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  1. A friend of mine had this experience and I thought I would pass it on. Here in Canada and especially here on the west coast we like to think that growing is basically risk free but here is what happened.
    About a year and a half ago there was an american guy that moved to town. From day one there was something that wasn't quite "right" about him. He was always down for a party but he was curious about things that he shouldn't have been. he really wanted to know where stuff came from and was always on the prowl about who had big shows happening. He was always going on about how we would never get away with stuff back home in the US.
    My friend had planned on going into Nelson for the day to hang out with some friends. My friend produces about 2 lbs a month for the local compassion club. He stopped at the corner store and gassed up and realized that he had left his wallet at home so he turned around and went back. When he got home, who was just pulling away but our American friend. This set off some bells for George(not his real name) so he went around and checked the back of his houseto the back of his house and there was the back door hanging open. It had been kicked in but nothing was taken.
    My friend walked around to his garage to get some tools and who pulls in the drive but the cops. They had gotten an anonymous call that there had been a break in and wanted to check it out. My friend said that it wasn't necessary and it must have been a prank but the cops were very insistent. So much so that while one cop kept him distracted, the other tried sneaking around to the back of the house.
    George finally had to threaten them with legal action if they didn't get the fuck off his property. George called a few friends, myself included, to go pay the American a visit but he had cleared out his apartment and disapeared. The only thing that we can figure out is that he was DEA. He didn't leave because George was coming back since there was no way that he could have known that. He wasn't there to rip him off or shit would have been missing or George would have caught him. His only purpose there was to give the cops a reason to search the place and that was why the cops seemed so insistent.
    Just thought that I would let you guys know the depths that law enforcement has stooped to in the WOD
  2. that is a good story!the cops cant justaive a breaking and intree!and it sound like to small a grow to attracked dea!from the usa,sounds more like the cops playing him!he my have been on the run for bad checks or something and they used him!if he was breaking and intruning he would not have used his own car!and he would not have pulled in the drive way with it!timeing is the clue the cops are there just at the time he retruns!this makes me think the cops are the bigist factor in this story!he being gone only a few mins, and if he was dea why run? they could have covered up any thing he had done!know tell your friend the cops that were there are his bigist pain!thats what it looks like to a wise man!tazz11
  3. Wow what a shady dude.
  4. What a sketchball, you should teach him a lesson regardless if he is DEA.
  5. maybe a neighbor saw geroge breaking into the house and they called the cops on him. Maybe something spooked him and he left, maybe he was casing the place to hit it up later, maybe he couldnt find the bud or whatever else he is looking for.
  6. wow, thats messed up. The DEA in canada trying to bust Pot Growers. They should be doing something more productive like stopping a meth lab or burning a poppyfield. But instead they pick on us stoners and our sacred plant who never hurt anyone!
  7. Fuck the DEA.
  8. that is pretty fucked up. watch you you interact with
  9. I seriously doubt it was the DEA, Canada is out of their jurisdiction. It could have been some sort of officer working for Canada, but it wasn't DEA.
  10. nice bumping a post from 2001
  11. George, what do you know about cocaine?
  12. Fuck I was just gonna post that +rep:smoking:.
  13. damn that dudes hella greazy

  14. :rolleyes:

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