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  1. Help, I have two plants at the moment. They are roughly a month old. One of them had a bug problem which I mostly fixed. I had them inside till about a week ago when I put them out (gradually of course). One of them was growing great inside, but since being put out and transferred has stopped all together. The new leaves are browning, oddly shaped and crispy. Today I checked on it and one of the bigger leaves had light green patch that felt very crispy and dead. It was also much more droopy then usual. The other plant looks fine and has been thriving outdoors, but the bottom 4 leaves (the 2 that take the seed off and the next 2) are drooping quite abit. Pictures 1 and 2 are the plant in critical condition 3 and 4 are the ok one.

    I live in ma, they are some nice composted organic garden soil. we had heavy rainfall acouple days ago if that might have contributed.

    Please help asap, I don't want my babies to die

    (sorry for cellphone pics only camera I got)

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  2. it could be a little early for those little ones to go outdoors. Baby plant + bugs + cold = :(
  3. just checked the weather for MA and it looks way to cold for young plants. move them inside until the temp stops dropping below 65.
  4. I fucking hate this weather, in the 80s one day and dipping into the 30s 2 nights later. So if I just move em inside and put them in a window till the weather is abit better they will be ok?
  5. Keep the temp up and maybe get them under some artificial light to give them some extra help. Don't expect them to turn around overnight. Big stress slows them way down they need time to recover so give them a week or 2 inside and don't put them outside until it stays above 65 at night.
  6. got them inside in a south facing window, dont have any suffecient lighting but I will keep temps 70 +. I just hope it survives :(
  7. Shes dead :( . I nearly cried, my first ever planted seed and my biggest plant (and the dankest seed). second one survived and the leaves are not drooping anymore. Planted another seed in the dead ones pot, hope it will get strength from the dead one.

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