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  1. Wassup everyone. I wanted to tell a little story that happened not too long ago (about 2 and a half hours ago). There was a girl me and my friends knew from middle school and high school. She had mini dreadlocks and people would make predator jokes about her. She wasn't the prettiest girl so guys that talked about generally talked bad.

    Anyway her name is Ashley and recently her and a friend of mine stared dating and they connect so well. And over the span of 4 years, she has matured into a pretty girl! Well because, in the past, friends have said she's "this" or "that" and although she looks better than before, some dudes look at her the same. Its fucking juvenile.

    (Here's the real story)
    My friend Mikey who's dating Ashley invited me and a few other friends to go hang out tonight so I join in. Long story short, all night long a guy that used to be my homie, Cedric, starts mouthing off about Mikey's girl. And after the night, we all start heading back to Mikey's place - Mike and Ashley are walking ahead of me and Tony with Cedric behind us all. We walk no more than three blocks (from the shopping center) when Cedric goes off again. Now Mikey isn't too big compared to Cedric but he isn't a pussy. Mikey then turns around, pushes me and Tony aside and says "Alright you fucking filth (exact words) I'm done with you." Cedric pushed Mikey then he swung and missed which ended up costing him; Mikey ducked under Cedric's punch and landed a strong, fast left hook to his jaw, knocking the sucker out. Mikey then yells "Don't talk shit, and there wont be none!" and he walks off pissed. I don't like Cedric because the dude turned on me back in middle school. Back when I was the only friend he had, this guy clowns me just to make new friends and later on (take it back a few months from today) he acts like we're cool. Anyway, Cedric is knocked out and Tony is laughing while Mike goes home with his girl. I went home, Tony stayed there and waited for Cedric to wake up and Mikey texts me saying "Sorry about tonight dude. I just hate shit talking. But guess who got laid for laying someone out?" Cool ass dude.

    I wanted to share this because Mikey doesn't care about who the girl is but only if she makes him feel good. Mikey should be an example to all you gents out there and Cedric...you don't want to be that guy. Smoke it up....I'm tired. Peace.
  2. I'm blazed as hell right now but it sounds like you had a great time so I'm happy for you. Peace.
  3. Umm....
  4. Usually shit like this turns into retaliation, but hey man Mikey got one over on the douche. I don't think you guys need to associate with Cedick, just do you.

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  6. I have never met a mikey that is not a douche.
  7. [quote name='"KillerKush"']I have never met a mikey that is not a douche.[/quote]

    True dat
  8. [quote name='"KillerKush"']I have never met a mikey that is not a douche.[/quote]

    Lol lol lol lol my god you reminded me of the craziness best weekend in my life do far.... so I went to my buddies dads wedding..finally. anyways it was amazing we got fucked up, went through all the shitty clinics in san Diego and finally did my first delivery was really chill and perfect cause he drove up to the hotel and gave me an extra edible and had such a sick ride...anyway. my buddies brother in laws name is mickey. Fucking two instances tripped me the fuck out. I guess he lives in new Mexico or some shit and I was trying to make drink convo and was like what you do bro. He said something along the lines of don't ask questions you don't need to know the answer to. And that weird creepy head rotate to the side and staring.g into ny faded eyes. Anyway so while my homies and I are in the back just munching on edible and sipping some dank margarittas the newly we wife cones up and starts yelling at me... "not fair! Why didn't you get ME chocolates, I'm the god dam wife" but it was all jokey so we. Just started cracking up and I gave her rest of my edible. Fucking later that night taking tequila shots and some jaiger..there's always that awkward moment of silence when everyone is just fucked up and nothing to say. So we sat there and then all of a sudden I hear this fool mickey say something like..if you ever come near my mom or hurt her..I. will. Fuckin kill you. I was fucking so fucked up and just went what?!?! With the most bewildered face made. Tripped out I went outside with the homies sparked a few doobies and just started cracking up. Weird ass mickey just threatened to kill me! Hahahahaha. At the time it was hilarious. Now. It's just kinda weird looking back. Bit whatevs..Mickeys right?
  9. Fuck Cedric
  10. He said Mikey
    Not Mickey
    and I didn't understand this story at all lol
  11. [quote name='"Nick Dillinger"']

    He said Mikey
    Not Mickey
    and I didn't understand this story at all lol[/quote]

    Hahahahaha no doubt bro he must of been pretty shitfaced or just blitzed
  12. fuck a ***** named mikey
  13. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UceOt2E2VN4"]The Cool Kids - Mikey Rocks - YouTube[/ame]
  14. Awesome story he deserved to get laid
  15. [quote name='"KillerKush"']I have never met a mikey that is not a douche.[/quote]

    [quote name='"Dylanzs"']

    True dat[/quote]

    [quote name='"SmokinBowlers"']fuck a ***** named mikey[/quote]

    You guys all realize that Cedric is the douche not Mikey? Right? Reread the story guys.
  16. [quote name='"pearljamss"']Awesome story he deserved to get laid[/quote]

    And he told me she's still happy about it. So he's getting some booty love making action!
  17. [quote name='"metsgiantsfan3"']I'm blazed as hell right now but it sounds like you had a great time so I'm happy for you. Peace.[/quote]

    Thanks man. Hope the Buddha was good.

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