a VERY serious question

Discussion in 'General' started by Dying Giraffe, Mar 28, 2003.

  1. Q: If you are paddling down Main Street in your canoe, and you happen to drop a paddle, how many pencils can you fit in an apple?

    A: None, because ice cream has no bones.
  2. Wouldn't the closest equivalent to ice cream bones be ice cream cones?

    I guess it's more of an ice cream exoskeleton.

    And besides, what if I happen to like eating ice cream with my hands?
  3. It depends on the size of the apple :)
  4. did someone say ice cream?
  5. what is the lead No. on the pencils. ?
  6. OMG!!icecream is the shit

  7. it was graphite foo!!!
  8. since my wife has a hoof my answer would have to be............................yes
  9. as long as you dont start whoring around my corner, then the spit soaked pizza is jabberwandy

    and you are deffinately a friend of e-x's

  10. I'll take that as a compliment. You couldn't have meant it any other way ;).

    hehe... yeah. we like talking about how we're crazy and how it's much better that way. It's funny, the crazier i get, the saner I feel.
  11. Hey, it's funny... They say the more you let go of reality, the more insane you get.. But then they turn around and say that you have to let everything go to truly be one with the universe.. So are insane people truly one with the universe? Oh well, I'm working my way that way myself, I'll find out soon enough!
  12. if a man says something in the forest, and no woman is there to hear him.. is he still wrong?
  13. yeah pretty much..lol!
  14. hmm
    icecream n apples n pencils

    I think your on to something!
  15. if a tree falls on a florist and nobodys there to hear it does he make a sound?

    if men bled would tampons be free?
  16. are el caminos truly the mullet of the car universe?
  17. i would definately have to say yes to that one! lol

  18. I literaly laughed my ass off when I read that.......................................now where'd that ass go?
  19. I like el caminos. I once saw one with a hemi and Nos. He was doin a good 120MPH on the freeway. about a mile later we saw him pulled up by a cop. lol :D
  20. did he have a sweet mullet?

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