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Discussion in 'General' started by hanky, Jun 11, 2004.

  1. I don't have money to throw away or weed. I love smoking out of homemade bongs. I was wondering if the size makes any difference. I'm currently using the legendary "Ocean Spray" which is exactly that...its like a foot tall ocean spray bottle. Before that i had a gatorade bottle. It's not one of those gallon ones its the type they put in vending machines i think. I'm wondering if the bigger the more waste? Ocean spray fills up like crazy with smoke and when you clear it you probably get another like 5 hits. Gatorade is probably less but i dont remember. Will i end up saving more weed if i smoke the smaller gatorade bottle? Or would the ratio be the same between how much i smoke out of ocean spray and how much i smoke out of a gatorade bottle?
  2. to conserve weed you don't want to use a bong. use a pipe

    and if you could, please stop using the <<<>>> shit on the titles
  3. IM not asking about a pipe im asking about bongs. Yea ill stop using them...attention grabbers...n such
  4. I never really though about size....but I guess the smaller the bong the more smoke you can get out of your hit...I mean figure if you suck your lungs out on a huge bong you will get less smoke in your lungs as you are first filling the large bong up with smoke until it finaly starts getting in your lungs....

    But yeah if you want to conserve then use a pipe or build a gravity bong if your supply is tight

    PS those attention grabbers "<<>>" are annoying as hell
  5. the smaller the more its going to conserve because you wont need to take such big hits in order to get the smoke to your mouth/lungs. It's common sense really.

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