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A World At War?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Smokie McBlunts, Feb 8, 2003.

  1. Bah, i say all the worlds leaders sit down, smoke a blunt and then the worlds problems will be solved!! WHOS WITH ME?!?! lol
  2. I would have to fully agree with you.. Sounds like a good plan

    to me..

    :smoke: :smoking:
  3. i think wars should be fought with those big ass q-tip lookin' things they have on american gladiators :D
  4. nah, wars should be down just like paintball.

    everyone just be honest enought that once your hit your out.

    last country with a man standing wins the war ;)
  5. Wars should be fought with pot. The last one to put down the bong and is still aware of his/her surroundings wins!

    I'd be the first one to start a war! lol
  6. alright, now were talking, bong wars. an event you can really take a rip at. i am armed with a nugget, all those who oppose me shall be enveloped in a cloud of smoke.
  7. Ganja Cat is one of those setting up the Canna-Olympics, if it ever materialises! u know what stonners are like. that's where the worlds problems should be solved! not on the battle-feild, nor on the soccer pitch, but around a table filled with bongs!
  8. that would be great ... i wounder which country would win ...
  9. I disagree... If Bush smokes bud he'll just get stupider and end up sending nuclear warheads flying over to Iraq in some stupid prank.

    But seriously: I am imagining Saddam Hussein blunted, in his accent "OHH iss okay Bushie, we have no problems here. I give you all my nuclear toys, in exchange for your hook-up's number."

    Bush: "Yo, yo, yo Colin (Powell), we needs to be sendin weed over to Saddamn instead of bombs, ok? What was I mad about anyway?"

    so yeah maybe you're right :D
  10. Thats what i was thinking^^

  11. The Allied Tokers (US, England Scottland all them) cuz they have us!
  12. yea man that would be the shit
  13. lol. the members of grasscity unite and become the UT (united tokers)... lol, then WE'D solve all the world's problems around a table full of bongs. hahahaha. we'd be the undisputed bong toking champions so no country would ever defeat us :p
  14. may the bong be with you

  15. That would have to work! All the right people would be there any way!
  16. i wanna enter home made bong rips and tent hot boxing.
  17. The native americans had it right by passing the "peace pipe"
    around! I wonder what kind of bud they were smoking?

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