A typical look for you guys?

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  1. Based from what I've seen in the "fashion" section of the forum none of you guys actually care about it that much, but I do, mostly streetwear and things like that, but a few high fashion pieces have caught my eye!
    Anyway, what's something typical that you guys would wear? Post a picture either of you, or something you really like!

    This is me!

    (Sorry it's an attachment it wouldn't work any other way) Just click it!

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  2. That actually looks pretty good, I only dress well if I'm going out to something important, otherwise I'll just wear whatever I am wearing at the time.
  3. Cool style man, i'm a little bit more laid back with my style though.

    I wear buffalo jeans, or BKE. I wear a lot of obey propaganda, but also i like to wear sweatshirts and flannels from urban outfitters.

    I wear sperrys, most of the time, i wear things that are both comfortable and stylish. But i don't wear stuff that's like "hey look at me", i'm all for people expressing themselves though, but i just like to keep things low key.
  4. Vans, jeans, t-shirt. Pretty basic stuff. I'll throw on a button down short sleeve if I'm hittin the bars or something but I keep it pretty damn laid back.
  5. Jordans, T-Shirts of all varieties, Jeans.
  6. Summer is tshirt, jeans, and moccasins or sperrys. Winter is a long sleeve t, jeans, moccasins. Screw that swagfag look, I like to be comfortable.
  7. dope sttttteeeez fool
  8. Where I live, dressing up means putting on any shirt and your "going out" flip flops. :laughing:

    So my style is pretty casual. I own a lot of plaid button downs, a lot of cargo shorts, hardly any socks, more sunglasses than I can count. I wear mostly collared shirts or singlets, because it's hotter n' hell.
  9. basically like you but with socks and less flashy belt. only belt i own is just classic brown belt.

    +plus waay longer hair
    +snow hats (don't wear my other hats much since i grew it out, my hair)
    +i wear high top shoes if shoes but mainly boots
  10. I usually wear, jeans and a tshirt or plaid button down shirt. Flannel ones are mad comfortable.
  11. dc shoes 3yrs old, hoody, t shirt, jeans, sometimes dickeys work pants if im going in the bush or to work on my car, dont dress nice unless im going out than its dc shoes, jeans, button shirt haha,
  12. Ralph Lauren Polo clothes, Levi 501's, boots, Ray Bans on Croakies.
  13. pair of black jeans.. black tall t.. maybe a hat.. and a pair of my many shoes..

    and around this time my black carhart

    im not a flashy *****
  14. Levi or express jeans..v necks..burberry or lv belt..some pumas.
  15. t-shirt/hoody, khakis/jeans and nikes/sneakers

    thats it
  16. I like to keep a low profile.

  17. Black boots,jeans,t-shirt,black jacket.
    Wild unbrushed blonde curly hair
  18. Boat shoes or boots, straight leg levis, a polo shirt or button down or sweater, thick wavy blond hair sometimes parted to the side.
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    Where's the belt from, can't really make out the logo, but it's either Guess or Chanel, right?

    For me, fine ass suit with all the trimmings. Everyday of the week. But if I'm not leaving the house, I'll just bum around in pajamas.

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