a variation of papeclip training?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by doobiescoo31, Jun 5, 2004.

  1. Alrighty, I'm a new grower and I was talking to my girlfriends mom, and appearantly, one year while she was growing outdoors, her plants blew over (over 70, yea, she was a big time grower) anyways, she also said that she had the biggest yeilds she ever had with them growing down like that. Now I know it's because they had more surface area with the plant down like that. So I go to thinking, "what if I force my plant to grow that way in a computer box?" So here I am asking all the pros if this would work. Also, at the moment I have two CFL's, but if anyone has a take on this, i might get a third. Unfortunately, they're warm, not cool, so they're stretching. Perhaps this would allow me to veg longer and get larger yeild out of the plant.


    Unfortunately, I have 7 plants growing, and it's too early to tell what sex they are. I plan on waiting untill I can determind sex and then I'll clone it and start over. Yeah, it's a time consuming effort, but I believe it would be worth it. Plus, has anyone ever done that before? I don't want to steal someones thunder...
  2. i lot of outdoors growers grow like that, its so it disguises the plant from helicopters. but you the first that i know that that statarted to use as a type of indoor growing method.

    [edit]: but don't use fluros, you want get nearl as good of yield if you use an hps.
  3. yea, i just can't afford a hps yet, thanks!

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