a touch of ink

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by the rainman!, Jan 26, 2002.

  1. i thank you all and i am glad you've enjoyed my touch of ink ,i wrote as i was makeing it come to life ,i think of the things i see and know in my life as well as my past and people with in the ink here give me the wisdom to share my ink with you all ,theres no book ,no paper ,now frist draft ,just my creativey and the well to give a story to bring your hearts to smile ,thats my reward ,thank you tazz11 ps i wrote this to reply to those that had read lifes hills but it was so well writen with feeling i think it stands on its own.
  2. Sup rainman,

    :DJust wanted to say I like your posts with insight and some

    meaning behind them. The power of the pen will never fail

    you in this lifetime.:hippie:
  3. PEACE to ya, you inspire to reach higher!
  4. I agree:) I like your touch of ink thing. You can feel what your saying. Keep it up!

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