a vow of silence

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by comeoriginal740, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. tonight iv have decided that i am going to take a vow of silence. I am doing this so i can look at the world from another perspective, i am always frustrated when talking to people, so i have been thinking that it will help me control my anger and help me focus more and realign myself. i just felt i needed to tell someone.
  2. you're hardly being silent there buddy

    you lose already lol
  3. How's a vow of silence gonna help with anger management?

    A vow of loudness sounds like it would do the trick though.
  4. you can physically hear what you have read? teach me.
  5. I am looking for open minds and support and some constructive criticism if any, not ignorance.
  6. try a monestary.

    bring a pencil and paper, you'll likely need it
  7. Thank you for your insight, would a buddhist temple be considerd a form of monestary?
  8. i thought they were allowed to speak?

    ummm monestaries are mainly for the God-types.

    either way man, really.... good luck with this shit. it's not easy cuz no one does it. i doubt anyone "should" do it, but that's my opinion and you obviously have your own. more power to you.

    oh p.s. -- i dont think the christian monestaries are too kind with the weed smoking... i believe it's forbidden or something >.>

    might wanna ask. err... write it down :p
  9. So battles the man who types yet has a vow of silence versus the man who creepily hits on the females on GC.........

    -insert dramatic music-
  10. Made me laugh my ass off..

  11. I've always thought it would be interesting for people living together to take a vow of silence when inside the house.

    I think if people stop feeling like they always have to be saying something, they can start really communicating.
  12. reggin, are you stalking me??

    following me to other threads now?? you sir, are creeping me out.

    uncool man.
  13. Almost a day and i still havent spoken.i feel more in touch with the world already.everyones been tryin to break me tho.
  14. haha As long as you have your own personal outlet, trying not to speak will prove valuable indeed. :)

  15. haha Reggins posts are always hilarious, even sober :D
  16. What do you do for a living that allows you to take a vow of silence and still function normally?
  17. dude just stay strong, dont let what other ppl say or do effect your spiritual choices.

    i dont know you at all but im proud of you for doing something like this... it takes a lot of balls, a lot of planning and determination beyond belief. you can do this man.

    just stay strong.
  18. well cosmic im unemployed and starting college in the fall. and functioning normally, its hard ive now officially walked a day in the shoes mute and its challenging.
  19. i will man, i almost messed up, im tired and my moms boyfriend caut me off gaurd when leaving and i barely stopped myself from talking back.
  20. oh noes! god forbid you be civil.

    good luck when misfortune strikes and you need the assistance of others.

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