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  1. Okay. Disclaimer: Im so high rite now. I know this post may be a tad long but please read at east some of it, like the first paragraph or so, then comment on that. Thanks-

    Heres an interesting thought about the role and effects of drugs, both internal and external, on your life.
    I believe that any time an emotion enters your head, so with it does the proper drug.
    Lets say, for instance, that you get into a fight. Your body relases the drug Adrenalyn into your brain. You get slightly dazed ,you dont feel pain, you have quick, nervous, jerky actions. Adrenelen is indeed a dru. One that your body releases into your brain to calm you down, as even though it makes you quick and nervous, it is also a weak depressant.
    And when you are grieving over someone who died, a strong depressant is released into your brain in short bursts. Think about it: uncontrollable outbreaks of crying, stammering speach, quick/slow movements, etc. It is definately also a drug.
    and look at when someone tell you something your brain wouldnt throw in the "I Like" pile, and by that i mean, someone gives you bad news! you immediately get moody, angry, physical, fst, violent, easy to anger, etc. This is also still a dru g.
    And look at when something happens that your brain throws in the "I Like pile", and by that i mean someone gives you good news, you get very happy, giggly, exited, etc. Doesnt that sound alot like osme drugs you know? Because it is.
    Now lets look at some external drugs.
    First up: sugar. We eat it in our coffees, our danishes, our candies, our pixy stix, our energy drinks, etc.
    Sugar makes us veryy happy but very easily "hurt" and emotional, you have mood swings and get angry, you cant talk that coherently, you cant listen to reason, etc. And afterwards you experience a large "crash". That is definately a drug.
    Now lets look at caffein, which many people currently get in their coffee, their chocolate, their hot cocoa, their teas, even their vitamins!
    Caffein makes you very hyper, slightly dazed, illogical sometimes, and you experience a crash afterward. This is a drug.
    Next up is marijuana. We eat it in our weed, our hash, out hash brownies, our marijuana, etc. This is indeed a drug. Despite the fact that some people might say its not a drug because it is natural, IT IS A DRUG. So far in this post we have always been viewing a drug as any chemical that has behavior altering effects on your body. If we look at it like this, than the major chemical in weed, THC, is definately a drug because of the narcotic effects that it has on the brain.
    Weed causes large amounts of happiness followed by uncontrollable dancing and a dash of the giggles. It also, in my experience, causes generousness and good sportsmanship. Nobodys trying to cheat when their high, just enjoy life. This is indeed a drug, and in my opinion, a very nice one.
    Next lets look at Alcohol, which is one of the most behavior altering substances known to man in large doses, but still remains legal to this day. It causes stammered speech, offers to marry your aquaintances, getting into fights, becomeing belligerent, and being very very phazed. It is a very power ful drug which causes MILLIONS of deaths per year, much worse than the holocaust, yet IT remains legal because of all the money people are making off it and because of the millions who are addicted to it and would try and make bathtub whiskey and die.

    I feel this post is kind of going on and on so ill leave you with this final note. I think that all of our emotions once felt like marijuana or alcohol in that they had much more of an effect on Us. thats why when we were babies we would cry with little provocation and become happy with nothing that funny. But after years of daily use, we built up quite a tolerance to the drugs our brain uses on us, and that is the reason we get more intelligent and stable when we are older.
    And also there is this thought: If everything is a drug, what isnt a drug? The reason MJ has such a profound effect on us is becase we dont smoke it every day as a baby. I bet if we did we wouldnt even get high off it. So if your going to be all anti-marijuana, you better be anti- sugar caffeine and alcohol too, cause other wise your Pro: dumbass.

  2. right on, right on
  3. wize thinking man, and yes, basicly all we think and do is chemical, and as a post note, You still play sc?
  4. Even love is caused by drugs!

  5. hahaha this is my favorite part.

    and overall, totally agree with ya on the fact that there are so many 'mind altering' drugs out there that people use daily, without even realizing it. i mean my parents are quite addicted to caffeine. they must have their two cups of coffee everyday, or else they can't focus, and get a headache. that is worse than if i don't smoke weed one day.

    haha seriously, people categorize shit according to the governments sectioning of what's legal and what's not. they seriously think one thing is a-okay just because it's legal? hah, marijuana is actually better for you than any otc drug. it's absurd.
  6. OH and I read it all and it made me extra happy! :smoking:

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