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A weird drug test situation...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by spacesplz, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. I have been looking for work for a lon time, so i hadn't smoked for like 7 months until recently. I got a job, took the test, and didn't hear anything. I got the details on Wednesday for my first day, which is next Tuesday, and yesterday (Thursday) was my birthday. I celebrated with friends and smoked A LOT last night. Today, over THREE WEEKS after I took the test, I get a call saying my drug test was dilute and I have to retake it. I have no idea why it would be dilute the first time, but now I feel so devastated because I have to retake it on Monday morning!!

    TLDR: I didn't smoke for 7 months, then smoked a LOT in one day, and now I have abt 2.5 days to get ready for the test, 72 hours from when I smoked. Is there anything I can do?
  2. Exercise, Drink lots of water, consume a lot of vitamins. And when I mean exercise I mean a lot of running. Good luck for real
  3. Your best bet would be a urine substitute, be that artificial or subbed from a clean friend. Good luck.
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  4. You can't flush it from your system that fast. It is going to have to be a urine substitute. You can hide it behind your sack, or if you can wear long sleeves hide it in your sleeve with a tiny tube running under your watch band. Practice 9 or 10 times at home using whatever method you have chosen so you can "pee" when you get to the test center. Stay calm and cool, you will get the job.
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  5. Get the total eclipse rely detox from a gnc, cleaned out my boyfriend in 2 days! It’s worth a shot!

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  6. I use the pee of a friend of my wife. Gender does not matter. Cheap 8 oz. plastic bottle. Compression pants as underwear hold bottle securely on taint. (I can do jumping jacks with the pants I use) As mentioned by @fountaincityman , I practice everything ...locking the door behind me, making the pour, setting glass and bottle down where I will not dump it, taking a real piss, replacing plactic bottle, zipping up, picking up glass and exit. Make it clockwork. Done it 3 times...first time you will be a little nervous...but you will discover how easy it really is.

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