A way to explain free will and omniscience.

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  1. First off, we are God. Our spirit is God and this physical realm is also God, they are just different forms of God. (Just like water takes different forms, but it's always "water")

    God's free will and omniscience is like this; let's say in 10 days you decide you're going to have an omelet for breakfast. You "know" the future, but with our free will, we can change the future. So you "know" the future, but that future can also be changed. This is how God works, he knows the future, he knows what the consequences of each action will be, but he doesn't know which action he (us) is actually going to take until we've taken it. He knows and doesn't know at the same time. Just like often we "know" what we're going to do, but a lot of the time it doesn't end up like we thought.

    In the end, yes, free will is just an illusion. But in the end, the entire universe is nothing but an illusion either. So I'll say in closing, that free will is as real and as unreal as the universe we can see.

    I'm probably not making much sense but, that's alright.
  2. I been there ride it wile you can. Because you will soon forget what is true if indeed you have seen the truth.


    The truth is like all good things get it wile you can! It is available for a limited time only.
  3. The truth is always available to those who seek it with all their might :smoking:
  4. Yes but the information is not always what one whats to hear. Yet truth echos truth..
  5. It's amazing how easily we can fool ourselves isn't it?
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  7. ie. we don't know if and when we will change our mind about our intentions. ie. we don't know the future.

    and apparently "God" is everything, and therefore nothing special at all.

    Said a guy on the internet.

    Probably, but I doubt for any reasons you think.
  8. You think because God is everything that means he's "nothing special". Hmm, can't say I agree with that.

    I just try my best to tell it as I see it to be.
  9. ^^ My Bro Postal as we know God is just another trip of the magical human mind.

    I love it when I get that trip sometimes. Its a common occurrence in the human mind.

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  10. God is allegedly everything. It didn't need a magical explanation, but you decided to give it one anyway. :confused_2:

    ^ this guy makes a lot more sense than most others i hear from on this subject.
  11. I think it might be something about something else to do with the present because that's all that exists.
  12. Example; We don't know if a drunk driving will crash into us between those ten days. Therefore, we really don't know the future. We can assume a future, but we never legitimately know.

    The minute you say, "but he doesn't know" it completely negates omniscience.
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    What if omniscience has no bearing on time? Wouldn't that assume what we understand as free will? Meaning choice is actually possible.. and not determined by omnipotence but by ego.

    If this is true, it would mean even omniscience has no understanding of the future (since the present is the only real moment) and what actions will lead to certain outcomes. Entropy/disorder within the system.

    I mean really, if nature's dynamic system already knows its entire outcome, what's the point at all?
  14. So let's get this straight.

    (1) God = Human = Spirit = Universe.
    (2) God knows of the future, but it can be changed.
    (3) Even though he knows the future, he doesn't know the future.
    (4) He doesn't know the future, but he kinda sorta does.
    (5) Free will is an illusion.
    (6) The universe is an illusion.
    (7) The universe is real.

    This makes complete sense, I think I have no choice but to believe in God now.

  15. Nature/the universe is eternal therefore there is no "end result" to predict/know...it not like a movie with an ending.

  16. God works in mysterious ways, especially ones we can't falsify or validate, ACCEPT IT..or else!

  17. "What if omniscience has no bearing on time" care to elaborate on exactly what you're saying here?

    I'll explain 2-4 like I did in another post. "God" knows where all the paths will end up, but it's up to "us" to choose which one we want to take. When God's consciousness resides within time (when he is interacting with creation) he does not know "the future" (plus present/past). When his consciousness is outside of time, he knows all things as they currently are. This might be a little confusing but I'm sure there are a few people here who understand what I'm saying.

    as for 1, 5-7, yeah, you pretty much got it.
  18. found this about god today:

    Jesus of Borg

    see if you can open your mind a little
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    I guess what I mean is how much can be known about something that doesn't exist (when referring to the future)? Perhaps Omnipotence is evolution of space/matter (through natural forces of course), but has no idea where it's headed until it's happening presently.

    Idk though.. I'm not that familiar with omniscience or omnipotence. I'm just posing questions I guess. lol.
  20. He's God, he is omniscient, he knows the future even if he alters the present. I see no reason as to why that would not be true if he is omniscient, otherwise he is not and therefore not God.

    "God works in mysterious ways, especially ones we can't falsify or validate, ACCEPT IT..or else! \t"

    Sorry man, if you're gonna make a claim/assertion it requires supporting evidence.

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