A very very weird story. (Abit of advice needed aswell)

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  1. Okay so me and my friend was blazing a spliff in my back garden, It was actually my last one before i started myself to quit. Anyway last night we was sitting down and after the spliff something very unusual happened, i went inside after the spliff to get us two a drink and my friend stayed outside. I came back out to see my friend head in his hands facing down. He was repeatdly shouting/screaming and vomiting on the floor. Then earlier today i asked him what the f*ck happened. he described it to me saying that when he looked on the floor he would see hell and when he looked up he would see heaven, he said that he kept repeatedly falling in and out of hell and heaven.

    The thing is im pretty worried about him as he is my friend in all, Should i report this to his wife at all, he still insist of carry on blazing but would that be wise of him?
  2. Damn, is on he on anything else, anti depressants?
  3. since it didnt happen to you it probably wasnt laced. but that sounds crazy! could be some medication he is on or something like that.
  4. bro if that woulda happened to me id have been layin on my back enjoying the hell out of it. idk man he might have been on some other shit, or he had a flashback. you never know, but id notify his wife lol
  5. you should stay out of it. my philosophy is if it's not me then I don't give a fuck.
  6. One of the worst ones I've heard at that.
  7. He used to do pills for raves like lovehearts and that, but he wasn't on anything im 100% sure.
  8. You may feel different but the way i was raised in my traditional Irish family is to keep my business to myself and to not stick my nose in other's business.

    The world would be a better place if people weren't so nosey
    in this particular situation I would be like the OP and have a tough time deciding what to do the welfare of my friend is very important but I would spend time with him sober
  9. Sounds like salvia.
  10. It was a spliff with 0.5g of Cheese and 0.4g of Wonderhaze with B&H cigarette put in.
  11. and 1 g of angel's dust?
  12. it's not being nosy if they ask for advice...

    what i would do is talk to him about it, tell his wife (if she's cool with you guys smoking) ask if he's on any other medications, maybe quit for a while. Some people can't handle bud as well as others. Maybe this is not the case, i dont know your friend but he might want to not smoke for a while or not smoke WHILE he's on other medications (if he's on them.)

    I wish you and your friend good luck.
    Peace and Pot:wave:
  13. It might be caused from medication or an underlying disease he might have had.

    Tobacco is fine but for a spliff I think more than 15-20% is way too much.

    Next time I would save a ciggy for after.
  14. That's what I was thinking. I hate that shit.
  15. I only put a like 1 cm of it in, i always put it at the end to spark it.
  16. I don't care about how you were raised or your heritage either. If my friends getting fucked up like that I'm going to be concerned for his well-being.
  17. WHY would you even think of telling someone else?????
    I'm really shocked and all to hear you say that, but SERIOUSLY, I'VE had an encounter with God himself, and your friend sounds like on of those people who are supposed to be here.

    Ask him what he saw, visually, and please, make an art piece of it all, cause he just unlocked something so unreal, it can help this world if that info was to be spread.
    The Jews have some cannabis connection where they speak with
    God in their consumptions, so don't for one second act like he's crazy, or your going crazy, or that cannabis is what this world tries to portray, cause we are all supposed to have a connection with our God, and as inevitable as it sounds, your friend had a really cool connection with BOTH worlds.

    Don't JUDGE what you don't KNOW. People say "Don't believe in God, 'cause he didn't bite ME on the ass, so he's NOT there." Your friend say Heaven and Hell. Don't treat him like and aliens just cause they opened his third eye.
  18. ...:mad:
    You were there.
    You bought the "angel dust."
    YOU put it in the spliff.
    YOU smoked WITH them.
    That makes PERFECT sense.

    Keep throwing in your 2 cents.
  19. your throwing 2 cents in too

    and yeah your friend is crazy, just because he imagined something incredible happened doesnt mean it has any meaning

    idk why people always connect shit like that
  20. I'll go ahead and throw in a whole dollar.

    There's only about a 0.1% chance that God exists. And even if he did he's a prick. Feel free to get much more butthurt than you already are.

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