A topping question and a potting up question.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by frank drebin, Oct 12, 2010.

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    Wondering when i should think about topping this plant? 001.jpg
    Should i/ can i top at the next node ?

    Strain is a femed ny purple diesel, 2weeks from seed. And i have another 2 that will be going through the same training.
    Im planning on just a short veg time 3-4 weeks. As im growing in a dr60 so dont have alot of head room and im taking the 12/12 stretch into account... and then ive read that you idealy want 1 weeks recovery period after topping before switching to 12/12. So, another few days then ok to top ?


    Also in that second pic youl notice when i transplanted this one its been pretty deep down in the pot to begin with, and the first leaves are already overhanging, is this going to be a problem in anyway ? Should i just top up with more soil, like up to the cotyledons ?
    I read that when the diameter of the leaves are overhanging your pot its a sign to move to a bigger home? But surely not, its only been in there a week. And wasnt planning on transplanting til a few days before 12/12 switch ? {another 10days or so}.

    Should i just transplant and top all in the same day and get the stress over and done with ?

    Just trying to sort out the timing of everything.

  2. As far as transplanting goes mine went very fast much faster than the ones i have seen around here, sept 21st sprouted in beer cups, oct 2 transplatned into 1 gal almost root bound, oct 11 transplanted to 3 gallons almost root bound.

    If i were you i would transplant and top a tthe same time.
  3. If it was me I'd transplant it first because when you top/fim/LST it forces expansion of the root growths. So if you transplant first then let it recover for 3-4 days before topping you'd have alot more root growth, and the bigger the roots the bigger the buds. After topping you might want to let it recover untill you get some good branching before switching to 12/12. Just my 2 Cents

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    Cool. Thanks guys. Think il transplant again in 3-4 days. Then top 3 days after that, then one week recovery and onto 12/12.

    Thats my plan anyway, wether it turns out like that is another story.:p

    Il be sure to check out slocals thread Waverider, thanks for the link. And its on blue mystic too, i got one of those beans with my order and nearly grew it out but decided to go with piurple diesel, but im in to the blue mystic at some point in the future. So its all good ;]

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