a triumphant saturday

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  1. it all started when i woke up...

    My plan originally was to venture out to the golf course. I'd filled out an application to work there as a cart attendant, but now in hindsight I don't really want that job. Apparently there was a tournament going on, so instead of playing a round, I went and hit balls at the driving range.

    That was all fun. Then, I get home and roll up a blunt. It's kind of a rainy day, and my neighbor was feeling extra lazy. So we were just hanging out at his house, wanting to play golf, but at this point it was raining. How sad. So instead we settled with playing Tiger Woods. I fucking beat him. At the end of the game, I sunk a birdie on the eighteenth hole, while he finished out bogey.

    As we're sitting outside, smoking the second blunt of the day, we notice a cop car rolling through. This is when shit got real, folks. I had the blunt in my hand, and don't be mistaken, this is not your typical "oh we got caught, blah blah blah." ... Oh no.

    There's some commotion around another neighbor's house. More police cruisers arrived, and we the curious stoners that we were, decided to sit there and wonder what was going on. (I had thrown the blunt in the bushes, we smoked that later). Turns out, there was a bone found, possible human remains (a femur bone, which had been sawed off at one end)

    Needless to say, what the fuck...

    Then, I get a text from my dealer. We had a predetermined date to adventure with a drug, which came free to me. So, now I'm telling you all this, hours later after that adventure. I have to say, today was a great day....

    it rained
    blunts & other fun drugs
    police found a bone near my house
    and i'm eating ice cream

    ps; cool story bro
  2. That was the longest tl;dr ever...
  3. Todays friday
  4. Damn it, I demand the 10 seconds of my life back I wasted reading this shit.
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    Hahaaa , because of this I will not even attempt to read that mountain of text
  6. its 2:08 saturday morning here... its like you're from the future mannn:smoke:

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