A truly sobering stoned experience

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by GreenLeaf, Sep 10, 2002.

  1. Hello all,

    Last weekend on saturday night me and a good friend went down to an oval on the water near my suburb and smoked a joint, we lay in the field for a while, there was this guy doing laps, and we tried not laugh watching him, and my friend started to run after him, i crackedd the fuck up and we lay on the middle of the field throwing grass at eachother and laughing and talking, and for one moment i knew the true meaning of friendship, a very good time, we're doing it again theis weekend, its funny how weed can bring two people very close as friends.

  2. Haha, that sounds like you had a great time :D

    I only wish I had friends like that. All of my really good friends don't smoke, but all the stoners I know are assholes and they just complain about everything....

    Like... I got a big bit of ash on my jeans and brushed it off, and they all started saying "oooh.... don't get your clothes dirty" really sarcastic.....

    And the ironic thing is... they were the ones making a deal out of it.
    Agh... I'm ranting :D

    Whatever you do GreenLeaf, DON'T lose those friends.
  3. That's really cool dude. Yeah hang onto those friends. It's best when you start smoking weed with a friend together. Ie. both your first time etc. that way you go through all the experiences together. no one outranks the other :)
  4. yeah, pretty much all my close friends smoke, I live in a real stoner town, which is sweet. the dealers almost outweigh the smokers.

    Me and one friend both started at the same time, it was cool, cuz we were like, oh shit, im stoned. Then we reefed all the time after that.
  5. Most of my friends are getting really annoying when it comes to weed. I mean, they're cool with it and all, but they always like to hold off (they're paranoid of being a pot-head or some crap), and 90% of the time - they don't want to smoke...

    I've always considered that to be an oxy-moron...reminds me of classic Half-Baked line:

    'You guys wanna smoke up?'
    'Nah man, I don't really feel like it.'
    'So......you guys...wanna smoke?'

    Hehe, thats prolly not quite how it goes, but I've only seen it once while sober.

    Just to beat everyone to the reply - no, they DO actually enjoy it. Theyre just wierd about it.
  6. Well me and my good friend started smokein bud near the same time. Now I fuckin hate that little fuck, hes the stingiest muther fucker you would ever meet now. Weed runs his life. Thats not what it is for. I still regret I ever brought that joint over to his house, oh well fuck it. It shows who your real friend are.

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