature on earth, it was sandhill cranes? Or another animal? Humans are the only animals that cause war and unessicay violence and the only ones that knowingly overuse our natural resources? What if we had a species above us? This world would be a much better place. (sorry if this makes no sense.... I'm stoned as fuck and was when I came up with this:p)
  2. Well, what would you call competing herds fighting over an area? For prey, water, whatever. Wouldn't that be considered a war? Babies are eaten and others torn apart and playrd with. As for the earth, if it weren't humans expanding I'm certain eventually another species would. It's nature that has us reproduce and gives us thay urge to expand and colonize. We don't have the right to go destroying niches and habitats, but we must. Or else there would be never ending conflicts and more people than not would suffer due to lack of food and resources to have an efficient society. I also beliece we'd act the same way regardless if we knew of a more advanced species or ruthless animal. Just because we are able to.

    Damn man that made no sense, gotta love cross fad-ation

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  3. Well they don't control the world because A. They are peaceful B.  They're at the bottom of the food chain
    Humans are a combination of not peaceful and are the dominant species.  I wonder if an animal was higher on the food chain and capable of more intelligence would choose to be peaceful...probably not?  Interested in other peoples thoughts.  
    Like Lions are at the top of the food chain of animals but they're nowhere near where humans are because they lack the intelligence to create and invent like we are.  If they did have that ability would they feign for power and try to control everything?  Who knows how Lions think.  Maybe it's the lack of intelligence that makes them not feign for power.  Ignorance is bliss.
  4. Anything under living conditions can feel distress

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