A Very Sad Day for Canadians

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Cultosaurus, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. Harps a fag
  2. Lol, what a fucking idiot.
  3. what a pig.
  4. I live close to Canada and I think this is disgusting.
  5. Yay for Canada!!!! Oh wait. He said no... oh... that sucks bro.
  6. Yeah, this guy has been pissing me off for years. Like Obama, he had reasonable things to say a long time before the election, he claimed to be libertarian and said that government should not interfere. Now he's a bigger dick than the rest of them.
  7. That leaves little to no hope for legalization in the states its got to happen in Canada before we see any real movement with our lawls; I mean laws. I bet the US drug czar has a big influence on this.
  8. not that sad , dont expect anything good from harper
  9. Doesn't mean give up. Keep fighting
  10. if only harper was the one who died, instead of jack layton.
  11. Hope you kids learn not to vote period.
  12. thats just dumb
  13. In Canada nobody cares about pot laws or what Harper says. He will get knocked off his pedestal in the next election anyway. Then we can pay out millions again to change everything over for a new asshole who will be told how to think.

    Any and all governments just cannot stop the wave of people that do and will continue to smoke as they please despite prohibition. It is just getting to the point where nobody cares what the governments say.The courts and police dont seem to take marijuana very seriously anymore and just do not have the time to deal with it on the street and certainly not in the courts.

    I just can't see anything that pompous fucker saying making any difference on pot use in Canada.....just more hot air blowing out of his ass.

  14. That's kind of the reason why people like this make it into the government, the general public is unwilling to take the time to inform themselves and take affirmative action by voting for the most capable candidate. Refusing to vote doesn't do jackshit, anyone who thinks it does is just delusional.
    Harper's been taking this stance for years, it doesn't really change anything. Everyday more and more Canadians are starting to call bullshit on marijuana prohibition - it won't be long before individual provinces start pushing toward decriminalization/legalization and once the ball gets rolling, the federal government will have to go along with it. Unlike the US government, the Canadian government doesn't have much of a stranglehold on it's citizens.
  15. Big business interests own all these pricks..
  16. I think thats the mentality for most politicians. the "not while im in office". There is a lot of work that need to be done...i think we are workin on them good. :p
  17. I don't live near Canada and I think it sucks. Methinks that harper and his ilk are getting some under-the-table money from several interests groups in his country and from the states (possibly from the dea, and a few others) ,either that or he is just a douchebag in a suit.
  18. Any politician who makes the statement 'not while I'm in power' should never be in power in the first place. It means that no matter what the people want, Harper will do what HE wants, and that is NOT what politicians are supposed to do. It means he will REFUSE to listen to fact or reason. It's not even implied. This statement is an outright declaration that Harper doesn't care a whit about Canada.
  19. Canada? You mean that huge landmass north of the USA that was recently acquired by the Prohibitionist Regime?

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