A trusty junkie: Dispelling the myth.

Discussion in 'General' started by AimedForDeath, May 9, 2006.

  1. So most of you probley know me around here. Some of you may have even read the post about my friend who is a painkiller (needle) addict, who is also pregnant, and only at the age of 16. Well this story is about her, and people's views upon marijuana users, and other drug users, such as the infamous "junkies". Let me start by telling you I am pretty high right now ;).

    It all started today, I'm suspended from school for "insuburdanation" (don't ask.) So I get up, head to the school at lunch time, looking for someone who might have a few $$ and might want to catch a buzz. I see Floydian walking over to Wendy's and I pick him up, he has $15 so we head to my dealers and I pick up a fat $15. We pack my glassy and start smoking, he fronts me a bowlful since I'm broke and have to put my last $20 in gas, and he keeps 1 or 2 bowls. We go to the gas station and see my friend, we'll call her T, the girl who is pregnant and a junkie. T comes over and talks to me while I'm pumping the gas, and she was really sad. She tells me her boyfriend dumped her (he's 19 and a hardcore junkie) and she has been clean for a week and a half. She has $30 and was going to buy a Morphine 60, since she was so depressed. I was kind of sad/pissed off still because my girlfriend dumped me last night so I knew what she was going through. But T decided to put her last $30 in for gas so she didnt spend it on Morph. I was really proud of her and gave her a hug (which was kind of wierd because we never hug). And I told her to get in a she took like 4 or 5 hits and ran out to head back to school.

    SO here's where the topic comes in.

    T rips a lot of people off, even close friends of hers. She is one of the most beautiful girls in the highschool (that's not even my opion either, but it is true), she's smart, and cool as hell. By looking at her you couldn't tell that she shoots up killers all the time, or she eats mad pills and smokes a lot of weed. Me on the other hand, you look at me and can tell I'm a stoner, just because I'm well, always high. I am typical stoner, and she, she is a typical junkie. She'll do anything to get fucked up someones, or so it seems. One thing she wouldn't do though, is rip me off. I've dealt with tons of junkies, and all that I have trusted have betrayed me. I have given T varying amounts of money, all of them have either came back to me, or I got what I was buying. She is the first junkie I have ever trusted in my life, and she has a really fucked up life. So after reading all of this, I was just wondering why people look down upon drug users? If anything wouldn't using drugs make us more wise? Because taking drugs alters our minds, thus letting us see parallels not previously seen. I don't understand why people think all junkies are horrible people, and why all stoners are forgetful, non-caring, idiots. I know this has been a long rant, but I'm high, and decently bored, so deal with it. Respond with anything you feel like, if anyone actully read this all.

  2. "She'll rip anyone off, do anything, to get fucked up."

    that right there is the reason that people look down upon drug users
  3. I feel ya i kno a girl jsut like this .. everythings the same sept the bf didnt dump her .. yet .. heh thats the only diffrence .. ;\ weird .. and i toatly feel ya on why not to look down on people like her
  4. Correct, but that's not true in all cases. Such as with me, I know for a fact she won't rip me off, ever. It's been put to the test. Therefore I should re-phrase that because she won't rip anyone off.

  5. or "she wouldnt rip everyone off, do anything, to get fucked up."
  6. You confused me, heh. What's up highawatha, I haven't seen you posting much latley, where have ya been?

  7. first you said,.T rips a lot of people off, even close friends of hers
    then she doesnt rip you off
    but i still woudnt think she's trustworthy..it sounds like she's in a horrible situation.
    i knew a junkie who'd never physically steal anything from anyone, but would lie like a motherf&%#er,...i wouldnt trust him far as i could see him.
    an hi :) ive been hanging around here
  8. She doesn't lie to me, nor steal from me. I think thats because I'm the only one who talks with her about her problems, and she tells me everything on her mind, and whats going on in her life. I can call her trustworthy, because to me, she is. It's nice to see you again... I was starting to think "where the hell is highawatha...?" now I have to find Rummy and Hempress, haven't seen those two in a while either.

  9. yeah but if it's true in any cases, then i don't feel like she can or should be trusted. i mean yeah, she won't rip you off, but you are good friends with her. if she's willing to rip even one person off, then she can't be trusted.
  10. That's not true. Because people who have wronged me in one way or another do get ripped off by me. People who have NARC'ed me out before, if they ask me to sell them some I'll take their money. Sure, it's wrong, but what they did to me was wrong. I suppose I should say she will only rip off other junkies. There isn't many people in this town who JUST smoke weed, theres far too many people who do pills and shoot up. But yeah, it's kind of drug wars, just .. without people using guns. heh.

  11. i dunno man, it sounds like we come from totally different places. most of the people i hang out with only smoke weed and drink. i've never been ripped off, and never rip anyone off. and if a junkie did rip me off they would get a severe ass kicking. i've also never met your friend, so it's wrong of me to judge her. but i wouldn't trust her.
  12. See, there's the problem, we come from two TOTALLY different places. Everyone in this town rips people off, or so it seems. There isn't many 'true' friends in this town, those people are usually just around untill what you got is gone. I am what you would call 'true' friends with a decent amount of people, but everyone else is an acquentance of mine, just a buyer or seller, or enemy. It's a daily thing in my town.. ripping off that is.

  13. Hmmm....idk to be honest. I would personally trust her, because im a dope for hott girls that do drugs...sadly enough lol. BUT i would give YOU my money to get to her haha so i know idont get rippped off lol.
    BUt with the whole coming from different places thing, i know what u mean, in my town, its either, get ripped off, or rip off someone else. I have made lots and lots of money just from people paying me extra money to go get them there drugs so that i would return, like people giving me 40 bucks for an 1/8th that i get for 15. ya know? i dont know if this relates but, im high, and i wanted to contribute lol
  14. She's 16, you give it some time.

    Drug addiction is something that beats the shit out of your life. It's not an instant and the consequences aren't as sudden as many people expect.

    Check on here in 10 years and see where she is. The damage is already done, the wounds don't show up for awhile though.

    I will always look down on junkies. They need to earn their respect just like everybody else.

    The junkie influence is infectious and if you don't stop it, they can fuck up your own life pretty bad. No matter how much they genuinley care for you, that addiction is more important.

    There is balance here, the total and unbending rejection of an addict is cold and unwarranted. These people are going through things that most of us can only imagine. You just want to remove yourself from enabling them. Too many people are enablers and don't even realize it untill they get their tv pawned, or their car stolen.

    Same goes for recovering or former junkies/addicts. I've met dozens of them. Many of these guys have been absolutley rock bottom. They slur and studder and shake from years of drugs, but these guys can have the most profound and deep insight because of all they've been through. They're judged on their appearance and how they have come to be. It's really unfortunate because that just makes it more difficult for these kind of people to get work, find a place to live and try to scrape their lives back together. Because of this unfair and unrealized persecution of the morally unaccepted. Just because they once made dumb choices and fucked up real bad doesn't mean they don't deserve another chance.
  15. You answered your own question with the ripping people off bit. Great, she doesn't rip you off. So that's what, one out of however many people she steals from?

    Don't get me wrong, I don't like to classify all junkies as bad, but almost by definition someone who's a "junky" will do bad things for their fix, and that's why people don't like "junkies". So in my mind, if someone's a "junky" it means their stealing bike spark plugs for crack pipes and shit like that, not just a regular user.

    And quite frankly, I don't feel sorry for someone who's committing a crime for drugs.

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