A Waltz in the Grass: Grasscity Artshow 1.

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  1. Introducing official works submitted by Gc's own artists.

    A Waltz in the Grass.


    This is a picture of a man
    This is another picture
    This is not a picture of a man
    This is a picture of a D'man
    This is a picture of a shark man


    Panic Attack
    Hopeless, trapt, crying on the floor
    Tell me who the fuck I am
    I can't breathe anymore
    You feel your heart quake
    every pulse, every vibration

    Torturing you until you break
    I control your life
    I won't kill you
    I'll only scare you

    Try to break the chains
    I dare you

    Im shaking
    Feelings of death
    Everyone's staring at you
    And then,

    The fear of fear
    It becomes a constant fight
    A vicious cycle
    Only you can cure it
    Or choose to endure it



    -Psychedelic Goo



    First one is Psychedelic 11 and other is Shroom People.

    - kanibal_rabbit

    gold, silver, and bronze metallic enamels over oils.

    22"x30" canvas.

    I deeply apologize for not being able to put them up.

    I honestly got really lazy. :/ I don't think I'll be hosting more, I'm more of an idea man.
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    long awaited but it looks awesome!
  3. Yeeaaaahhh, that's what I'm talkin bout:smoke:

    Good job everyone!
  4. How do you submit work? I've got a fat sketchbook full of stuff plus an entire portfolio

  5. Well I think once we figure out who will be doing the next one, you will be able to submit to them.

    But if you have a lot that you would like to share feel free to make a thread and post it up! I'm sure a lot of people here would be down for some of that goodness you have in your book :)
  6. I'll do the next one art show. But I procrastinate and am busy on weekdays.

    Psychedelic Goo I like your art its fucking awesome.
  7. ^^ this
  8. Basically, we need to find a new poster, then just pm it to them, with a picture of it.

    I was attempting some Photoshop laying-out, and designing a common background for it.
    ( I failed.) lol.
  9. Like I said I'll do it. PM any submissions to me I will make another thread for this. But lets get back on topic and talk about these wonderful artists eh?

    You know what would be cool? If the artists talked about the process of making their pieces.

  10. That would be sweet, but we should wait a little before we do the next one.

    But I would be more than happy to talk about my work :)

    This was one of my first nights of experimenting with long exposures with my camera. I shoot in RAW so that I can tweak the brightness, exposure, clarity just the basic stuff. I don't like to do too much editing to my pictures because I'm not that great at it yet.

    I bought a Neutral Density filter to try and do some day time long exposures. But the weather hasn't been permitting me to accomplish.
  11. very groovy stuff indeed. kinda wish my pics came out clearer but oh well all I have is my cell phone camera fml.

    and to talk about my art a little..

    well I drew Psychedelic 11 after about a 3 year absence of drawing. 9/11 was a BIG deal for me even though I live in the literal middle of Canada. It truly is a post 9/11 world we live in now.

    and for Shroom People. Well weed and shrooms go hand in hand. The first time I ever did zoomers I was in my friends parents basement and he had this amazing psychedelic shroom piece his dad drew. I stared at it for a long time and knew I had to make my own Shroom pic to commemorate the occasion.

    And now something I did while drawing both pictures:

    vape, vape, vape, music, music, music.

    Not one single stroke of the pen was sober :)
    I definately hope we do more Grassshows. More Psychedelics to come...
    If any q's on my pics, Ill be happy to answer.
  12. I love that new users are just throwing their art out there. It is impressive also props to kanibal_rabbit oils are hard to work with in my opinion. Also what are enamels?
  13. its testors paint usually used on scale models.:smoke:
    Testors Enamel 1/4oz Bottle Aluminum, Testors Models
  14. So. You guys, I'm back and would like to continue this.

    All artists please submit me with your submissions
  15. Hey lets team up I'm working on the next art show right now I got 4 submissions so far
  16. I would love to. What do you have planned?

  17. I set up another sign up thread it was meant to happen on 420 but I wanted like 8 entrants. So I delayed it.
  18. If yall interested in getting a little exposure for a sketch or 2 check out my thread in sig!

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