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  1. Mk, so here is the deal. 6 Mandala Sadhu growing all organic in 5 gal. soil, perilite, coco, vermiculite, etc (my own mix) and given teas regularly. 5 different phenotypes and still trying to figure out which I plan on keeping. The 6 flowered for a smidgen over 9 weeks (66 days). Mandala says flowering is around 65 days. The problem is the chop couldn't wait any longer AND the Trics were not all milky. The more Sativa leaning phenos where not quite there while the Indica leaning Trics were mostly milky. I know that clear = not full THC potential.... Milky = tons of THC goodness & zippy/giggly high...... Amber = THC degradation & couchlocked mofo

    Question: Will the more Sativa leaning bud still be "decent" to "good" or was it a waste of time?

    The only down side was I couldn't let them run a few more weeks. The Sativa leaning one could of went another week to two weeks. Thank you all for your help & constructive comments :)

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  3. Probably will still get you rolling stoned. But I guess I don't really understand why a question like this to us -- aren't you the very best person to answer the question? And is there any alternative? You said you had to chop, so chop and then tell us of your experience.

    You say these plants flowered for about 9 weeks -- are you counting from start of flowers showing or start of 12/12?
  4. Thx for the reply Toastybiz. I was seeing if anyone may of been in my situation before "optimal" and their end results. Results are a bit subjective due to grower exp, methods, etc. The 9 weeks was flowering time from flowers showing & are all guaranteed lady clones from my past plants. I vegged the hell out of those plants before I sent them into 12/12. They were all at least 2-2.5ft. tall but LST'ed. There was no alternative for me due to school stuff. I will post my results at the end of ~2 months.

    I understand why you say I'm the best person to answer the question... I was just not wanting to cure the stuff for almost 2 months and have crap results. For me, I don't sample until the end of the 2 month cure. Again, thank you Toastybiz for the reply.
  5. You are extremely patient. Best of luck, let us know how it turns out.
  6. Well the next response to this thread will be in about ~2 months with my findings :)

    Usually when I am trimming, I'll cut off a few crystalized leaves residing near the bud to see if I can get a mini-thc buzz by leaving them in my mouth. I didn't get it I like usually do or like off my friends Green Crack plants. Since I don't smoke that often, maybe 12-16 of times a year, I try to use leaf snips as a preliminary gauge. Smoking in ~2 months will be my final test :p Laters
  7. Well, it hasn't been 2 months. I fear the end product may be harsh due to not having the time to flush. I tried a small popcorn and it tasted very unsmooth , still very chlorophyll-ish (a bad version of mint). I'll give a mini update in a few weeks.

    Q: Even with a 2 month cure it will still be slightly harsh b/c of not getting to flush, correct? I assume so since left over nutes would be trapped in the bud. I'll check back in with a final answer mid March. Later gators.
  8. IMO its 10x more likely harsh because it has not cured than the lack of flush. who nutrient things were you using ?
  9. I agree with you Mr. Bubbles on the cure, it still has a long way to go. I was using my own tea's & custom soil/soil-less potting mixture. As I explained above, I had to unexpectedly chop ~2 weeks early & didn't get to flush. The last thing I gave them was a flowering tea I made up. The normal bad minty chlorophyll taste (which will subside with the 2 month cure) is not what I am worried about.
  10. Please explain how you would get any sort of high from this since THC is not water soluble.
  11. your saliva is H2O? man, youre weird

    the rest of us have digestive enzymes that would probably help get at that THC...youve never sucked on a stem of some dank bud or anything?
  12. I've never got high sucking on any part of a pot plant, but then again you don't smoke as much as I do, so you may get a little buzz, but my guess is its all mental. All I'm saying is that I wouldn't use this technique to judge your bud.
  13. The high you get from smoking weed is a direct result of the combustion that takes place during the smoking process. As the THC is heated, the compounds that exist are transformed into roughly 3 times as many compounds resulting in the combination of psycho-active goodies that affect the receptors in your brain. Without some degree of combustion (at least 380º fahrenheit) the THC is not fully realized as Psycho-Active.

    Eating pot brownies, butter etc. is another story. Because there is some degree of heat applied during the cooking process, the THC is able to release its' goodies allowing you to get baked.

    I'm not saying you can't get anything out of eating straight/fresh pot, but you're certainly NOT getting stoned. QFT.

  14. lmao, pushin your chest out there bra? them's fightin words
  15. Woops I must have been thinking of a different thread. I thought he said he only smoked a couple times a month. Boy is my face red... still i bet I smoke more :p
  16. don't worry it will still work fine. My first and only grow to date was harvested after only about 30 days in flower. lol. I don't even consider a true grow because I had so many things against me I couldn't even do it right. Anyway, a male popped nearby while I was away for a long period of time, so it was loaded with seeds even. But it smoked good. Got me and my friends really really high. It'll be cerebral, that's for sure. As for the possible harshness, I wouldn't worry too much. If you find it is too harsh after curing, look into water curing. It'll get the harshness out and even though it is best with fresh bud, it will work with already cured bud.
  17. As I said before, I was just "testing" to see if I could get a mini-THC buzz off a small piece, the whole goal was not to get high. Since I don't smoke often, I would say I am fairly sensitive to any amount of THC. I'll not try to explain it more than that, its just a quirky thing I do when trimming :p "THC is not water soluble," yes I do know THC is hydrophobic hence the use of a fatty fat fat for it to bind to :) No worries, I'm sure if I read what you read I would of asked the same thing to me. Laters
  18. Thx for the reply... I was totally thinking about water curing last night. I read up on that a long time ago, but I'll just see how it turns out after the cure. I'll do the water curing as a last resort. Dude sorry to hear about the bad luck you had on your first grow. Mine went for the full period & should be good... just felt it needed another 2 weeks tho. All I know is my next batch will be much better than my first or second. Also, I will have some Blue Cheese and Double Strawberry Diesel poppin here soon :) Good luck on your second go around 13ronin, I'll be rooting for ya:hello:


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