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  1. So, in the past few months i have collected over 40 bagseeds, it pretty high grade stuff and that is from about 15different bags. i plan on collecting more over winter but anyways.

    i want to go out into the woods outside town and plant them all at like 5 different spots and guerrilla grow. i would only germinate them, then plant them in good soil, and check up only on every2 weeks or during a drought +water them. I would not really expect any nice weed really, just some average, but i would go out when the time is right and chop the males. so it would be seedless. i live in southern-central Illinois, and i was wondering if anyone has done this before, and if so, when would be a good time to plant to get the earliest harvest possible, it gets dry at the end of summer. and if anyone has any helpful hints for my terrain i would appreciate them. how much could i expect to A. Sprout, B. be Female/Male C. how much on average would i harvest dried from the approximated number of females.

    Thanks a bunch guys. its kinda just an "on the side" deal for me and some buddys when things get dry and lonely.
  2. Well, you see, those things all kinda depend.
  3. i too live in s. ill...i grow bagseed outside in back yard containers, 1st timer...you will be able to tell sex by the 2nd week in aug...i harvested 2 plants 10 days ago and still have one that still has two weeks left, plus several clones i took when i sexed my plants...so that stuff is seed related, however the photoperiod for us triggers flowering in early aug...nothin you can do about that:)...with this years brutal aug weather i was watering every other day so keep that in mind...one more thing...the seedless bud you will harvest will be far superior to most bag weed that is around here...no comparison:cool:...good luck and cheers:p.
  4. I am around latitude 38 and I always plant along a tree line with full exposure to the sun in the southern skies. The sun arcs east to west but my plot always gets southern exposure. The plants are hard to detect along the tree line, yet the trees don't shade them. The weed always grows large and potent with lots of trichomes;)
  5. i grew bagseed this year aswell and it was so much better than the stuff i got them from. but you could prolly start indoor feb or march. mostly march april outside. and they say its about 50/50 of the male female thing. so you wana start a gang of em if you want to do a guerrilla grow. also i pulled a female, i weighed her wet and she was about an oz. when she dried she was about 5 G's.i hope this helps you and goodluck,lol
  6. you should keep collecting seeds till you have thousands, then rent an airplane and cover your whole state with weed. :D.

    thats my vision...
  7. :D:smoking::D

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