A True Irish Death...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by illsmosisyou, Jul 1, 2004.

  1. Ok, first off, this has nothing to do with weed, and im irish, so don't let any ya guiness lovers think im ragin on ya.

    my friend is really really fuckin irish, like 2nd generation and so forth. he was talking to his uncle (who lives in ireland) with this unusually perfect accent that i had never heard before. apparantly earlier that day, his cousin had gotten drunk. now this is ireland keep in mind. when he said earlier in the day, he ment like 6 am. he had just raided the fridge and gotten pretty hammered at 6 am! then he went out to plow the fields. he had this huuge fuckin plow that got like half the field at once. apparantly, because he was a drunk irish mess, he didn't clear the field of stones. so...at one point during his drunken stupor, he hit the rock. he went flying off the plow and got run over by it.

    ok...an irish boy...died while drunk off guiness...while plowing a potatoe field...what the fuck? im friends with this kids cousin n such...but i was laughing for at least 5 min. crazy.

    you may go, im done
  2. I'm only laughing at that based on the notion that he would think it's funny too. :D

    If it really happened this next toke is in his honor tho :(
  3. he thought it was funyn too. and yeah, it actually happened. sad...but then again, he was askin for it.

    this ones for all my fallen soldiers (bong bubbling)
  4. Haha, that certainly came together for itself. Funny shit. Probably nothing foreign to the Irish.
  5. guiness is damn good...lol that is funny...im irish too..doesn't suprise me at all.
  6. roflma hahah thas classic ...dude... lol... nice story...
  7. I wasnt expecting that story haha that is really sad im gonna go smoke the tiny bit of bud i have in his honor ill be dry for the next week but its worth it specially since its already 11 and i havent been high yet today

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