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A whole tree?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by The Audion, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. I was just talking to this girl via facebook chat and the subject turned to weed. She asked me if I smoked, etc. Then she mentions a kid in her school. This is what she said

    "lol yeah. this one kid in my school has like a marijuana tree in his room, and his mom like doesnt even care. he smokes like a tree a day"
  2. Personally, I think a whole tree is just too many marijuanas.
  3. can you ask her if her friend wants to give me one of his marijuana trees?
  4. I'm kind of curious what your response to that was?

  5. My response was: "I don't really believe that." Then I started cracking up because it just sounds so perfectly ridiculous.
  6. :laughing:
  7. i must have been gone long, since when did they have trees!
  8. Maybe she means a bud a day? Gotta love the dumb ones.
  9. hahah made my night:D
  10. Tell her friend that it's dangerous to have a marijuana tree in his room. He might accidentally the whole tree one day.
  11. a bush would fit in his room better then a tree
    plus less bark equals more smokeables
    and a tree would involve a ladder, the sweet smoke and climbing ladders dont mix... trust me
  12. i painted houses every summer in high school and all we did was get blitzed and do awful paint jobs on expensive houses...on large ladders.... i agree that ladders and being really high don't go that well together but sitting on top of a 40ft ladder while painting a giant scorpion was definitely more fun high hahaha
  13. AHAHAHAHAHAH. That's so cute.
    My friend at school once called me a "high-head". I just kind of stopped what I was doing and looked at her weird.
  14. so idk about anyone else...but i cracked up when i read that ^

  15. ^^lol. I did, "too many marijuanas"

    This girl tried to tell me that weed is illegal because "it makes your brain shut down"
    Theres no arguing with her either...
  16. This is no laughing matter guys! I know a girl who injected like 4 marijuanas and then 10 years later she died of cancer!
  17. one time i smoked a whole branch from a marijuana tree. never again.
  18. He only smokes a tree a day?

    Fucking pussy.
  19. The worst part of marijuana trees is really the forest fires.
  20. Is a tree a metric term?
    Like how many pots in one tree?
    I usually smoke 2-3 pots a day, how many trees is that?

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