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A weed cruise ship in international waters

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Batmanchu, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. This was a highdea that a friend and I had. Like, get a big ass cruise ship, and sail it out into international waters. Grow weed on it. While you couldn't get the weed OFF the ship, you could get people to sail out to your boat, and it'd be like a mobile sailing Amsterdam.

    Theoretically, since it is international waters, any government can't touch you. In theory, though.
  2. Since its in international waters couldn't all the governments touch you if they wanted?

    But here's the biggest problem: pirates.
  3. LMFAO ^^ yeah good thought but then again any gov(prob America) would just destroy you and no other country would do anything about it lol.
  4. Weed cruise? Better be a lot of food. Stuck on a boat full of weed with the could make a killing not only on the weed but the food to LOL
  5. Imagine if it caught fire......
  6. cruises are for old people.

    I mean your stuck on a ship, id rather go to Amsterdam and adventure the countryside or whatever. After a couple days id get sick of seeing the same shit......
    Cruises are expensive aswell, stoners would probably rather buy a shitload of weed and nice bongs rather then pay somebody to allow them to do the same.
  7. And then this happens...

    [ame=]Russian Jack Sparrow Hijacks Boat - YouTube[/ame]
  8. cruises are about the same price as amsterdam believe it or not
  9. Yeah man those fucking pirates.....
  10. how about a stoner cruise that takes you to amsterdam? now i would do that. but instead of pure stoner cruise i would rather it be like the holy ship. 1 giant party across the atlantic. except with a huge weed store / coffeeshop. would be cool
  11. lol @ international waters. You are actually subject to multiple countries laws while in "international waters".

    Also, someone said it before me, but pirates.
  12. didnt this happen with alcohol during prohibition? I remember watching something on the history channel about it, it work very well for awhile until others started doing it as well which will kill the market and more chance of getting caught, which they did end up doing but i forgot how they got them
  13. Nahh man I went on a 5 day cruise last summer and I ended up spending $700 total. No way in hell I could even get to Amsterdam with $700.
  14. International Waters dont work the way you think they do.
  15. some true Ocean Grown shit lol, but as others stated above, even International Waters have regulations.
  16. How about stoner space shuttles? I'd love to get baked and experience zero gravity while staring out into space.

  17. Actually, someone said everything in your post before you :D lol
  18. Benn seeing so much shit on here about cruises lately, makes me wish I could sail all over and shit :D
  19. #19 Dr. Sheldon Cooper, Mar 26, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 26, 2012
    I reread the thread a couple times... And still can't find who talked about the legality of international waters... Did someone edit their post?

    *edit* found what you were talkin about. I think what I said was a tad more specific though :p

    And fuck now I can't stop thinking about taking a cruise -.-
  20. You know what would be dope?if somebody owned a private island that would be void of any country's law and grow weed there,then the cruise would take you to that island to party and smoke

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