A trip report.

Discussion in 'General' started by shakemytrees, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. I took two geltabs(LSD) with a shit load of people... well not a shit load, maybe 15... all trippin though.

    When it hit me we all were I involved in a large scale reenactment of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. That was fun.

    An hour ago i was outside in the yard with a big mallet... the kind you smack balls around and through little arches... anyways, I was chasing moles. Kinda like a real life whack a mole, but to no avail. didn't get there ragmuffin ass's. But i did make a bit of a mess in the yard.

    After that i went in to the house and my cell phone rang... that was its first fatal mistake. Then it rang again... i was not havin any of that shit, so i ran to the bathroom and dropped it in the shitter.

    About two hours into this thing now, at a friends house. Trying to find music on this computer. The earth keeps shifting... my theory is its because of the twilight, which has just broke upon this place.

    More to come. Maybe.
  2. HAha. I'm talking to this girl on AIM. Should be interesting.:D
  3. hahahaha
  4. I just spent the last ten minutes dancing with myself, and took of my shirt to let my soul out. My friend Anna is walking around in only socks and more people keep showing up.

    post them here
  6. that was a mistake saying you took your shirt off, all the kiddies are gonna want you to post some pics, but i mean...if you really wanna let your soul out.....:cool:
  7. Hahaha, Real life whack-a-mole, Thats the best thing I have ever heard!
  8. yes! and find the muffins! quickly!
  9. haha for real.
  10. Ok, I just took the last one and hit up a friend for more, and he gave another.
    So thats 4 now.

    My body is beginning to melt and time has official stopped.

    Its starting to get cartoonish again.
  11. 4 tabs? Christ girl pace yourself! The night is young and you don't want to OD. You will be fucking gone all night, enjoy it and be safe! :)
  12. laying flat on the earth
    wishing so much for consumption
    viseral death
    a return to mother earth
    for as of dust we are from
    the day will soon come
    that transcendence is reached
    by becoming a life source
    springing forth another pretty flower
    growing unadulturated
    from a well-saturated grave
    The devil may wish to collect our pieces
    and God raps the at the door of our morose resting bed
    for a promised soul
    but not so much a hair is owed to them
    we are hers
    goddesses are to kiss our decayed lips
    and watch as life springs forth
    vibrant colors blushing on petal lips
    deep brown roots erupting through ribs to reach
    the surface and come crawing out
    a spring bleeding through ears
    bubbling up to rocks
    trees spitting forth and climbing high into clearing skies
    (our former world of mechanic expletives and technological coldness longer rusted and forgotten)
    Eden finally returing back to her place on this land
    our bodies becoming one, our spirits singing her song.
  13. you can't OD on acid
  14. So its been over 24 hours since I started this, and let me say first of all, that was the most i have ever taken(estimated at 500 ug). I had a god damned blast.

    I was tripping till about 9 this morning when I passed out.

    I was talking to about three people on AIM last night.

    After i logged off... I logged off because it became extremely visual, i saw several wild animals amongst which where two green and orange Zebras mating.

    Followed by almost uncontrollable laughter.

    Then it got very spiritual... which is a first for me. I realized a lot about myself and my surroundings.

    This was by far the most intense experience of my life and all in all, the best time i could have imagined.

    LSD is the wonder drug.

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