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A word of advice to first time Vape users..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by InnerCity, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. #1 InnerCity, Mar 22, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 22, 2012
    Please, for the love of god take it easy. I took 18 hits my first time doing the vape because my co-workers were just passing it around. I was so fucked, I was fading in and out of consciousness.

    Just because you don't blow out huge amounts of smoke doesn't mean you're not inhaling huge amounts of THC. I was smoking with people who had a killer vape tolerance so they didn't get near as fucked as I did.

    Treat it like any other smoking instrument and smoke responsibly. (Or vaporize...whatever)
  2. I agree with this. Just because you don't see vapor clouds doesn't mean you're not going to get high. I think that the people who get upset that they don't see vapor clouds are the people who are used to milking massive bongs. Vaporizers just don't work that way.
  3. I wasn't even tripping, I just wasn't there. Waaaaaaaaay too much smoking.
  4. Thanks for saving people from having a bad experience :D
  5. Good advice for all new smokers in general. Don't overdo it, especially if you know your tolerance level isn't up to par with those you are smoking with.

    And especially if you are hitting the vape and assuming you aren't getting anything out of it because you see no exhale:p
  6. Yep! A vape can sneak up on you quite easily! lol
  7. my first vape high lasted for close to seven hours of giggling happiness

    before that smoking a bowl would get me a 15 minute heavy eye\relaxed feeling

    and i vaped about the same as what i would have smoked

  8. Sounds like you went on a ride then!:hello:
  9. Im thinkin of getting a vape . Im willing to spend 200-400 . Which 1 would you guys recommend ?
  10. Vapes need less for the same level of "highness". With smoking the cannabis is destroyed, bit by bit, by the fire- and any THC in the burnt area is burnt up, too!

    With vaping you get much of the THC with the first hits, but since the cannabis is still intact, it continues to keep giving off small amounts of THC. You can vape your cannabis longer than you can smoke it!

    I also wonder if the cannabis on the sides of the bowl is getting decarbed? Heat will change non-psychoactive THCA into THC! I have a theory that it is possible that we can get more THC out of a bowl, than was originally in there! (There can be as much as 6 times as much THCA in a sample of cannabis than THC!) heat on the sides of the bowl are less and decarbing should occur! I am just curious about the amount that would be created!
  11. Yea im usually a joint or blunt smoker and i was wondering if i could roll joints with vaped weed
  12. A friend of mine rolled a joint with vaped weed and said it got him high, not as high as fresh weed but still high.
  13. You can make QWISO with your vaped buds. Comes out dark, high in cbd
  14. Sounds good . What vape would you recommend ? Or which did you use i can spend
  15. BREAKING NEWS! Vaporizers get you really high!

    No shit Sherlock....
  16. I also learned this the hard way OP, started convulsing like fuck.
  17. I remember one of my first times i kept going and going..... 15 mins later, i literally felt myself going retarded. Speech and train of thought became slurred, involuntary eye movements (or just me strugglig to keep my eyes open), and just generally felt punch drunk but my mind was still going WTF.
  18. Is granny god?
  19. I've hit a few different types of vaporizers in my time and none of them have gotten me nearly as high as smoking. I have a Vapur portable vaporizer, I've hit the MFLB, the Q Tower, and your standard wooden-box-with-tube attachment vapes and they've gotten me "high" but never nearly as fucked up as you guys say. I really don't know what I'm doing wrong.
  20. Vaporizers mess you up. Instead of having like 15% thc in smoke, you get upwards of 90% THC, depending on the strain used. Vapor pretty much only consists of actives. And as granny said, combustion destroys a good portion of actives, vaporizing doesn't, and in fact helps you decarb your weed.

    You can smoke vaped weed, and depending on how much you vaped it, it can still have some actives in it. However it will taste like crap, and you're better off taking any vaped weed and trying to make hash, tinctures, or edibles.

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