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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by storm38, Apr 29, 2002.

  1. for those of us new to the art of growing be advised that complete darkness is essential , when flowering, i have had 2 crops turn on me due to poor darkness conditions, it is a terrible thing to watch a plant grow grow grow then mutate.... please heed this warning complete darkness is absolutely imperative!!! thanks
  2. 100% "uninterupted" complete darkness....

  3. Thanks-I am having the beginnings of this problem, will do what I can to correct it
  4. i had to harvest what i could then make oil with the rest i lost 2 huge plants this way... hope it is not the same problem..... snowing again here....... bbbrrrrrrr only in canada eh?
  5. Im getting confused with the light/dark thing with growin. I'm vvvvv new at this and only realised i wanted to grow my own about a week ago. cld sum1 explain plz??? ta xxx
  6. this info i am about to relay is from a rookie but it is what i have been told......when vegging your plants u can go 24/0 20/4 or 18/6 these are your lights on/lights off times, during flowering times should be 12/12 during the dark time it must be uninterrupted and completely dark, as i have learned the hard way this is imperative!!!!! good luck
  7. When you say complete darkness... do you mean from sunlight and all other forms of usable light... OR.... ALL types of light??? I mean I am going to start growing in my room soon and I am positive I can keep out all sun and I will keep off my lights but... what about my regular lights? Like my desk light I use to read, my tv, my lamp... etc... Thanks.
  8. what dont u understand about "You are 100% correct. I always point growers to the importance of the dark period being really pitch dark" and "100% "uninterupted" complete darkness"??
  9. 100% darkness means dark as in outside at night. Star light is Ok and Moon light is Ok but all other light sources need to be eliminated. You are attempiting to duplicate nature here.

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