A video all of humankind should watch

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    This video is real. In a world where nothing seems legit anymore, it's amazing to find a voice in the darkness that speaks to the soul. You should watch this video because it will be good for you, even if it's bitter or you disagree or feel challenged by its words, then it is for you.

  2. bosss
  3. i thought this was 2 girls 1 cup
  4. Yeah it's not. It's one of those videos that can change you if you let it, cuz it just too human. Imo, it transcends race and culture to reach you in the gut, heart, mind, soul. It's sad they assassinated him. Many think if he'd lived, he would have won the presidency of the U.S. and saved 55,000+ lives in Korea.
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    Wow forgot all about this post :/

    Great stuff.

    Too bad he was assassinated.
  6. Apparently mobile users arent considered human. But RIP the last real president of the us.

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