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A very interesting question...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Jun 25, 2003.

  1. If Digit quit making polls here in the city.............

    Would frenchfries still be made of potatoes????

    If Critter quit growing weed...............

    Would he still get high????//
  2. maybe they would be made of chicken.

    mm..that sounds like it has potential

    chicken fries

    and critter will always get high, regardless ;)
  3. that is quite interesting ;)

    id have to say true, but also false. maybe, trufsle, or possibly faltruse.

    (ps, i made a batch of brownies today, that had two cups of weed butter in them. and the magic ingredient: 3 3/4 ounces of shwag boiled into the butter in two seperate boiling and straining experiences. very nifty. but it took about 2 hours to kick in)
  4. Mmm... chicken fries.. I want some!
  5. what is so cofusing!

    LOL critter!!!!!
  6. good question :confussed:
  7. I just want to be the first person under 1000 posts to post on this thread. Feel free to delete it at your discretion

    On a side note, chicken fries sounds like a geinus idea.

    edit: by "geinus" i mean genius. Oh sweet irony
  8. haha this is hilarious.

    no, youre a towel.
  9. But more improtantly what came first the potato or the french fry. ( or should i say "freedom Fries")
  10. My DH ride has Freedom Valves 0:-O Silly Frenchmen! I would like to try some of those chicken fries.

  11. ...French fries are made from potatoes.
  12. theres a little restauraunt down the road called bantem chef, if you ever go there, get the chicken fries! they are the best damn idea since the bong was invented!
  13. LOL! This is from last year! FUNNY!!!!

  14. ^^^ ( i just realized that you type 666 to get that) but, yeah.

    ok me noticing that killed my train of thought.
  15. If Rummy is yummy and Indy is windy,,,

    Who can roll the best joint?


    When in a smoked filled room
    can you see the floor?

    Does it have carpet?

  16. I am quite Yummy!!! That's why I definitely roll a better j than Indy, the SuperDork!!!! This is the second time I've baited you Indy...where the hell are you?

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