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  1. i feel like the way i think i am acting.
    and the the way i feel.

    doesnt match up with what others pick up.
    i feel good and happy and loving..

    and have been experriencing alot of judgment, or arrogance...

    maybe im off somewhere

    but ive almost given up being angry

    i just dont know what to do.
    i almost dont feel bad anymore.

    its like people arent really hearing and seeing me for who i am

    and maybe the other way around.


    is anybody out there?
  2. I feel you brother. I am always just stereotyped as a "big dumb jock". Most people don't know that I have an IQ over 150 and am much more proud of that than the fact that I was a two time all-american. It's sad how people judge you and make assumptions about you without ever taking the effort to even share a conversation with you. My two cents.
  3. idk what people think about me or what i put off...

    but i get a vibe from a certain type of person like they are so much cooler or some shit...

    and Im in AA
    and like i get it people character defects are self defense, and they got there own shit and idk blah blah...

    i just feel like im missing somthing...

    its getting easier and easier to avoid getting mad or my pannies in a bunch..

    i just wonder when i get to break threw
  4. Alot of people have gone through that

    the majority of people today seem like droids. Waking up. Doing the same routine everyday. While our government is just 'brilliantly' manipulating the world and it's our citizens.

    This world is chaos

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRB4dVk4kK0&feature=player_embedded]‪Joe Rogan: The American War Machine‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
  5. now i know what it feels like when i post an unrelated video in someones thread:cool:
  6. i can relate OP..

    idk how to explain it, but i know that feeling exactly..
    eventually overcame it, well, for the most part
  7. [​IMG]

    I don't really know what to say. I want to tell you to smoke a bowl, but if I remember right you're not smoking at the moment. Just ignore other people and be yourself. No one can accurately judge you for you and the only one who can change you is you. You've just got to buckle down and make that change. :confused_2:
  8. lotsa people got an ego bro... dont feel bad cuz your feelin good about life... just live it and be grateful that you got a shot ;)
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    How is that video not related? :p It just show's this world as one big wall. Nobody ever has anything interesting to say. Everyone is just a controlled robot.

    It's like nobody in this world truly understands what your feeling, or maybe you don't know what everybody else is feeling, are they feeling anything?

    Is there anybody out there? Is there anybody in there?
  10. Im gonna miss you Buzzwell
  11. seriously why was he banned?
  12. what ive felt, what ive known
    has never shined though what ive shown

    trust forever in who you are
    and nothin else matters

    metallicas like the bible, you can just quote it for anything

    whoa when and why did he get banned?
  13. i didnt get banned what are you talkin about?
  14. Just be you bro

    Some people are always gonna judge you

    You can either fight it or say fuck it...

    I figure it's not worth my time to worry about some shit someone says when they don't know me or what I've been thru

    To me you just come off as a funny dude who gets bored and is gettin shit together... idk what other people need to hate for...

    Just my 2 cents
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    It said you were banned under your name and there was a period where you didn't post. :confused_2:
  16. I'm...


  17. who's in your avatar

    i've always wondered
  18. Most people don't know I'm always happy and full of joy.

    People always ask me why I'm sad since I'm not smiling. I never liked smiling, even when I was happy, it just felt awkward. But yeah, I can relate to people not really picking up on the real you. I dunno whose fault it is tho.

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