a very odd piece of info i heard...

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  1. so we always wish we knew how to be safer and more low-key with our grows, and this is something you probably wouldn't expect...

    the DEA apparently has been equipping trained turtles with homing devices to stake out large grows in woodlands.

    has anyone ever heard anything about this?
  2. you're kidding right?
  3. no im serious, i heard it from a friend who is indeed a very intelligent person. i didnt take him seriously at first, but he was NOT bullshitting me. it could possibly be a new and upcoming plan of attack for confiscating our women.

  4. nice man. good work. dont worry i didnt try and jack your thread or anything(coincidence). what kind of bud were you planning to select for this grow?
  5. If you actually read the article, you'll see your friend is wrong. all they were doing was tracking the movements of the turtle and happened to find some plants when someone went to go where the turtle was.

    Readers Digest version:

    She is an Eastern box turtle... one of three puttering in the woods with tiny radio transmitters affixed to their shells so scientists can study their movements. Ken Ferebee, a National Park Service researcher, has been monitoring Turtle No. 72 for seven years, occasionally venturing into the woods to see her.Since Turtle No. 72's purpose in life is limited pretty much to finding a berry or bug to nibble on, there's no telling where in her roughly 50-acre range she might wander on a given day. A few weeks ago, her little turtle brain guided her to a sun-splashed clearing deep in the woods, when Ferebee, for the first time in nine days, decided to pay her a visit.

    "As I'm walking, I could see a patch of bare soil that didn't look quite right. And when I got closer, I could tell it had been cleared and some plants had been planted. They looked like they'd been grown somewhere else and then actually replanted in the park.""
  6. lol i should put cameras on my turtle and have counter intelligence lol
  7. Just kill all the turtles that pass by...:p
  8. [quote name='InsaneAss']If you actually read the article, you'll see your friend is wrong. all they were doing was tracking the movements of the turtle and happened to find some plants when someone went to go where the turtle was.

    I was hoping someone would point that out. lol
  9. Thats just what they tell you man, the DEA isnt gunna say "Yeah we put GPS on turtles and bust pot growers" lol You cant believe everything you hear on the news, because alot of it is twisted towards some bias view.
  10. turtle soup?
  11. :hello:LMFAO why not... we could drink it outa its cracked open shell... wow thats weird lol

    if the thing is true then wowwwww your goverments creative ahahha but nah its silly you shoolda read the other bit the guy posted...
  12. This is retarted. That grow got busted by a scientist who was tracking a turtle, not the police with specially trained drug sniffing turtles. Seriously, think about it.....training turtles to find mj plants????
  13. If you just look at the corner of the pic, there is a turtle behind the grassy knoll.
  14. I want Turtle's with Fricken Lazer Beams attached to their foreheads. Honestly,what do I pay you people for!

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  15. and wtf, he got a pound and a half out of 10 plants that all werent even 4 ft tall? i imagine the people didnt wait for it to dry out or weighed it with the leaves and also the stems. and what if half the plants were male? love how the media blows things way out of proportion. " worth 6500 dollars on the street" haha that makes me laugh. like this kid wanted to become a dealer and peddle weed on the street by the gram. please. and yes the turtle didnt sniff out the drugs it was just a mere coincidence that the turtle happend to be there. maybe the turtle likes ganja? but anyways, dont believe things you hear. many people on here still think that the police use Infared to bust grows outside. they only use that on indoor grows and the only tool that can be used outside to find the special reflective spectrum of light that cannabis emits is extremely expensive and is probably only used in places where there are large pot farms well disguised. other than that its just dudes hanging out of helicopters trying to find a needle in a haystack meanwhile risking their lives at it as well in order to "save us from the hell that is cannabis". i hate the DEA and i hate anti-pot activists who are ignorant to its benefits and tolerant of its prohibition even though its costing the taxpayers billions and ruinging the lives of millions. so keep the paths grown in, not distinct and keep your trash hidden or take it with you and dont tell anyone and you wont get caught. sorry for the rant. peace
  16. hahaha
  17. if i see a turtle next to my site im gonna kill it and hang it upside down in a dark shed, come back in 2 weeks and smoke that motherfucker.

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