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A very shitty nightk

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KushBomb, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Alright so I'll begin this story of last night a very shitty night.

    It was Friday and I was at the Y ballin and I started to play against these people they were probaly about 19 or 20 I'm 22 and they smelled of bud and I could tell they were high. So one dude Jimmy was like yeah I grow and smoke a bunch he said he had a few oz of OG kush and what not so were talking and balling and then he ask me if I want to chill and smoke tonight so I was like sure since they seemed pretty chill. So then it's like 9:00 and they pick me up don't have my car since my gf has it pretty much all the time. And were talking in the car and he's telling how he did acid, shrooms and coke and shit. Sounded pretty legit. I mean why would he lie ha and then we go pick some other dude up he is Craig them we go to his house I thought about to be a pretty chill night then he starts talking about him and his friend zach also in the car smoked a pound of OG so at that moment I'm like yeah I believe you but it's w/e then jimmy how much money we had so we can go pick up some more Weed so i didn't want any I have a quarter of some good dank. So we go meet him in some parking lot and I don't get out and Craig and jimmy get out they come back in so Craig bought a gram of OG so that's what he thought so I see his bag it was seedy and full of stem I was like are you kidding me t was deff some low grade mids and barley a gram he paid 20$ by the way. Then we go to his house I'm like ok this dude has oz and what not so we go inside and to make it worst he still lives with his parents.. I'm like what the fuck is going on. He's then is like look at this OG and it was about 2 grams of shitty mids. He then asked how much will I pay go
    And I have 15$ on me and he wanted all of it I was like no way in hell. So we start smoking and we smoked about 2 bowls for 4 people and 2 d them Jimmy and Zach start freaking out. His parents both at us that it reeks of pot and so we go outside they start walking and stop in the middle of a road with a bowl an start smoking again. So now there just going crazy and I have the littlest buzz I'm like ... Then we go back home and they start eaton everything. At this point we smoked about 5 bowls between 4 people pure mids. Now were just on the couch and there big ass 180 poundish dog starts biting me and shit and trying to hump me and shot and it was probably about 5 seconds I had like a panic attack it was somewhat scary and I just started punching that mothefucker so hard. They them bitch at me and shit and so on. Then I just start chilling with Craig he is really cool he's 19 and we jus started about real shit while the other people are just freaking out. An then I just called a good friend and he took me home it was just complete shit. Anyways I'm about to smoke that Craig dude up for free I'll smoke like and 8th with him he gets so ripped it was just bad. Anyway long story i know but
    happy smoking
  2. Man these guys sound like some amateurs
  3. Mistake 1-toking at someones parents house when they are home. Mistake 2-smoking mids
  4. Why would you punch a dog dick
  5. [quote name='"BudNdBitches420"']Why would you punch a dog dick[/quote]

    ^I'm with this dude, you shoulda cut that Fuckers head off
  6. ... You punched a dog? God, 17 year olds.
  7. LOL Well honestly... If a dog kept biting me and wouldn't stop. That dog would have gotten punched by me especially if he was huge. It's self defense dude dogs can rip you up.

  8. A 180 pound German shepard is biting the shit out of you It was literally attacking me not anything playful also I'm 22 years old not 17
    I know those kids were amateurs but they sounded like they knew their shit. When I met them
  9. also I made this thread to tell you guys about last night and had noting better to do so no hate
  10. That's when you ask the owner to take the dog outside.. you don't punch it lol.

  11. My bad for making it sound bad I'll rephrase it the other people were laughing there asses off because they thought it was funny t was attacking me I'm mr sure I'd they knew it was actually fucking me up anyways yeah I'm over with those people. But I was actually chilling with Craig today ha I showed him some real weed
  12. Stool brory col
  13. Ya I find everything you have typed in this thread extremely hard to read/understand lol....but ya they seem like a bunch of goofs.
  14. Sorry about that ha I was just extremely bored earlier so it's chill

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