A What If: On The Nature of a Creator.

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  1. This is a what if scenario, assume a creator exists and based upon what you know, describe what you think a creator would be like. How did it come to be? What is its purpose? Why did it create the universe? Please, no listing of "facts" that you "know are true" about your current religious belief, that is not what this thread is about, in fact, throw out every holy book you have knowledge of before posting :) . The idea for this thread came from a hijacking session of another thread, quoted here for clarity. Feel free to ignore it if you have only a simple interest in posting your own "what if".
    [/quote]All science would do is explain how a creator did what it did and the processes by which the Universe works.
  2. You'll have to give me some time, I'm kinda wrapped up at work :(

    But I agree that science would show how The Creator accomplished this. Perhaps the Creation was nothing but a science in itself. Maybe the whole reason The Creation doesn't appeal to scientists is because they offer no scientific explaination on how He could have formed and from what scientific and observable process.
  3. i like the idea of some civilization that has sweet technology. they implant things into their brains making it possible to create a universe and create consciousness within an hour nap. we are of course that dream, to us the creators hour nap seems like billions of years, the creator could care less and probably forgets about it.
  4. I don't know about the universe, but I think there are rather high chances that humanity has been designed by an extraterrestrial species.

    Now I don't go around with cardboard signs saying 'THEY ARE COMING', because there simply is no convincing evidence to that end. I just think there is no way to tell if we've been designed, or if we're even living in a fabricated universe. We could be living in a matrix-like simulation running on some mega-scale systems, and all our data on carbon dating and astronomy being generated by some cheap algorithms.

    My only two points to support this theory are: we can't prove otherwise(due to the nature of the theory), and if I was a member of an advanced civilization with these technological capabilities, I personally would be interested in creating the scenario I've described, not to mention the tons of other people who might also want to - but I can't speak for them.

    So to your main question: a geek. only a geek living in an uber-advanced technological environment would be interested in creating a planet full of degenerate imbeciles. i mean, you could be talking to hot space chicks, having hot space sex or hanging out with some chill space buddies smoking interstellar blunts. you'd have to be a geek to sit around for billions of years watching chimps fucking each other
  5. To me the idea that we were created on a whim or a fancy doesn't make a whole lot of sence. Sure the idea is theoretical; we have all created things out of bordem before. However I believe that the creation of either a race of people (homo sapiens) or an entire Galaxy, takes an incredible amount of resources (and intent), even if you are an advanced civilization... Think of it as any extrmely complex structure; without intent you will be unable to complete your goal because the intent of resolving your bordem is easily achived by superficial means.

    To me the creation or modification of a race by an advance species shows intent. This intent (to me) is that the creator was deficiant in some way, and we were created to resolve that difficancy.

    This said deficiancy could lie in a number of areas, such as being interested in our planets resources, and the only way that they could extract it would be easier to modify an existing terestrial race with their DNA, or another possiblity is that they created us as resources (cattle) and they are harvesting us, by feeding on our emotions and psychic energy.
  6. To presume there could be a creator, means there has to be something outside the Universe. Which is a ridiculous leap of faith and only creates more impossible to answer questions than how the Big Bang started... like, Who created the Creator? What Universe does The Creator live in? What started his entire hypothetical Universe?

    All are questions that not only are impossible to answer, but more importantly are entirely illogical to even ponder. We know a lot about the Universe including these two simple facts...

    Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. And the Universe is constantly expanding at the speed of light. It is impossible to go faster than light, so it is impossible to escape this Universe. So, knowing that it is impossible to escape, destroy, or create the Universe (energy,) it stands to the upmost logic that this Universe is all there is in all of existence.

    Now for my leap of faith (which could very well be true,) I think God is the Superstring. He is simply experiencing the Universe (himself) as one entity. The Big Bang was cool for awhile, then he had to do something more complex, like from stars and galaxies. Eventually he bored of that and decided to play a game. He decided "live" inside himself and start the most seemingly impossible task anyone of his magnitude and knowledge could ever do, evolve from a single celled organism to finally create lifeforms with enough knowledge and mastery of the simple world they live in to realize that they must take charge and become the masters of the entire Universe.

    That, to me, is the goal of all life in the Universe. To eventually gain enough knowledge of the Universe in which it/we live in and eventually reverse engineer their/our own deaths, reverse engineer the Big Rip, and become the undeniable masters of the Universe which cannot be destroyed and live for all of eternity with all-knowledge and power possible.

    The best part about this philosophy is either way, science, knowledge, truth, and reason rule the Universe. Whether you believe it's God's will or just the will of the most intelligent species you've ever known, Man. We know this is what we must do...

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