A week into my first grow

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Hamsandwich, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. So I'm a week into my first grow. Right now it looks as if everything is going okay. Ive started using MGrow a few days ago when it sprouted. Well here are some pics. Give me any suggestions you have.


    on the corner of one of the leaves i think its the seed falling off still?
  2. im pretty new at growing but what i have read is that you only use ferts a month after sprouting and you shouldnt use miracle grow
  3. If by miracle grow you meant miracle grow organic potting soil then that is fine.
    Don't use MG products except the organic potting soil for early stages of life.
  4. You Need More soil in that cup!
  5. i put more soil in it a second ago. There is about an inch of plant exposed now, ill get pics later tonight.
  6. Next time, fill the cup more before you plant!
  7. Hey Ham, make sure you let the soil dry a little before you water again. should be every 2-3 days. when you transplant make sure to add some perlite to whatever medium your using to help with aeration&drainage (MJ loves this)make sure you have holes in the bottom of that cup and if your using sunlight I would suggest wrapping it with tape or something or just sit that cup in a solid colored cup so the roots wont be exposed. good luck
  8. Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

    @ FlowerGirl - I do water every 3 days. Im going to transplant into this really cool statue, lol, you wont understand until i shoot some pics of it. I'll have to invest in some perlite when i get out again. And i do have holes in the bottom ofcourse :)

    In fact ill go shoot some pics now of where i might transfer.
  9. Well, i went out and took pics of what i might transfer my plant to. I think it would look kinda funny :). Tell me what you think.


    Ah, and also an update on Penelopie. I added more soil to the plant yesterday. Looks as if she is doing fine, but im still kinda curious about the seed not falling off yet. Well heres some pics.

  10. just brush the seed casing off with your finger.
  11. Hey Ham, The statue is a cool approach but you will likely have problems with it in the future. A good rule of thumb is 1 gallon of soil for every footof growth, meaning that a plant in a 1 gal pot will probably get not much bigger than 1 foot and so on. Heres what I do- I start from seed in cups much like yours except I use the solid colored cups so the sun doesn't get at the roots. 1-1/2 to 2 weeks in the cups I then transplant to 1 gallon pots. 3-1/2 to 4 weeks I transplant into the final 3 gallon pot where they are finished. Looking good so far but would you please cover the sides of those cups before the roots get there. Are you growing outdoors? DO NOT FEED PLANTS YET!!! trust me alot of new growers make that mistake and kill the little babies.What kind of soil are you using? Perlite is kinda cheap at wal mart for like $4 a bag. I personally would not grow in soil without it as it helps keeping your soil from staying too wet as well as letting oxygen to the roots. Have you transplanted before? If not try to get back to me before you transplant or better yet check out this link and watch all of the video clips (10 parts)as they will prove invaluable....http://www.youtube.com/watch?search=&mode=related&v=R2dilDL7S14 Anymore questions just ask or PM me.
  12. got any tips for ya boy???
  13. I also wanted to ask about the white discoloration in the leaves. Is it something im doing wrong? Yeah ill cover the sides, Im using mgrow soil at the moment.
  14. Anyone know anything about the white discoloration on my leaves?
  15. Is the residue still there? Looks like it could be residue from fertilizer. Spray it with a fine mist spraybottle and see if it comes off. It should'nt be a problem. Got any new pics?
  16. [​IMG]

    the residue is pretty much gone now. I think i should go buy something to transplant penelopie into today.
  17. Your leaves look normal, put a oscillating fan on the plant and make sure the light is close. The fan will make it grow thicker stems and less internodal spacing. The closer the light is the less the internodal spacing will be. All in all looks good, Don't put the mg fert until atleast 3 weeks or unless you feel it needs a tad. I sometimes give my plants a little at 2 weeks(once it is a seedling not counting germ time) just to help. However this is a fine line and can hurt them drastically.

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