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A walk to the Garbage.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by AnimalCollectEV, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. So about 10 minutes ago I smoked up..I don't know how many times I've smoked today but I'd say at least I put on my ipod put on my pants and shoes and grabbed the trash and went to take it out..its lovely out here as a thunder storm is just rolling in so naturally i had to be stoned to take out the trash but not just any stoned..I'm at an 11/10 right now. So as I'm walking I see this guy in an electric scooter doing something...I don't know what hes doing but I had my music very loud..But I hear a shout I think " Fuck you pothead " but I don't know and kept walking..then I went the opposite route to back to my apartment complex ( its a big apartment complex ) and my other neighbor is outside but she doesnt say anything to me. I'm in the house now I'm kind of worried. Am I tripping? I don't know..when I came back I didn't see a guy on an electric scooter.
  2. sounds like some fucked up shit. i would be careful man
  3. If he comes back, shoot first and ask questions later. Trust me on this, I wouldn't steer you wrong.
  4. Well what should I do?
  5. Yo man, haven't you heard, iPods are dangerous!

    Haha, jk. But if some kid riding a moped gives you shit again, push his ass off, stomp him out, and steal the bitch.
  6. it was an old man he was like 50 at least lol

  7. QFT.

    And what is there to be worried about? Angry people...or something?

    This thread is sketchy.
  8. lmao how is it sketchy I just don't know if I should be worried it was a weird situation I've never gotten caught but I smoke heavily idk
  9. Why would you get caught?
    Who would catch you?
    Catch you doing what? taking the trash out?

    Seems to me like the paranoia of your intense high is getting the better of you.
  10. Well the guy cursed at me haha idunno it freaked me out
  11. How old are you and how tall are you
  12. Smash the next fucker who chirps you broski.
  13. If you were even at a 11/10 high, which is pretty damn hard to achieve haha, I dont think you could even get up and take the trash out.
    And this doesnt make sense to me?? If your scared then stay inside, if your a man and you see him again go see whats up.
  14. Could I get evicted from my apartment?

  15. Is this guy for real? or is this a troll thread
  16. haha this guys sketchy, its all good man, nobody knows you're high.

    But I hate when ppl dont mind their own business...pisses me riiiiight off lol.
  17. Aren't japanese marijuana laws pretty intense?
  18. Jail time for first offence, I think
  19. Glad you put in that you're an 11/10 stoned. you're just at that stage where you think everyone knows you're high and is looking at you.

    You'll be fineee.

    Edit: Oh shit I didn't see your location, laws there aren't really in your favor marijuana wise at all, just be careful toking!

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