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  1. What's up grasscity? I'm just dropping by to share some info and techniques I got to experience recently on a trip (inside the US).

    I personally have not grown in over ten years (I got married to a non-believer)..he he..but I used to grow some decent shit in an underground cistern on a farm. Organic bud, 400w hps, 400 MH...pretty simple stuff.............soooo the shit I saw last week really flipped my mind.

    This group of "investors" buys houses and converts them into full scale operations. They build rooms within rooms, approximately 10'x15', using studs and styrofoam insulation for the walls, mylar (just above the height of the lights), a/c ducts brought in low to the ground, a/c ducts for the lights (2 rows of (3) 600 watters), one exit duct for the scrubber (6" inline fan connected to a HUGE can filter...all sealed within an air tight box)...exhaust air all flows to the attic space. They use all digital ballasts, wall mounted water meters.......The thing I was surprised to see was the number of plants they grow........only SIX. I was expecting SOG, but no. They have each plant in its own bucket (5 gallon) with mesh pots, clay pebbles, drip feed system......huge 40 gallon (? large outdoor plastic trash can) reservoir that is kept outside of the room....aquarium Pythons for res changes. They allow their plants to grow straight up, but they train all the lower branches to grow out almost sideways (for light penetration)using simple training sticks(? the green plastic coated kind you find at Lowes), the lowest branches are trimmed (and/or used for clones).

    With optimal light (600 watts per plant), water quality, nutes, temperature and humidity.....they have yielded as much as...hold your hats, gentlemen...23 ounces off a single shiskaberry plant.......the biggest one I saw (and helped trim) while I was there yielded 15 ounces (they had problems with their a/c unit).

    One of the things they did that I had not seen was pinching bud tips. About two weeks into flowering they actually pinch the top 1/4" or so off the bud. They repeat this several times throughout the flowering cycle. They said it makes the buds much more dense.

    The setups I saw were pretty unbelievable, and the only reason I saw them was because a friend of mine I grew up with is one of the main men involved (he's very professional, not a showoff by any means....just proud of what he does).

    These guys are very serious, and don't like to share info or tips.....so, whenever I can I'll try to get little tips and bring them here for others to read.
  2. Can you explain more about pinching and how to do it?
  3. I know that one of their setups just started budding while i was visiting about twoo weeks ago, so they're probably getting ready to pinch. I'll see if this guy will send me a pic and explanation. It's something I want to know more about myself:rolleyes:
  4. If u look at the grow journal from mister postman he also tips the buds.... he has a comparison between tipped and untipped buds.. It might be interesting to check out if ur interested in the technique... Peace
  5. mrpostman's thread.......holy shit man!!! That isn't a thread, it's more like an epic novel!!!:D
  6. Where do I find his thread???:smoking:
  7. His thread is in the journals but, if you want updates check out IcMag, He moved to another board peace!
  8. I read misterpostman's thread, and they start discussing "bud topping" on page 14. They say to do it about three weeks into flowering, and just cut about 1/8" of the top of the bud off.....i need to read further, but this is good reading...mister postman put alot of work into this......he didn't mind sharing his journey, and his findings...
  9. Ya man that thread needs an index, but if ya read it theres a ton of good info in there, Its chalk full o cool shit...

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