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Discussion in 'General' started by Schwag, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. I sometimes feel that the whole of human race is perfectionist. I just found out my friend, call him a best friend if you may, has been fucking my girl.

    She recently started complaining about me not satisfying her sexual needs. Ok, I must admit I'm not that good in bed, and I'm going through a bad time.
    I became addicted to cocaine two years ago, or I say, I got addicted to wild partying and just disconnecting myself from this world, and as you may know, you have to take the bad with the good.

    My regular abuse of alcohol, cocaine and marijuana was taking the toll on my health and after spending a little while in rehab, I've finally let go of cocaine and my abuse of alcohol, although I do like the occasional drink of Jack D.

    Back to my problem, I just fade away. I just stop fucking midway, because I cant. I'm either too stoned or drunk, and I can't perform. I don't even like sex that much.

    Basically, I just found out my friend is fucking her, and when I confronted my girl about it, she just threw that at me. I can't perform.

    I've obviously broken up with her, but I love her.

    Well.. Fuck her and fuck me.
    Thank you for your time
  2. Everybody needs their needs fufilled.


    You should know this and expected this.
  3. just dont go do anything stupid ya hear, my advice, curl up near a fire and put some willy nelson on. hell listen to you
  4. Dude. Solution: have sex sober every once in awhile.

    Also, I'm going to have to revoke your man card for saying you don't even like sex that much.
  5. Ohhh,damn son he got you,ahahaha......

    I call fault on those damn condom's,or maybe it's your own incompotence...
  6. well first off i bet you do suck in bed because you think you do

    you gotta change that attitude before anything

    i dont know what to say if you dont like sex, other than maybeyou have never had good sex?

    have you confronted your friend? are they together now?
  7. im sorry man, thats someting really tough to deal with. however, it seems you have other stuff you need to worry about. if she says you dont perform to her standards, and you say you often fade about half way through, well, the answer to that is to try and stay more sober. you dont need to be stone cold sober to perform, but being too faded is never a good thing in any situation. you admittedly have addiction problems, and its the alcohol and hard drugs you need to stay off. smoking weed in any ammount is fine, but over drinking and coke addictions arent stuff to be messed with.

    i know its hard man, ive had my own issues with alcohol and addiction but you need to put things in perspective. whether or not sex is something you really care about, you need to focus on cutting down on things that are preventing you from leading the fullest life possible. while its possible to enjoy various drinks and drugs and still lead a full life, its the over use that is an obvious issue. take some time out to think about it.

    by no means is what your ex and your friend did right, nothing can excuse behavior like that, but put that asside, you need to clean up a little bit and start living a little healthier and things will pick up, i can tell you that from experience.

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