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  1. Hello all. You may have seen a few of my posts so far and know I am using miracle grow. I think I'm gonna keep the MG.

    My question is for around flowering time. Is there something I can do to make the soil more flower friendly.

    I know MG is great for veg.

    Thanks and sorry for posting a lot.

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  2. There's no two ways around it. Miracle grow is horrible. But, since your keeping it, you will have to use a high p fert at flowering. You will have pH problems, you will probably over water if it's water retaining, you can grow okay buds, but miracle grow is really that bad. Source a different soil or make your own. The latter the better option.

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  3. Bigger pot, more soil. MG gave me ph issues when I tried it, so I'd keep a meter on hand. There is a *lot* of different miracle gro soils so it might help to say exactly which one you are using.
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    first off is this a grow in store bought soil or your climate soil ?If you bought soil you need a TDS meter and PH kit or meter .You need some tds calibration solution and ph calibration solution .Can't get filtered water get that drinking water use less fertilizer if waters limited .Miracle grow is great just keep flushing and checking ph of feeding and flushes .I use miracle gro organic choice .Good stuff for vegging, try to get a calcium magniesum fertilizer like neptunes harvest (organic) ,or calmag (inorganic) .If you grow inorganic keep it that way .Do you got the dry fertilizer or liquid ?Get the one for roses dry fertilizer, during flowering or middle flower I would apply it fuck it

    take you some cuts when they get big month, before flower .And have you a second harvest if you want more and have more time grow

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