A week of fun and pot smoking...

Discussion in 'General' started by BlueFrost, Mar 8, 2004.

  1. My parents are leaving for SF tomorrow morning and I'm going to be the only one home for a week. I only have like a quarter, but I am going to buy more. They are leaving me with like $100 for food and stuff, so I should be covered. I'll make updates about my week as it progresses. What do you guys think I should do with my time alone? I know I am going to bake in every room of the house, chill in the basement watching family guy dvds and other various movies, and eat a shitload, but I have no ideas.
  2. Take the hundred dollars, survive off five bucks worth of Ramen Noodles and Kool-Aid, and spend the rest on cheeba. :)
  3. Hahaha good plan... I already have the ramen noodles and kool aid though... More weed for me!
  4. yeah, fuck spending that $100 on food! id spend about 80 on some quality bud, then spend the other 20 on as much of the cheapest hard a i could find.
    blaze on and enjoy your week man!
  5. get blazed and meet them up at six flags, and ride some coasters with them, wooO!

    im just assuming SF is stands for six flags... and if it does.. why are they going there? why not cedar point? is it the six flags that used to be geoga lake by sea world? that place blew...
  6. San Fransico ;) Yeah , you could definitely live a week off ramen noodles.. I'd save 20 till the end of the week, and then if I didn't need it by then, by some more bud.
  7. Buy a shit load of booze and throw a party.
  8. with only a hundred bucks and a whole house to himself for a week? fuck that for a party on my money. if people wanted to use my house for a party id be all "cool", but theres no way im gonna spend my $100 bucks on booze for other people man, for myself maybe, but i aint paying for your gtood time. BYOB

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