A very interesting fact.

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  1. Marijuana usage can be traced back 10,000 years. 10,000 years ago man also started settling down, stopped being nomadic. Coincedence?:smoking:


    Wouldnt it be neat to think that...
    Marijuana was a way for aliens to communicate teachings?
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    think about this

    there are thousands of psychoactive substances in the world

    all of them designed to fit key receptors in our brain

    maybe it doesn't seem peculiar

    but then why does a toad in the desert produce DMT in it's skin

    and why does the brain have receptors specifically for cannabis and can only be activated by cannabanoids

    and the body produces many of these substances naturally like dmt, ghb and morphine

    which are illegal

    so technically we are all criminals because our body naturally produces a controlled substance
  3. Do you hear them too?:smoking:

    I love alien communications. Thank you for reminding me.

    The cannabis receptors in the brain are pfoof positive that any law making cannabis illegal is counter to the will of our own DNA, and therefore, is a moot law.
  4. well i think that the fact our bodies naturally produce controlled substances undermines any controlled substance laws. Technically every human being should be incarcerated and put in jail because they are producing an illegal substance in their bodies and breaking the law.
  5. It's probably a defense mechanism, like how the Cannabis plant produces THC
  6. What are our natural defense mechanisms? Ratting people out I guess. Punches sure aren't, maybe covering our head??
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    defense? THC may be one of the reasons the plant has survived from extinction despite all efforts to eliminate it, it's in more demand now then ever in the history of the world.

    also the DMT in the toads skin can't be activated orally unless the MAO is inhibited so its a useless defense mechanism against being eaten.

    And deer and rabbit love munching on cannabis leafs..

    nah thats a good way to get yourself whacked. Nobody likes a rat. Rats dont make it long in prison either.

  8. so is psilocybin man
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    Well, according to that, marijuana doesn't exist by Creationist standards. Plus, since when can its use be traced back 10,000 years? I'd like to see some proof of that.
  10. Paraphrased from Jason King's the Cannabible 3:

    Cannabis is a greek word, of African descent. It means canna- canine - "Dog" and bis - "two". So it is the "Two Dog" plant.

    In Mali, West Africa, there is a pot loving tribe called the Dogons. The Dogons were visited by Herodotus, a Greek traveller and chornicler, around 300 BCE. Herodotus came upon the tribe during their yearlong celebration of cannabis that occured every 50 years.

    Explaining their celebration, the Dogons point to the brightest star, Sirius, and said it was the "two dog star" and home of the "two dog plant" cannabis. Cannabis, they say, was brought to our planet by the goddess from the Sirius.

    Now it gets interesting because the Dogons had specific knowledge about the Sirian system for thousands of years before scientists could prove them right.

    The Dogons knew that Sirius B was a white dwarf star, and that it was the heaviest of the group. They were able to describe its elliptical orbit with Sirius A, its 50 year orbital period, and the fact that the star rotates on its own axis. Sirius B is invisible to the naked eye and so difficult to observe that no known photographs were taken of it until 1970.

    The Dogons also described a third star Sirius C, which was only discovered in 1995.

    So how did the Dogons know about the 50 year orbital period? They say it was brought to them by Nommo, an amphibious being sent to Earth from Sirius for the benefit of mankind.

    Could this explain the diversity in the cannabis gene pool? There are cannabis flavors that mimic almost every fruit on the planet, and reminiscent of numerous herbs, and then there are flavors that are seemingly out of this world...

    What if these strains and flavors are really from outer space? What if cannabis is a plant highly regarded and traded not just on our planet, but throughout the universe?
  11. i'd be pretty happy if some aliens came down and brought me some cannabis i'd let them do experiments on me in exchange for it

  12. did he source his info?
  13. The validity of his studies (dont know if its the same guy writing about it in that quote, but the two people who did that dogon research) is the subject of much debate. Since him and his colleague were the only ones there many outside scientists believe they may have intentionally or unintentionally planted information inside the Dogon tribe and skewed their findings.

    I find that just sort of cynical and overly skeptical..I believe it
  14. "Theres a funky skunky smell coming from the Roswell Area!"

    Funk Junkeez - Weed War

  15. I Wouldnt if i were you
  16. There is a theory that ethogenic plants acted as a catalyst to humanity's cognitive/social development "jump" from nomadic hunter-gatherers to a static, rapidly devloping society...

    But I think that the "fact" (I'm gonna assume its 100% correct, for the sake of argument) that marijuanan can be traced back to the dawn of civilization to the fact (the mostly-true fact, established by research) that there isn't much evidence of humanity's actions and culture before the dawn of civilization, which is largly dated arbitralilly correlated with the earliest artifacts of civilization, which happens to largly be stone carvings and buildings. It wouldn't be a strech to say that humanity could have been living in a "society" for long before we started making giant monuments...

    But no one can really ever know what happened for sure, unless we could travel back in time... ;)

    Just to add perspective (and not trying to belittle either theory here, they all have their merits), there's a theory that that acceleration in cultural/cognitive/social development of mankind was catalysed by a race of aliens. Or that God inserted a "well intentioned, but disastereous organ" into mankind that brought him to (almost) his current cognitive level, but also into hate and war, then it was removed, but the effects couldn't be reversed...Or all that could be a metaphor for a state of mind that we all cross, from a "simple mind" to the infinitly complex and ever-changing "human mind."

    Bottom line is, thinking about what was (or could have been), when you know that you can never really know for sure, is a very intersting thing...Countless people have written about things like this, and coutless more will forever into the future...
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    You know I saw a video on youtube that explains why and how cannibus produces thc. I don't remember exactly but to sum it up it said the little ball on top of the trichome(thc crystal) captures sunlight, magnifies it and uses it to actually create the thc among other canniboids. So is the plant creating these crystals as a defense mechanism or are these crystals used to feed the plant massive amounts of filtered sunlight?

    pic for reference:
  18. Maybe 2 birds 1 stone. Maybe it uses the cannabanoids as structure to ward off insects and also harvest photons, since it carries light (like polar bear fur).
  19. word. I mean people get busted a lot though so those rats are abundant. I myself would flee post bond:cool:
  20. I was completely unaware that there was a theory already developed concerning the "dawn of man" and marijuana. Thats really interesting amigo do you have any linkage? Im a little afraid to say it but aliens make more sense to me than God. Maybe its just a complex but it makes me uncomfortable to even recognize aliens as an organ put here by an even more sentient being, a God. Though with fractal logic in mind, the next step would indeed be a God in my mind

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